The crime against Nataline Sarkisyan

If this were the only reason for health care reform, it would be enough!

A seventeen year old woman, named Nataline Sarkisyan was scheduled by her doctors to receive a liver transplant. But her families insurer, a corporate giant, Cigna denied her claim.

Her mother, Hilda, took the matter public by going to the news media. And she, lamented with a broken heart and in tears. Scolding Cigna, and the health care industry, those conglomerates of profits and death. Saying, “The insurance company can’t decide who’s going to live and who’s going to die. Only doctors and nurses, thank you.” This resulted in a massive protest led by the California Nurses Association. Finally Cigna relented, and granted coverage for her liver transplant. But it was to late because within two hours, Nataline died.

Her death was a criminal offense committed by Cigna. Which is no different from some well intentioned person being successfully punished for a DUI homicide. And like wise should all the Cigna executives responsible for dearth. But it will not because they are allowed to commit such homicides because they are protected by congressional law makers and our federal courts. So, that makes the federal government complicit in Nataline’s death. And those kinds of tragedies will go on until Americans say enuf is enuf. And work collectively together to force the necessary change.

With Minister, Treu von Hitten, being very skilled in the art of saying, enuf is enuf. And therefore, being able to teach the art of enuf is enuf. It’s done through being subtlle to the point of formlessness. By being extremely mysterious to the point soundlessness. From which the people can become the director of their opponents fate. This posting contents, or ones personal agenda is applicable to this art. Contact can be made through the navigation link

A tribute to the American workforce

I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night, alive as you and me.

Says I, “But Joe, your ten years dead?” “I never died said he,” I never died said he.”

“The Copper Bosses killed you Joe, they shot you Joe,” says I.

Takes more than guns to kill a man,” Says Joe, “I didn’t die.” Says Joe, I didn’t die.”

“In Salt Lake City, Joe,” says I, him standing by my bed. “They framed you on a murder charge.” Says Joe, “But I ain’t dead,” Says Joe, “But I ain’t dead.”

And standing there as big as life, and smiling with his eyes. Says Joe, “What they can never kill went on to organize, went on to organize.”

From San Diego up to Maine, in every mine and mill. Where working men defend their rights. It’s there you’ll find Joe Hill. It’s there you’ll find Joe Hill. Alive as you and me. Says I, “But Joe your ten years dead.” “I never died,” said he. “I never died,” said he. (source:folk singer Joan Baez)

Labor day, a day for workers to celebrate their conquests in the ownership of their production. And like Joe Hill, they often picnicked on this day and found time to plan some labor strategies. Resulting in fair wages for a days work. Which included a decent benefit package of pay raises, health care, paid holidays and retirement benefits. A work place were promotions and job security were based on seniority and not corporate favoritism. Where no self respecting laborer would be caught at their place of employment on this day, *LABOR DAY.* Long and sometimes deadly battles which are mostly occurrences  of the distant past. Most have bought the corporate line, “we do not need unions to tell us how to run our business.” Which in fact they do because the union is the work force, and the work force knows what is best for business because they are the agents of company productivity.

Centuries ago labor became a part of humanities experience because of disobedience to God, Genesis 3:16. Fast forward to the time of Christ, and we discover that Christ was a laborer organizer. In Matthew, we find these words, “… for the worker is worthy of his food,” Matthew 10:10. Our Christ became, and is a dimensional person. Whom we worship as our redeemer, and God. Always involved in the needs of his creation. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the church to seek social and economic justice for the people. The church, like the labor movement is only as strong as its members. If we are weak, it’s not because of Christ, but because we have failed to apply his teachings to everyday life.

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