Israelis-all out war with Hamas

First American causalities of this war will be felt at the gas pump and with the purchase of home heating oil. Followed by a further weakened dollar on the world market. Meaning every thing Americans buy will cost more. But with Americans feeling the death of the capitalist economic collapse. Manufactures can not raise their prices to meet increased production cost. Resulting in a nation rushing into the perils of economic deflation, where it cost more to produce products than they can be sold for. The final economic equation will show a greater loss of jobs for the American work force. Resulting in less tax money, so states will be forced to eliminated millions from their budgets. Threatening the ruination of America’s infrastructure from A-Z, meaning nothing that the nations people rely upon is safe from extinction.

Israel is determined to eliminate its Islamic foe, Hamas, who along with Iran, both whom declare that Israel has no right to exist. The church of Jesus Christ does not have the financial resources to compete with the secular communities vast media propaganda machine. Which sees global events through mundane lenses, completely missing the scenery of spirituality. Therefore leaving the task to his servants and saints, people like you and me, both servants and saints of Jesus Christ.

In many ways the world is complex, but in other ways it is simple. Simply put it is a struggle between good and evil, light verses darkness. For this posting the good and the light is our Judeo-Christian heritage. Verses evil and darkness capsuled in Islam. The sooner this is understood the greater the chance for global stability. In that that is not likely to occur, what does all this mean for the world community? Fear for one thing, and the world community has every reason to fear the possible consequences of this war and its aftermath. Certain to help spiral the globe to cosmic catastrophic judgment. Helped along with Israeli Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, declaring “all out war against Hamas,” with Israeli tanks and armored personal carriers taking up positions outside the perimeter of the Gaza Strip. Suggesting the possibility of a Israeli ground troop assault.

Israel is not only taking upon itself Hamas, but for certain Iran. With the possibility of drawing into the conflict the entire Arab/Muslim Middle East. But for now the influence of Iran, with the havoc they alone can create. Iran is the force supplying Hamas with warfare training and the supply of weapons. The world can not dismiss the possibility that Iran will commit its own troops to the conflict. And there is the constant fear that Iran already has nuclear weapons, giving them reason not to fear Israeli retaliation. And if such possibilities never materialize, there still is much Iran can do to make life miserable for the world community. It must be remembered that Iran is the owner of the worlds second largest oil fields. Also controlling the narrow sea channel through which oil from the Persian Gulf is shipped. Giving them the ability to cripple the worlds thirst for oil.

Making the cost of gasoline immaterial, if gasoline becomes unavailable. Helping to bring a screeching crumbling halt to commerce of every sort. Ushering in a charismatic political religious figures who will promise to make things better. Better but with conditions, he must be worshiped, Revelation 13:11-15, and significantly important, receiving the mark of of the beast for the purpose of everyday commerce, verses 16-17. Perhaps the scary scene of these events is found in verse seven, “And it was given unto him to make war with the saints (Christians), and to overcome them; and power was given to him over all kindred, and tongues, and nations.”

All this is necessary because of a time when God will judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ, according to my gospel,” (in this context gospel-good news, Genesis-Revelation), Romans 2:16. Brought upon the world for its failure to allow Israel the fruits of God’s promises, Genesis 12:3, “I will bless them that bless you, and curse them that curse you: and in you shall all families of the earth be blessed.” But Israel is not blameless because she has rejected the ever lasting gospel preached unto them that dwell on the earth, to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people, Revelation 14:6.

Our duty now is capsuled in Revelation 14:7, with this same angel, “Saying with a loud voice, fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come; and worship him that made heaven and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.”

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World crisis Israeli defensive attack against God’s enemies

While the world swelters in fear that the latest defensive Israeli attack upon the Palestinians, resulting in the worst loss of life among those people since the 1967 war. It could well escalate into a war engulfing the entire Middle East.

