Clowns at a Circus our Congress

Unless one is sleep walking, it’s pretty hard not to notice that the halls of congress are ripe with congressional discontent.

Today, a historical day, as Obama’s bipartisan health care summit swings into action. Don’t expect anything significant to emerge from this summit that will benefit the people. Unless the people swing into action.

In the senate a movement has emerged to secure a public option to health care reform. Through what is called, ‘budget reconciliation’ which requires a simple majority of 51 votes. So far 23 democratic senators have publicly signed in support of a public option. So call your senator and urge them to get on board. I have called Senator Nelson of Florida, who is undecided urging him to sign on publicly. Call you senator! It’s the only way the people have any chance for meaningful health care reform. But the man who said, “yes we can,” President Obama, doesn’t support a public option. Saying it lacks ‘political support’. Wonder why? Find out from the following.

The congress finds itself in a very precarious situation because they have to do a juggling act, like clowns in a circus. This acrobatic act of using their left hand, representing the people, is to give the people a **single payer health plan which most Americans want** Which means that it’s their sworn duty to legislate such Health Care Reform into law. Because we have a government by the people, for the people, according to our Declaration of Independence. And not a government, for the government which is really what exist today. A collection of self serving amusing circus buffoons, at best. But on the bright side, it’s the best circus act on stage. Giving us the electorate, the only logical reason for the country being in such a mess.

Here’s part of the problem. These acrobatic clowns using their right hand, as they serve their masters, the health care industry. Who have invested millions in congressional re-election campaigns. With the largest benefactor from the health care industry generosity, or as I prefer, corporate bribing. Shouting to the congress in like manner, ‘see it our way’ or plan your exit from the congress. They bow in surrender because they have no real talent for governance. Apart from sticking together and getting re-elected. It’s also why they become lobbyist where truth telling isn’t a prerequisite for employment. There they have the opportunity to perpetuate the nothingness of congress. Where someday, the sooner the better, Clown, Max Baucus, D-MT, is sure to find successful employment. But for now his place as circus ring master of the Senate Committee on Finance is secure. Because he has accepted his millions from the health care industry, and promised nothing will damage their profit margins, even if it cost American’s their lives. After all, what’s a life, when you’re the circus ring master.

And of course, Baucas, Clown of the Senate Committee on Finance, has plenty of help. With the likes of GOP clown leader, Mitch McConnell, R-Ky, who argues that Americans have the best and most affordable health care in the world. And since it’s not broken, there is no reason to fix it. Also arguing any kind of reform would hurt the economy. The good clown, and his colleagues must be working to hard on their juggling act. As they clown around to be acceptable buffoons in the circus arena of acrobatics for their corporate masters. Because studies have shown, that a major reason for the nations economic troubles is the result of a broken down health care system. Where profits in health care supersedes patient care. That is the way of congressional economics across the spectrum of corporate greed. When it comes to the needs of the people, who are over taxed, under payed, but are expected to pay more for health care. Enuf America enuf!! Got to get rid of this administration and its congress, one player at a time.

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