The Crime against Nataline Sarkisyan


A seventeen year old woman, named Nataline Sarkisyan was scheduled by her doctors to receive a liver transplant. But the families insurer corporate giant, Cigna denied the claim.

Her mother, Hilda, took the matter public by going to the news media. And she, lamented with a broken heart and in tears. Scolding Cigna, and the health care industry, those conglomerates of profits and death. Saying, “The insurance company can’t decide who’s going to live and who’s going to die. Only doctors and nurses, thank you.” This resulted in a massive protest led by the California Nurses Association. Finally, Cigna relented, and granted coverage for her liver transplant. But it was to late because within two hours, Nataline died.

Her death was a criminal offense committed by Cigna. Which is no different from some well intentioned person being successfully punished for a DUI homicide. And likewise should all the Cigna executives responsible for her death. But it’ll never happen because they are allowed to commit such homicides because they are protected by congressional lawmakers and our federal courts. So, that makes the government complicit in Nataline’s death. And those kinds of tragedies will go on until enuf Americans say enuf. And, work collectively together to force the necessary change.

And now is the right opportunity to demand change. As key Democrats, struggle to get 51 senators to sign on to pass a senate reconciliation bill. Which will create a public option for thousands, who no doubt will follow Nataline’s fate without it.

So, pick up that phone, and call your Senator. Either thank them for their support, or demand that they get on board. No doubt, many lives will continue to be at risk without a public option.

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U.S mosques incite insurrection

Death lies at our doorsteps from the Islamic mosques dotting the American landscape. While most Americans appear very apathetic about such a prospect. Perhaps what is read here will awaken many from their lethargy.

Contained in the nations capital is the Center for Security Policy. It has solicited the assistance of former military personal, CIA and FBI agents. All are skilled in Arabic, counter terrorism and counter intelligence. The center is directed by a lawyer named David Yerushalmi. He is considered an expert in Islamic law and customs. But is subordinate to Frank Gaffney, a former Pentagon official, and founder and president of the center.

The Center wanted to find out exactly what was occurring within the confines of the more than 2,000 mosques across the United States. The Center and its director sent their agents on an undercover reconnaissance mission. What they discovered goes beyond being shocked because it’s very alarming. To be shocked is to be made aware. In the state of being alarmed comes an awareness that danger could be more imminent than suspected.

Here are some of what the agents and the center has complied. They have found that three out of four mosques are centers for anti-American extremism.

Mr. Gaffney, states that most mosques are inciting insurrection and jihad. This is accomplished through sermons preached Islamic imans or clerics. These clerics make available to Muslim attendees, anti-Western literature which includes textbooks and videos.

Many of these mosques are associated with the Saudi Arabian government. Which has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood headquartered in Egypt.

The following statement is not apart of the report, but rather from this writer. Saudi Arabia and Egypt are supposed to be American allies. They are not our allies. Because the Muslim Brotherhood is committed to the death of every Jew and Christian wherever found. Which is the objective of every Muslim because that is what the Quar’an teaches. The Quar’an states in sura or chapter 5:51, “You who believe, do not take Jews or Christians as allies: they are allies only to each other. Anyone who takes them as an ally becomes one of them-God does not guide such wrongdoers.” Such teachings from their holy book will help Islamic clerics keep Muslims focused upon their responsibilities as Muslims.

The Quar’an offers more severe consequences for Jews and Christians in sura 5:33. “Those who wage war against God and his Messenger and strive to spread corruption in the land should be punished by death, crucifixion, the amputation of an alternate hand and foot, or banishment from the land: a disgrace for them in this world, and a terrible punishment in the hereafter.”
The agents found that Muslim clerics teach that women are inferior to men. And that they can be beaten for their disobedience. And that, Jews are infidels. And as infidels they too are inferior to Muslims.

Muslims have a duty to jihad, or at a minimum support jihad as a sacred duty. Stressing that he most noble way to jihad is the way of the suicide bomber. They are the martyrs of the faith. The ones promised the most worthy praise. Also teaching that one day an Islamic caliphate will overtake the United States.

The Center for Security Policy did not define the duties of this caliphate. This writer interprets that as the ultimate goal for the Muslim community is to replace our constitutional government. With a government that resembles Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Pakistan, Iran or Turkey. Some Islamic scholars believe that this caliphate maybe among us now. And when he comes to power, he’ll rule globally, and there will be universal peace on earth. And, that is what Islamic wars with the world community is really about.

How likely is the prospect for the growth Muslim power in the U.S. to succeed in replacing our constitution with some version of Islamic governance? A question impossible to answer with certainty. But this certain, Muslim can create enough havoc to render the United States as a second rate power. Just like they have accomplished with Great Britain. With the voice of Islam gaining more and more power in accordance with Islamic law. Because, the British know that they have lost the struggle with Islam. And to avoid further terror, the government policy now is to surrender to Islamic demands. Hoping for stability and peace! Americans better wake up, and save America from Islam while there is still time!!!

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