We Christians, should not be sweltering in fear because as students of the scriptures, we know that this will eventually occur. What we do not know is whether or not this is that time. But if it is, this is the ultimate outcome. Israel will become a “cup of trembling” unto the people of the world. Resulting in the nations of the world *taking siege both against Israel and its capital city Jerusalem.* God will make “Jerusalem a burdensome stone” for all the nations who take action against Israel. *They shall be cut to pieces, though all the nations of the earth be gathered together against Israel,* Zechariah 12:2-3. “It shall come to pass, in that day, that I will destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem,” Zechariah 12:9

Here is what we do know about the world community as it relates to Israel. Along with purest in the practice of Christianity, by which I mean, people of the faith, who reject the apostate teachings of many modern churches. Which fundamentally means conglomerates of religious institutions, who espouse teachings condemned by Jesus Christ. Jesus referred to them as false prophets but are inwardly raging wolves, Matthew 7:15. Some call themselves Christians while others call themselves Muslims, but together they will attempt to mobile world public opinion against Israel and Christians who stand with Israel. But in the end we have this promise from God, “I will bless them that bless you (Israel), and curse them that curse you: and in you shall all families of the earth be blessed,” Genesis 12:3.

There will come a day when it will be difficult for Christians to practice the Christianity of Jesus Christ. Because allegiance to anti Christian authorities will be required for survival, “And that no person might buy or sell, except he that they have the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name,” Revelation 13:17. To get a better understanding of the significances of this time read the preceding verses of the chapter.

Ultimately though our Christmas pageant will reap its scriptural destiny. For you remember what the angel Gabriel said to Mary, “And he shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Highest; and the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David. And he shall reign over the house of Jacob (Israel) forever; and of his kingdom there shall be no end, Luke 1:32-33.

But in the interval, of this history there shall be much suffering. Perhaps the world has good reason to swelter in fear, from the escalation of tensions between the Israelis and Palestinian-Arab Muslim world.

Stand with Israel, Stand with Jesus and in time all will be well with the world.

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Know tomorrow by knowing the horse is ready for the day of battle

Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, failed in her quest to hand President Bush, a foreign policy achievement of peace between Israel and the Palestinians. And had it been accomplished, it would have advanced peace in the Middle East. Furthermore, the Presidents stature as a statesmen would have made him one of the nations great Presidents. That would have occurred, despite his many other failures. Now, most likely, his presidency will tumble to where it belongs, as one of the worst in American history.

That is how important peace between Israel and the Palestinians is to the world community. Because it is thought it would stabilize the entire Middle East. And help end, Islamic attacks around the world.

Soon President elect Obama, and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton will embark on the same trail. Each being fully aware of what a trophy of peace in those areas would do for their statures. And what follows, are some of the reasons they will also fail.

Many of the countries in the Middle East are predominantly under Islamic influence. In this 21 century, the dominant factor disturbing world stability is coming from the Muslim people of those nations.

Every century has to contend with, and defeat some form of evil. As the world, puts one decade after another behind it; the more visible this will become.

In the British and American centuries the most dominant factor for disturbing world stability came from Christianity. As the British, and Americans carved up Islamic nations. Establishing new boundaries for the regions nations. And, always busy importing Christianity as religion, and culture to those people.

Even creating a new state, for the dispersed Jews scattered around the world. With no less of an effort to convert Jews to Christianity.

With this occurring, no doubt, Muslims agreed that was the dominant factor disturbing world stability. Thinking that each century has to contend with and defeat some form of evil. This reality has manifested itself. As the Islamic world, put one century after another behind it. With the effects of this evil showing itself to the Muslim people. Because evil, is always in the eye of the beholder.

History teaches many lessons. One of them being that the oppressed never go to sleep. They bear a lot of suffering and humiliation, but in time they will rise up and attempt to destroy the oppressor. Sometimes with success an at other times with failure.

What is happening on the world scene today. Is the rising up of the oppressed Islamic people. Who are determined to destroy the Christian West. The Christian West calls these liberators from British and American dominance “extremists.” Which is a great misnomer, because it causes most to think that what is occurring from Muslim liberators is the misguided efforts of a few. Resulting in many in the Christian West, not to take this Islamic threat in a serious manner.

How will this all play out on the world stage. Will the Christian West be able to once again subdue this Islamic threat to the world? Or will the oppressed once again throw of the shackles of oppression by destroying the Christian West?

