All appears calm on the U.S. front

But, as we all know appearances are deceiving. Just as sure as the sun will rise and set, so will those Muslims scattered across America, rise and set by striking another death blow upon a nation.

For sometime the nation has been deceived into accepting the term terrorist as applying to some extremist within the Muslim religion. That is a terribly misleading notion about Muslims. A more realistic tag would be revolutionaries because that’s what a Muslim is no matter where one is found. Islam is committed to bringing as many nations as possible under Islamic rule. And that’s the way it should be, from an Islamic perspective. And that’s precisely, why the United States must start the process shutting down Islamic mosques, and riding the nation of as many Muslims as possible.

Because in the United States, the nations culture and laws are primarily based around the concepts of a Judeo-Christian philosophy. Which are in direct conflict with the culture and laws of Islam. And that equation can never be solved, so that the two cultures can exist together. Therefore, Muslims will continue to attack us and kill us. And as their numbers grow with their mosques (military compounds) growing from  thousands to the tens of thousands. The Islamic revolutionary crisis will mushroom exponentially out of control. It’s inevitable just by observing Muslim behavior around the world. The greater their numbers the greater the chaos.

Guaranteed by the master craftsman of revolutionary guerrilla warfare, Osama bin Laden. Who recently chronicled this promise for Americas future. While assuming responsibility for the near fatal, Northwest Airlines, Flight 253 bombing attempt on Christmas day. As the jet airliner was approaching Detroit, from an international flight. Who went on to chronicle this promise directly to President Obama. Declaring the attack was designed to be similar to 9/11. Assuring the President that additional attacks would be forthcoming. Declaring that it wasn’t fair for Americans to be living in peace. While his brothers in Gaza suffer greatly. (source Al Jazeera)

Blatantly stating, “America will never dream of security unless we will have it in reality in Palestine,” he added. “God willing our raids on you will continue as your support continues for Israel.” (source Al Jazeera)

Ramblings from the news wires indicate that there is talk in Washington, as to whether the United States can legally assassinate a United States citizen in Yemen. Finally assuming the Bush doctrine that targeting a U.S. citizen on foreign soil is legally acceptable. If that person was engaged in criminal acts in the United States, with the intent to harm Americans. The target American born Muslim cleric, Anwar al- Awlaki. Who is accused of having ties with Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who carried a bomb in his underwear. That failed to explode while he was a passenger aboard Northwest Flight 253 as it approached Detroit Metro airport. Whom the Muslim world called a hero through their spokes person, master guerrilla revolutionary, Osama bin Laden. Who said, “The message delivered to you through the plane of the heroic warrior Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was a confirmation of the previous message sent by the heroes of 9/11.” Continuing, “America will never dream of security, unless we will have it in reality in Palestine.” (source Al Jazeera)

With those same news wires accusing this same American born Muslim cleric of having mentored, U.S. Army Major, Nidal Milik Hasan, who went on a killing rampage at Fort Hood. This mentoring between Muslim cleric, Anwar al-Awlaki and Major Hasan, occurred at his Northern Virginia mosque where he condemned the United States and Israel.

The tragedy of this is that mosque in Northern Virginia is still operational as a military fortress. Disguised as a religious institution but functioning as a training facility for attacks upon Americans, upon American soil. I ask, in times of war, what lunacy prevails that would allow the enemy to fortify itself on another nations sovereign soil? Answer! The United States government which fails to understand what Islam represents.They got this twisted notion that only a few wayward Muslims manage this national and international cartel of global violence with even fewer combatants. Despite repeated Islamic threats to kill us and eliminate Israel. And at a cost of trillions of dollars to send the U.S. military into hot combat zones. While creating a new agency called Homeland Security, costing millions, to secure the home front from Islamic attacks. Case Proven-America is governed by a collection of lunatics.

Which only leaves room for one solution which is for Christians to come together for the self preservation of ourselves, and our nation. Therefore, this clergyman is available to lecture on the contents of this posting. As well as to conduct workshops on how to save ourselves and our nation. This clergyman can be found by referring to the navigation link and clicking upon the contact us tab.

The task seems overwhelming, and it is, so I’ll share the encouraging words of Helen Keller, who said, “The world is not only moved by the mighty shoves of the heroes, but by the aggregate pushes by honest workers.” And from Jesus, who observed some anxiety among his disciples said,” … with men this impossible but with God all things are possible,” Matthew 19:26. And with Jesus being God, (John 10:30) he speaks with authority. The only authority needed to put into full play, “Onward Christian Soldiers.”