What to expect and receive from Obama

Why do some people react to atrocities from such a blind perspective? For example, consider the height of the various “Godfathers,” portrayed as villains who gunned down people who refused to pay protection money, or refused to pay exorbitant interest on loans. And of course, people who would interfere with the Mafia control of gambling and prostitution. Including public servants like police officers, judges, and politicians who were on the payroll of certain crime families. All this, and more, such behaviors, when exposed to public security resulted in public outrage. The question remains; why?

The answer, one suspects, if the public was surveyed as to their outrage. The reasons would be many and varied. Maybe one answer could be that such behavior is unlawful and must be eradicated in order to protect public safety and welfare. Much to public satisfaction the “Godfather’s” of America’s crime families have been eradicated to just story telling in books and movies.

Another question must be asked. What is the American public going to do about the atrocities of this current American administration under the helm of George W. Bush? So as to reduce him, to the story telling of books and movies as a nemesis to the public safety and welfare. Well, we know part of that answer, President elect Barack Obama.

Again, should the public be surveyed, one suspects that the responses would be many and varied. And here, one suspects, most Americans saw the behavior of George W. Bush as being unlawful and disruptive to the public safety and welfare. Therefore, the eradication of George W Bush from office was necessary to protect the public safety and welfare. But a larger question, looms glaringly at the American public. Are we just going to allow Bush and Cheney ride of into the sunset of history? It would seem that those two should stand trial in the Netherlands, International court of Justice as war criminals.

It is more complicated than that though because it is most unfortunate that politicians of both parties are ever as much public villains as the “Godfathers” of yesterday. Because they gun down the nations sons and daughters, husbands and wives, by sending them to die in a criminal war. A war that they can not win. A war that will bring physical destruction to Americans through out Tampa Bay and the nation. A war that will psychologically destroy the American psyche. Take for instance, the Muslim college student at the University of North Carolina who drove his Jeep Cherokee across the campus injuring nine people. He told the authorities that he was avenging the death of Muslims all over the world. And consider this, the candidate of change, picked a war hawk in Senator Biden to be his Vice President. And it seems that the Clinton administration is coming back into power. Meaning it will be politics as usual with the Obama administration denying the public their day in court both at home and abroad with Bush and Cheney, unless.

It is reported that the Muslim community in America exceeds seven million with as many as three and half million being African Americans. Authorities say that they have found a common denominator in the cases involving the Muslim community in acts of violence against the United States. It’s a belief that there is a war being waged against Muslims, and that they have to avenge it. Such thinking is supported in their Holy Book, the Qur’an. Where it is recorded in Sura 8:12-14, “Your Lord revealed to the angels: I am with you: give the believers firmness; I will put terror in the hearts of the disbelievers-strike above their necks and strike fingertips. That was because they opposed God and His Messenger, God punishes them severely. That is what you get! taste that!-and the torment of the fire awaits the disbelievers.”

Gee! that’s no different from what evangelical fundamental Christians assert when the bomb public buildings. They often justify their attacks as defending their belief system. Wonder if religion is more of a problem than a solution. Seems that Saddam Hussein secular government in Iraq provided more stability for Iraqis and the world community. All this world chaos is because of George W. Bush. Seems that George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney should have been sent to the defendant’s box and not Saddam Hussein.

To make matters more serious authorities have concluded that at least 1,000 pure sympathizers of Al Qaeda are living in the United States. They also think that at least 300 of these people are extremists. They have also asserted that those numbers are most likely on the conservative side.

This is what the American and world community owes to mobster like behavior of George W. Bush and Richard Cheney.

Every tax dollar spent on Bush’s criminal war must be view as extortion money taken from working Americans against their will, and spent on a criminal enterprise. Extortion money because it denies Americans money that should be spent on the public welfare. Like a free national health insurance program. Just like the one that serves the health care needs of the President and those men and women in Congress. Extortion money because it denies America’s youth of a free higher education. Extortion money because it denies affordable money for housing, and many other social programs that would benefit the public welfare.