While the Christian West is a target for destruction, Israel is equally targeted. While Israel is more concerned than the West, neither fears defeat. That is because of their combined military prowess and their economic success. Both powers seem to have lots money to make war with, despite uncertain economic conditions.

Israel must be considered the “frontier post” for the defense of the Christian West. Which it is, but that will not help Israel or the Christian West; particularly the United States.

From a Biblical perspective, both Judaism and Christianity are in grave danger. This means the people in these respective nation states are the ones at risk. King Solomon said, “Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the hearts.” “The horse is ready for the day of battle, but safety is from the Lord,” Proverbs 21:2 & 31. That is precisely the dilemma Israel and the Christian West faces. Can Israel, and the Christian West expect to find safety in the Lord? These collective nations and most of their citizens expect safety from the Lord. But the signs along the religious roadway say otherwise. Indeed the horse is ready for battle.

For the third time, the Muslim world has offered Israel a peace plan. If Israel accepts, the League of Arab Nations would guarantee their security as a nation.

Israel most likely will not agree to accept their offer. From this writer clergyman’s perspective, Israel should not for the following reasons. Arabs, and Muslims have long been committed to the annihilation of Israel.

They are attempting to regain from Israel what they could not accomplish during the war in 1967. Israel is the owner of the spoils of war. Now they want to retake, what they failed to accomplish through terror at the peace table.

This peace plan is conditional upon Israel agreeing to the establishment of a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital. Israel will never agree to surrendering East Jerusalem.

Then there is the Palestinian refugee matter. The Arab league wants to open negotiations based upon United Nations General Assembly resolution 191. Which Israel fears would allow 700,000 refugees, and their descendants numbering up to three million to return to Israel. The refugees were displaced as a result of the 1948-49 war. Which resulted in the creation of the Israel state.

It is unthinkable that Israel would allow a ready made army of refugees and their descendants to re inhabit Israel.

Israel will not surrender Jerusalem to the Muslim world. The only way that the Muslim world will have Jerusalem is by force. That is apparently what is going to occur. The Bible calls these times the “Abomination of Dissolution.” “when you see Jerusalem compassed with armies then know its desolation is near,” Luke 21:20. ” For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to do battle; and the city shall be taken…,” Zechariah 14:2.

Why, because it is central to Biblical Prophecy. It all has to do with the Biblical prophecy for the end of this current age. The United States will not be able to save Jerusalem for Israel. Who then will attack Jerusalem? The armies of Gog and Magog. And that is the subject matter for another posting.

It appears that Islam will get its revenge. The penalty for oppression will be severe. But it will be only for a short time because God will do what the United States and others could not accomplish. Save Israel! it is all in the Bible.

But hope remains, and hope is a good because our combined deliverance will come. “Then shall the Lord go forth and fight against those nations,” Zechariah 14:3. “His feet shall stand in that day upon the Mount of Olives, which is before Jerusalem on the east…,” Zechariah 14:4. But the Jews, and we Christians will suffer greatly because we turned away from God, and rejected Jesus Christ in so many ways.

This writer clergyman is available to expand in lecture form on the contents of this complex subject matter. Because it will be the headlines of the secular media during 2009. Most will not recognize it though because it will be presented in non-biblical expressions, as is for example, our global economic meltdown. Please refer to the navigation link for contact information and other services provided. Private and confidential consultations are also available. Financial contributions are accepted from those willing to make such a donation.

Understanding *ownin* things is nice

Many Americans, through out the Tampa Bay community, and the rest of the country think of the nation as an open society. It’s open to the elite within the country. Who have created a political monopoly through the nations two party system. There purpose and function is to make a few very rich and most very poor. We as a nation need to understand the mechanics of this process and bring it to an end.

Because Americans are allowed to vote for candidates selected by this two party system, many think our society is free and open. Just consider this, the men and women who serve in the nations senate, are known as the “Millionaires Club.” It’s just not politicians in the senate who should be of concern to Americans. In an election cycle prior to 2008, the candidates running for governor in in battle ground states like the California and New York, one a democrat, the other a republican. The democrat pumped 34 million dollars of his own money into his campaign. While the republican, used his billions to become mayor. These people seek office to advance the interest of the country’s wealthy and elite. AND IT IS MAIN THE REASON WHY THE NATION HAS BEEN SUCKED INTO AN UNPARALLELED FINANCIAL CRISIS. The rest of us are needed to propel the machinery of production in order to enlarge the window of wealth and elitism in the United States. They have no substantive concerns about the economic welfare of the average American. The scales of economic fairness are so negatively tilted against most people that many conclude that it must represent the natural order of economics in an order society. Practitioners of such a doctrine often invoke, *God bless America.* Most do not believe that motto, it represents just a tactic to make people think their behavior is of God. It has paid the big dividends, until now, forcing them to beg the Congress for our money, in order to bail them out from their self inflicted financial disasters.

The fundamental cause of our currant financial quagmire is an American culture is based upon protestant puritanism. Which millions recently celebrated, as the *thanksgiving holiday.* A tribute to the tradition of work place oppression. A skillfully manufactured propaganda idiom of giving thanks to our Creator for allowing slavery and servitude to the masters of greed.

That good old protestant work ethic which has griped this nation from its foundation to this very day. It went something like this. God expects human beings to work by the sweat of their brow. That is the penalty for the sin of Adam and Eve. But God being merciful, offered human beings a two part solution for their fallen state. God will reward sinners who recognize their fallen state; and repent. God’s Paradise on Earth, the Garden of Eden, was meant to be a place of beauty, wealth, and comfort for those created in the image of God. That changed with the fall of Adam and Eve. So after sinners repent, God provided human beings with a second chance at beauty, wealth, and comfort. Not on the same scale as would have been found in the Garden of Eden, but never the less impressive. It’s the reward for hard work by the sheer sweat of ones brow. That represents the correct reasoning for our currant situation. Absent one element-GOD intended an equal distribution of the wealth.

But in Puritan times of the 1600’s, and onward to this very day, it became twisted. Wealth in America has been associated with being right with God; and on God’s side in the struggle of good verses bad. A sign, if you please, that the blessings of God are upon that dutiful laborer and subservient employee. That notion is so ingrained in the American consciousness that it is difficult to free ones self from its mental and social influence as a nation. The whole of capitalistic economics is rooted in the concept that God rewards his followers who combine repentance and work with unparalleled prosperity. One of the problems today is that repentance has been removed from the equation. With political correctness and multiculturalism being added to the equation. That equation equals behaviors abhorrent to GOD almighty. Surely not to go unnoticed by GOD for its ungodly consequences. Which is perhaps, the root of our own financial collapse which is now global.

If there is one thing known to humanity, it’s this, we are self seeking creatures of self gratification. Like the current steward for the millionaires club, who said, employing his Bushism, “ownin” things is nice. Of course, the steward for the wealthy in and outside of government is to make sure their gratification multiplies exponentially cause *ownin* things is nice. And, who would deny that truism? The problem for people in the Tampa Bay community and the rest of the nation is that we are *ownin* less and less; especially money and jobs.

Congress has put together a $15 billion bail out package for the auto industry. But there are some strings attached, one which is good while another is not so good. There are more strings attached but for now, I’ll comment on just two of them. The auto executives must forgo their luxury corporate jets. What a crying shame, how are these executives going to survive with out their luxury aircraft? Maybe they will not because that would turn the not so good into good. The bailout requires the workers to agree to some sort of a restructuring plan. And that is, the not so good aspect of this congressional bail out package. Because the auto workers will be asked to take significant cuts in salary, health care and other benefits. A demand of Senate Republicans, who will take up this bailout plan soon. The congress has already accused them of earning to much money. Assessing their salaries at $70,000 which is erroneous. In the previous posting the error was addressed. Showing that auto workers salaries are around $28,000. A barely livable annual wage, if one is without dependents. And look who is in control the Democrats, the Republicans if anything are worse!!! That is why the American work force needs a new party to represent them. In a recent posting it was suggested, a Christian Democratic party based upon Biblical economics. A Biblical doctrine not often discussed because it would turn the tables upside down between government, corporate conglomerates and Christianity. A major problem for the church is that Christianity has become the servant of the state and spokes person for corporate America. While the state exists to serve the interest of the nations corporate conglomerates, despite the currant government rhetoric. The government and corporate America understands that the rhetoric is meaningless. Such tough talk about fault and accountability is only uttered to appease the electorate.