Prostitution is considered a dehumanizing behavior forced upon women. An enterprise that has much benefit for mobsters but no benefits for prostitutes? Is it possible to equate stolen elections with prostitution? Sure, because it forces an acceptance of a candidate by mobster like decree with no benefit for the voting public. Which occurred in 2000 and the 2004 elections. Thus impounding democracy, and creating a dehumanized psyche through out America. The electorate still needs justice for those crimes.

America is gambling with its destiny as long as it allows this trend to continue. The prostitution and gambling controlled by America’s “Godfathers” of yesterday can not compare to our modern day “Godfather’s” in the congress and White House. Will it stop with the Obama administration? The signals Obama is sending as he forms his new government suggest governance as usual.

Do not be tricked by the rhetoric of democrats who were swept to victory this historic month. This writer is not so certain that this new government that takes office in January. Who by shocking circumstances and strange occurrences found themselves victorious. Nothing will change because they will paint the house beige instead of white. That is not the substantive change that Americans crave and need. The two party majority has cast the mold. The democrats helped create that mold. As the governing party they will expand that mold to be more restrictive and oppressive.

Meaningful change will only occur when Americans unite and create for themselves what they envision to be the function of government. This writer doubts that enough Americans are there yet to make such a government a reality. So things will most likely get a whole lot worse before they get better.

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Magic of fortune telling made simple

Iraq is a place about a horrible misguided war. In some respects it is a war launched by an imperial President George W. Bush who went there hoping to capitalize on the Iraqi rich oil fields. While at the same time, he was determined to establish a powerful American military power base in the region. Unannounced also, but of primary concern, was his intention to put the country’s war machine closer for the protection of Israel, in particular Jerusalem.

Certainly grounds for the electorate to push the democratically controlled congress. For at least censorship, impeachment would work, but preferably a trip to the International Court of Justice in the Netherlands for both Bush and Cheney as war criminals.

For the insurgents, it is the opposite. With the city of Jerusalem being central to all parties. While denying the United States access to Iraqi oil. Along with the establishment of a permanent military base in Iraq.

Some Christians, not all, believe in a Biblical time line of seven distinct historical happenings. This is referred to as dispensational theology. The seven dispensations are represented by (1) Innocence, Genesis 1:28-3:6, (2) Moral responsibility, Genesis 3:7-8:14, (3) government, Genesis 8:15-11:32, (4) Promises, Genesis 12:1-Exodus 18:27, (5) Law, Exodus 19:1-40:38, (6) Church, Matthew 16:18, (New Testament) (7) Thousand year reign of Christ, Revelation 20:4.

As far as current events are concerned, perhaps the fourth and sixth periods are most strategic. Because three major religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam capture this time line for their authority over Jerusalem through Abraham.

Jerusalem and the annihilation of the Jews is what the Middle East is mostly about. Equally important is the time line involving the Church. Because the Western world (Christian) led by the United States, is very much involved in the crisis of preserving Jerusalem for Israel and Christianity while excluding Muslims and Islamic states, as much as possible. It could well be considered the *secret war* conducted by the United States. A war that is decades old, but not well understood by the people. One of the most interesting things to observe is how President Elect Obama will conduct this war. No doubt, this writer will be writing about this unfolding history from a Biblical perspective. You see, what happens, and is reported by the news media. Is nothing more than the vaguely dusting off of long ago recorded Biblical news.

Muslims and Islamic states are not going to accept such a scenario. Which is driving the world to the “end of this age,” ushering in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ 1,000 year reign on earth. Muslims agree the world is being pushed to the end of an age. They just do not accept the Christian ending or its future. They have their own perspective concerning end times.

It is thought by some theologians that in order to annihilate Israel a powerful confederacy will be formed. This state confederacy will be led by Gog, but the identity of this person is not known. Gog will lead a state Confederacy, Magog, from the North of Israel. The nation states that compose Magog are not known. Some speculate Gog will be represented by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Another candidate is Hassan Nasrallah, of Lebanon, the leader of Hezbollah.

Here are some of the events that will transpire. In Ezekiel 38:14. suggests that the Israel will be a secure state. Then this Northern confederacy of Magog led by Gog will attack from the North with a mighty army. They will come against Israel “like a Cloud, “in the latter days.” Some imaginary theologians think this “cloud” might be the use of nuclear weapons against Israel, verse 16, because of the reference made to “latter days.”

Again some theologians think that the reference in verse 19, “the shaking of the land” is suggestive to earthquakes. The result of nuclear attacks and the earthquakes will result in the contamination of all living things. Global economic ruin confronts the global community. So severe are the consequences that all humanity shall fear God, verse 20. So great is this destruction that the people of the earth will be fighting among themselves. Suggesting that civil order globally will break down, verse 21.The earth and Magog will experience great “pestilence” and much blood shall be spilt, verse 22. The earth will be “flooded” along with great hailstones, fire, and brimstone, verse 22. Then will the nations known who God is, verse 23.

This calamity is so horrible because the earth is on the brink of annihilation that God must intervene and usher in the last dispensation, the 1000 year reign of Christ upon earth.

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When all else fails vote

How many times have you heard someone say, why vote, because my vote will not make a difference. Well the League of Women Voters would beg to differ with that opinion.

In 1820, one vote kept President James Monroe from being President without dispute by the Electoral College.

In 1845, one vote made Texas one of the United States.

In 1846, one vote decided the war with Mexico.

In 1867, one vote allowed Alaska to be acquired by the United States.

In 1868, one vote saved President Andrew Jackson from being removed from office.

In 1867, one vote gave Rutherford B. Hayes the Presidency of the United States.

In 1916, one vote in each precinct of California re-elected President Wilson.

In 1948, one vote in each precinct gave Harry S. Truman the Presidency.

In 1960, one vote per precinct would have elected Richard Nixon over John F. Kennedy as president.

This writer adds this to the mix of election politics. All else has failed, so I voted early by casting my vote for Ralph Nader, again. I will cite just two among many reasons. First, he is the only candidate who supports a single payer health plan for the electorate. Just like the health plan enjoyed by the House of Representatives, the Senate and the President. Next he supports a national livable wage pegged to the cost of living in each community. One more thing, as a life long registered democrat. By voting for Nader, along with millions of others, we hope to send a message that says, we are fed up with politics as usual. McCain and Obama represent politics as usual, despite what each candidate asserts. Under there presidency, my prediction is that things will only get worse. Only in different ways depending upon which one captures the presidency.

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Bush, McCain and Obama world events a correlation

President Bush, during a news conference said, “we are only in the beginning of a great conflict of a war of ideas.” In this instance, the President is right. Many times the President has said, the conflict over ideas is led by the forces of darkness through al-Qaida. And today we have McCain, and Obama making the same charges. Worded differently but rhetorically uttering the same meaning. I disagree with all three men because the assault on ideas has its roots in the Qur’an, encompassing all practitioners of Islam. Who will attempt to snuff out freedom, and justice. And substitute. freedom to the dictates of the Qur’an; monitored by Islamic courts. It is just a matter of time until their numbers are so great they can utter demands with consequences, or boom!!!

Jesus said, “Beware of false prophets (Muslims) who come to you in sheep’s clothing, (pretending to be Godly) but inwardly are ravening wolves, Matthew 7:15. Notice that I inserted Muslims into the warning Jesus offered. Most want proof to show the discrepancies between their Godly external appearance (sheep’s clothing).Mixed with their internal rage that manifests itself through violence and death (ravening wolves). Resulting in a religion that is nothing more than the destructive forces of evil.