There is not much this writer can share that you do not already know about *ownin* less money. Sometimes its just good to stare at reality one more time. Maybe you can use the information to encourage or motivate others to understand that change is needed so working people can enjoy *ownin things* just because its nice. As long as the notions of protestant puritanism which today are camouflaged in expressions not so easily discernible continue to thrive. There will be less *ownin* things because its nice. Absent will be any concept of economic fairness at home or for nations under American control, and influence. Americans, must rise up and say enough is enough. Then action must follow the expression enough is enough.

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Why the nation went belly up fiscally

Everyone is aware of the 700 billion bail out of corporate America at the expense of hard working tax payers. Who as usual, are being made to sacrifice, and become less prosperous while the rich get richer. Which is the unsaid purpose of the governments bailout. That is what the tax payer can expect from the currant rodents in the White House and our rodent plagued Congress. Propped up if necessary, by the rodent invested Supreme Court. And it will be continued with the emergence of the President elect Obama’s administration. Look who he has surrounded himself with! The very culprits, who created the nations war time and economic disasters. And this is suppose to be change?

But what everyone may not be aware of is how that cost compares to nine other bail outs. And more significantly the lie that is told about you and me. First the bailouts in yesterdays and today’s dollars. The Marshall Plan cost the taxpayers $12.7 billion but compared today’s inflated adjusted cost, $115.3 billion. Followed by increased cost, the Louisiana Purchase at $15 billion, but with the adjusted inflationary cost $217 billion. Then we have the Race to the Moon-cost $36.4 billion-in today’s dollars $237 billion. S&L Crisis-$153 billion-dollars today $256 billion. Korean War $54 billion-dollars, dollars today $454 billion. The New Deal, an estimated, $32 billion, estimated dollars today, $500 billion. Gulf War 11 and War on Terror, $551 billion, today in dollars $597 billion. Vietnam War, $111 billion, dollars today $698 billion. Nasa (cumulative) $416.7 billion, in today’s dollars $851.2 billion. TOTAL COST $3.92 TRILLION. (Comments this writer: Making those bailouts pennies in a bucket compared to what is occurring today at the expense of the tax payer-making the rich richer-leaving the tax payer broke-with no remedy for the egregious fiscal management by the bailouts beneficiaries- tax payers should demand their pound of flesh from those extortioners of greed and profit. It really amounts to legalized theft of the tax payers money; sanctioned by the United States government. The remedy is in the pound of flesh).

Take a look at what is happening today: ONE LAST BAILOUT, for judging the size of this currant BAILOUT, WORLD WAR 11, 3.6 trillion in today’s dollars. Compared to our modern day bailout adjusted for inflation, $8.5 TRILLION. Making it the biggest bailout in the nations history. (source: St. Petersburg Times, Florida, Section P, Perspective, Sunday, 07 Dec. 08)

Making that pound of flesh that more appetizing. And wait to you read about your annual income of $42,000, That should put people in an a clamoring mood for a pound of flesh or two. Because it is a lie, skillfully used to conquer, and divide the nation. Used by the policy makers and the Congress to deny people a fair and equitable pay check.

A think tank in the nations capital, Economic Policy Institute, reports that CEO’s pay is almost at a 40 year high. Wow what a surprise! Get this workers of America. The top skunks at the top of the helm earn more in one work day then most employees earn in a year. EPI reports that these CEO’s earn 262 times the annual pay of their employees. Again this nothing new, is it workers of Tampa Bay and the nation? The question is, what is the American work force going to do about such wage disparities?

EPI reports that CEO’s of the nations 11 largest companies earned $866 million annually. Despite the reality that their companies lost $640 billion. What is it that the boss barks? They bark! Churn out those back breaking, sweat drenching production of goods and services and you’ll be fairly compensated. Smile neighbors of the Tampa Bay community! the state of Florida! and the rest of the nation! Because EPI asserts that for your king size head aches. sore backs, and sweat drenched clothing. You earn on average $42,000 for your stalwart production of goods and services. They say that when life really gets tough. You have to reach deep into your hat and pull out that magical rabbit. That must have been what EPI did. Because scores upon scores of employees would be delighted to be one of those magical rabbits earning $42,000.

This is how they come up with those figures. Factored into a workers hourly rate is any benefit package of vacation, health care, sick days, holiday pay and retirement cost. Not just for the currant employee but for all past employees retired or deceased. Recently the Congress laid the blame on the nations auto workers for the auto industry’s nightmare. Asserting that the auto companies could not be competitive while employees on average earned $70,000 a year. In order to determine that false salary, the congress used the same method as described above. When in real wages, the auto workers earned about $28,000.

The federal minimum wage has moved from $5.15 in 2000 to $6.55 by July 2008, hardly a livable wage. Those buffoons who claim to represent the interest of ordinary working people can’t even manage to adjust the minimum wage for inflation. They make all kinds of phony excuses for not raising the minimum wage. Which is not necessary to reiterate here because those phony excuses are known to everyone. In reality, most Americans in the work force are entitled to a substantial raise in pay because of the current state of the economy. But the American work force is not going to get that substantial raise in pay, unless they are willing to sacrifice and fight for fair and just compensation for their production of goods and services. In the meantime the congress needs to put together a substantial bail out package for the American work force to guarantee an equitable standard of living. Comparable to the nations corporate conglomerates, who are the unworthy beneficiaries of the governments bailout.

Again in reality, the American citizen can not expect their government to do for them what needs to done, Case in point, over the last few years American citizens have done for themselves what their state and federal governments have refused to do. Twenty seven states and the District of Columbia have placed before the voters citizen ballot initiatives for a raise in the minimum wage. All have passed overwhelmingly. This should send a clear message to the state and federal government what the people want for their fellow Americans. They always turn their backs on the American people. We should not turn our backs on our state or federal governments. Instead, Americans should confront them eye to eye, and boot them out of office. The people need state governments and a federal government that serves the interest of hard working Americans. But we did not do that, instead the electorate put their hope in a democratic congress and President elect Obama. The wisest man ever said, “what you sow, you shall reap,” God, Galatians 6:7. Suggesting that as the nation has sown a democratic congress and President elect Obama, the nation will reap the consequences.

While the Congress denies its citizens economic justice, (this writer does not consider a raise in the minimum wage economic justice; it’s not even a start but an insult). It is not uncommon for the congress to give itself a pay raise of several thousand dollars. They increased their salary by $4,100 for 2008, which raises their annual salary to $169,300. Plus they get free universal health care for life! How dare they say no to economic justice for American citizens? Combined with universal health care just like the health care the congress provides for itself. They can not, if Americans say enuf is enuf and mean it!

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The Ugly Pants Night-featured entertainment-The Robber Barons

With the last posting, this writer suggested that the hard working people of Tampa Bay, and the nation were saddled by a one party system; the RepubliCrats. Well along comes a person, and suggests that referring to the nations politicians as RepubliCrats is a misnomer. Instead he suggested that a more fitting description would be RepublicRats. To emphasize the point, the party gave me the following, crediting a South Florida, columnist humorists. “The Democrats seem to be nicer people. But they have demonstrated time, and time again, that they have the management skills of celery. They are the kind of people who would stop to help you change a flat, but would set your care on fire. I would be reluctant entrust them with a Cuisinart, let alone the economy. The Republicans, on the other hand, would know how to fix your tire, but they would not stop. Because they would want to be on time, for The Ugly Pants Night, at the country club,” Dave Barry, Miami Herald.

The humor is true but pathetically sad. However, this writer’s reaction upon processing the notion RepublicRats. Was to conclude that as a euphemism it really sums up both parties Both have failed, the citizens of this great nation. They deserve to be labeled, RepublicRats and treated as such. And the millions expecting change from the Obama administration, will be pathetically disappointed. If you have not noticed, The Emperors New Clothes, is made from the same material as previous emperors. Of course, you did not notice because the emperor is not wearing any clothes. But everybody believes, he is decked out with new clothes. Just like the electorate believes Obama will be the emperor for change. For those who have forgotten, The Emperors New Clothes, is a fairy tale told by, Hans Christian Anderson.