As some say, the proof is in the pudding. Here is the proof because Jesus went on in the following verse, to say. You will know them by their fruits. Do people gather grapes from thorns, or figs from thistles? Continuing, even so, every good tree brings forth good fruit. But a corrupt tree brings forth evil, verse 17. Because a good tree can not do evil, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good, verse 18. With the growth of thorns (Islam) producing thistles (Muslims) being growths of evil being destroyed, verse 19. Then Jesus repeats himself, “wherefore, by their fruits you shall know them, verse 20.

In a brief manner, how about a trip to Pakistan? In Pakistan, a Muslim nation, where the former President violently crushed a contingent of Muslims. In a televised address the former President justified his attack on a Mosque in the capital city of Islamabad. Declaring the assault was necessary, because chief Muslim cleric Abdur Rashid Ghazi had challenged the authority of the government to exist. The cleric was demanding the government abandon its legal system. And install a system of Islamic law. Threatening that if the government failed to comply. He and his followers would establish strict Islamic law in the capital themselves. They then proceeded to attack government buildings. Fire bombing cars and killing people. which led to armed conflicts between cleric Ghazi’s forces at the Mosque and the government’s special military forces

Then the government entered into negotiations with the Mosque leadership. Negotiations failed, and the government was forced to crush cleric Abdur Rashid Ghazi and his well armed and trained jihadist or holy warriors inside their sprawling Mosque.

The conflict in Pakistan was between a Muslim nation and its Islamic citizens. The Pakistani government operates outside of Islamic law. When such a practice exists, it is never acceptable to Muslim clerics. Sometimes they are forced to tolerated such decadent practices. They will always wait to they think that time is right to force governments to govern according to Islamic law. The purpose of this posting is to use the past history as a barometer as to what world communities, especially the United States, can expect sometime in the future from their Muslim communities.

Pakistan is some what like the United States, where our Constitution demands a separation between religion and government. Meaning among other things religious law can not govern the nation. Like some of the Pakistanis, that is a thorn in the side of certain Christian movements. But at least, they do not instigate military attacks against the government and its citizens. Because the government operates outside of their well defined Christian justice system.

Here is another incident of intolerance. That very same Mosque authorized the abduction of six Chinese women and a man. They practiced acupuncture a form of Chinese medicine. They also provided patients with massages. Which the Mosque clerics, deemed to be decadent behavior. Religions whether Islamic, or otherwise, must never be allowed to determine national or international morality. That is exactly what Islam, and Muslims are all about.

In the aftermath of the governments moving in with military force to subdue the Muslim clerics and their seminarian students. Muslims took to the streets doing what they do best; reek havoc and death.

A suicide bomber blew himself up in front of a government building. Beside killing himself, three other people died, while wounding two others.

Two Muslims rammed an explosive loaded car into a police car. Killing themselves and the three policemen in the car.

Is that what anyone who is sane wants for their community? No! of course not, but that is what communities eventually will get, if they allow this Muslim menace to fester.

The civilized world seems to have difficulty dealing with the insanities of evil. Muslims represent that evil of insanity. They should be quarantined, and eventually shipped to Muslim countries. Which would serve symbolically, as the tree not bearing good. Resulting in it being cut down and burned, Matthew 7:19.

In those series of verses about good and bad. Twice Jesus warned, by their fruits you shall know them. One must ponder from the Muslim attacks through out Great Britain, Pakistan and elsewhere around the globe. They seem to be a people destined for evil whose fruits are very distinguishable. The kind of fruit to be rejected. Do not be deceived by their “exquisite etiquette” which is parody of the greatest magnitude. A game they play so well, especiacially in America.

This writer clergyman is available to discuss the contents of this posting. Discussing the varied and complex intricacies of this Islamic menace. Which is slowly swallowing up the civilized world, with mayhem and violence. Including a discussion on just what the civilized world can do to reign in this Muslim threat to liberty and global stability.

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