We as a nation need to replace these presidential and congressional emperors while we still have time to save the nation! Really, what’s left for us but to work for change? Sky rocketing prices for everything! Including a college education. Which is also pricing, many Americans right out of such an education for themselves and their children. Today an undergraduate education can cost more than $50,000. Lack of federal and state funding is causing colleges to shut the door on aspiring students. Financial institutions are becoming more stingy in granting college loans. And when they do, they are demanding a higher return on their loans. Which keeps inflicting more pain because of higher interest rates. Many college graduates carry their college debts with them for decades.

College graduates can not afford to buy houses. The percent of college graduates having to live with room mates, or being forced to return home to live their parents is approaching the 50% mark. Self sufficiency and independent living is becoming an experience of the past.

Things are not any better for the general public with the collapse of the housing and banking industries. With many reporting that they can not afford dental and medical care that they need. Reports are surfacing that states are running out of necessary money for unemployment insurance. With the federal government unable to help because they are busy bailing out corporate conglomerates from financial ruin. We all understand the importance of working for change. No, not just working for change, but also making the necessary sacrifice to bring about that change. President elect Obama with his new government is incapable of change for some of the reasons stated. What is the solution, a new party, maybe known as the Christian Democratic Party. A party determined to govern from a Biblical Christian perspective. It would be a hard fought battle, but win able because Jesus Christ would be at the helm. After all if he could conquer death, he can conquer all opposition to such a party.

None of the forgoing is a problem for the rich elite WASP’s discussed in the last posting, and who will dominate the Obama administration. They have the means to more than cover such expenses whether educational, medical or from a monetary perspective. They come from the families of the ‘Enron’s-Mobil’s’ extortioners profiteers of America. Ancestors of the Gilded Age tagged as the “Robber Barons,” because of their ruthlessness in their pursuit of wealth. Some like to say that the more things change, the more they stay the same. They are already whispering that the cause of the nations economic woes has been caused by the general work force earning to much money. I know of industries where workers have already experienced pay cuts. With more cuts on the way in early 2009.

Why should these ruthless “Robber Barons” have to be concerned about such mundane things like education, fair and equitable pay packages, or even health care? None of that is needed for the underlings of the WASP society. What they need as they turn the nation into a pure imperialist state is laborers and soldiers. For them, education should serve two functions See to it that the public is sufficiently educated to serve as ‘functionaries” in their respective roles in the production of goods and services. These “Robber Baron’s” of theft, also know that the world is indeed a global village. With the citizens of this shrinking village clamoring for their share of the village’s natural resources. The nation with the most powerful weaponry, and best equipped soldiers, will determine who controls the village’s resources. So, at best, the underlings of this updated Gilded Age of “Robber Barons” will need to function is a secondary education. Anything beyond that will be is just to expensive for the state, and its people to afford. The question, will the public concur?

Seems impossible? Well consider this, the political power structure has been telling Americans for some time. Look at wage structure, and standard of living expectations of other nations. Where the ‘Robber Baron’s have been busy out sourcing their jobs to.They say that the global village, with its competition. Requires competitive compensation packages globally. Which means Americans, will have to adjust to living on much less.

The political system we now have has completely abandoned their constituency to serve our modern day “Robber Barons.” While the millions, of ordinary hard working Americans, are only asking for their fair portion of the American dream. Which slowly but surely is eluding them. The American political system has become polluted with creepy dirty rodents. Who likes to have creepy dirty rodents around? Certainly not, the hard working, financially strapped people of Tampa Bay, or the rest of the nation.`For this, the nation can extend its gratitude to the RepubliRats. Or better yet, expel them from the national scene.

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Why the man of change-Obama will fail

Some are saying that we are seeing the beginning of the worst class division in America since the Gilded Age. A period in American history from about 1865-1901. When wave of immigrants flooded the country. They were loved and hated. Loved because the pay for their production of labor was cheap. Their cheap labor made some very wealthy. Like oil tycoon, John D. Rockefeller. As was, the experience for, Andrew Carnegie, through his steel industry. They were hated because they were seen as a threat to Angelo Saxon or the WASP community. WASP an acronym for (White Angelo Saxon Protestant) A termed coined by Irish Catholic immigrants. The power structure of the elite feared that these immigrants would eventually shelf them, and inherit their power and wealth.

All this despite the man of change, President elect Obama. Who raised more money from the WASP corporate conglomerates, than any other presidential candidate in history. And whose government is shaping up to be the reemergence of the Clinton administration. Perhaps the first democratic administration in history to be more republican than democratic with their political agenda. As all know, times are much more complex than those days of the Clinton era. So this Obama administration is going to rely on what they consider the tested and proven why to govern. Which equates to no change for the electorate, and guaranteed greater austerity and hardships for the electorate.

The reasons for this are multiple and complex. But the root of the nations troubles, are fixed to the reasoning of the previous two postings. For those who have not read those postings, just click the dates to read them.

Perhaps this is a good time to clarify the expression, WASP. Early white protestant immigrants had great difficulty with the protestant community in Europe. They represented the elite of Europe and employed barbarian and oppressive measures there which they carried to the shores of America. In America working white immigrants (catholic and protestant) wanted to distinguish themselves from their elite countrymen who also came to these shores.The emphasis is on ‘distinguish’ meaning to separate or set themselves apart from their elite task masters. It was later in the nations history that white protestants adopted the acronym WASP as a badge of honor. Thus closing ranks with the elite Protestant power and religious structure. That represented ‘happy days’ for the WASP elite. Now they had straightened their ranks against Catholics and people of color. And if you have not noticed, Catholics for all their power and money play a very insignificant role in government or business. It still the WASP community that rules. And it is equally amazing the insignificant role black Americans are playing in the Obama administration. All this despite their constant enthusiasm and record turn out at the polls. Which should tell the electorate, who remains in charge of the government. It is the old, and look where that has gotten us as a nation.

Not much has change in the more than one hundred years that has passed. The national government is still mainly WASP. Corporate America’s CEO’s are mostly WASP. And immigrants still remain a threat to the WASP community. For the same reasons, but with a slightly different twist. White folk fear immigrants because they are poor. WASPism has caused them to think that the immigrant community will shelf them. Replacing them on the social economic ladder. That fear is used by the WASP community to separate and divide the working class. A strategy that commonly is referred to as “conquer and divide.” It works remarkably well! It splits, causing the immigrant, the poor, and middle class working communities of Tampa Bay; and the nation to be suspicious of each other. Again, to the delight of the WASP society!

As an astute observer of how *stuff works,* this writer wonders in absolute amazement as to how history swallows barbaric and oppressive experiences of people. Leaving nothing but faint remembrances of the suffering and struggles. Then to find them, or their ancestors fully acclimated into the WASP power structure as its subservient and obedient underlings. Meaning people with less social, economic power, and with increasingly less political clout. This seems to be the accepted norm as the best Americans can accomplish, or better yet, willing to accomplish.

Consider just one example, others exist, like education, science, marriage, prison, and war to cite a few. For now, one will do, which is the relationship between employees and their employers. To keep with this writers theme. Employers have been and still are ancestors of the WASP community. They pay low wages for most. With little respect for human dignity. Working conditions are hostile and oppressive. To fight this employees formed unions. They did this so they could bargain for higher wages. Gain dignity by securing health insurance, retirement plans, bonuses, vacation periods, and a host of other benefits from their employer. Unions, but the employee on the same level as the employer. Employers hired thugs to beat up union leaders and employees. They went to state and federal legislatures made up of Republicans and Democrats. So much alike we call them RepubliCrats to get support for their efforts. They employed propaganda machines to turn employees against what is in their own best interest the unionization of the work place. They have succeeded at the very peril of working America. Which resulted in the work force having been passively acclimated into accepting their status as underlings to the WASP community. And the Enron’s-Mobil’s, of America will earn more profits at the expense of the work force. Who will collectively earn and have less. This is the beginning of the modern Gilded Age.

America is in need of a make over because no help can be expected from the RepubliCrats. Finding new candidates to create a real two party system must be a priority. Employees must unite and unionize for many reasons. One reason is that corporate America will pour billions to maintain the status quo. Employees need to to keep them on the sidelines through work stoppages and other tactics.

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