Save our nation eliminate a mosque

As dangerous as the financial crises is to economic, and the social welfare of the nation. It does not register on the danger scale compared to the threat Muslims pose to the United States and the world community.

A recent posting titled, “Muslim terror in the United States-How it works. There was a discussion centered around two Muslim men. One came from Bangladesh became a United States citizen, and founded a mosque in Albany, New York. The other a Kurdish refugee and Muslim cleric. Both men, were convicted in a United States Federal Court for “supporting terrorism.”

The F.B.I. learned that the Imam at the newly established mosque. Had close ties with Islamic terrorist Mullah Krekar. Who mentored Usama bin Laden, and assisted in the development of al-Qaeda’s international war plan for global domination.

The Muslim world clearly understand that they can not out gun the West; especially the United States. Therefore, they needed a different war strategy.

This war strategy was laid out by Mullah Krekar. From Oslo, Norway, he said, any attempt to establish democracy amounts to a ruse. He continued by adding, that what the West is really engaged in is a war against Islam. The destruction of Islam is necessary because the West fears of Islamic states.

There are clear indicators for determining the existence of a world at war. One is opposing ideologies which have global consequences. From which a different world will emerge, designed by the winner. President Bush, and others have skirted any references to a world war. Preferring to label these conflicting ideologies as a “clash between civilizations.” The West, under President Bush, seeks to democratize the world, establish military superiority on foreign soil, and monopolize world resources such as oil.

Briefly, the brains behind this Islamic ideology, ultimately seek a world made of Islamic states. All functions of the state would be patterned after Islamic law. The ruling authorities would be Islamic clerics. In short a backward trend to the Dark Ages.

Another indicator for a world at war is visual troop movements. Islamic warlords can not match the troop movement of the United States or other Western nations. So, they mobilize the movement of troops in the form of refugees and immigrants. They are no less dangerous than the troop movements of the West with their vast war destroying apparatuses. They are not uniformed, nor is any military armaments visible. They settle in Western cities like Albany, New York. Outwardly exemplifying, American values by becoming people of business, like pizzeria owner Mohammed Hossain. Who then exercised another American value, his right to practice his religion by establishing a mosque in Albany. However, the outward show was very different from the criminal intent.

This posting is about the need for the Muslim world to employ a different kind of warfare. One that is deadly but hid by the illusion of business and religion. This scenario is exercised repeatedly through out the Western world with devastating success. To a lesser degree in the United States, but with Muslims rooting themselves exponentially through out the nation. With the generosity of America being their their greatest weapon. As they take on the uniform of perhaps medicine, academics, engineering, law, and politics. Uniformed in respectable vocations but mushrooming from an American mosque with war like designs regularly in these United States. Americans should consider every mosque, a foreign fortress for military operations; against this sacred republic.

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Perilous times: why McCain-Palin-the better choice

America knows about hard times having survived the Great Depression, two world wars and numerous other strangling conflicts. But always emerging victorious, no matter how dark the hour.

But currently the nation is being smothered by rarely experienced calamity nationally and internationally. Leaving the experts (whoever they are) suggesting that America is doomed, unless a miracle occurs. Giving credence to the Iranian governments long contended observation. That the United States is nothing more than a paper tiger. With many thinking that the Iranian assertion was a military pronouncement.

But now a good portion of Europe, and other countries that make up the world community are also seeing the United States indeed a paper tiger. But for now, they think the United States is still the premiere military power. There observation is that the United States is a paper tiger monetarily. With the dollar functioning at best, as a unreliable world currency. Which partially explains the nations economic woes for spiraling out of control price increases across the board. With real wages sinking to poverty levels for more and more Americans. And it appears again from the experts (whoever they are) (I got it now-the ones who caused the problem) announcing that things could get a lot worse. Comforting!!!

But to the rescue comes, the McCain/Palin team verses the Obama/Biden ticket. While Obama/Biden are better on the domestic issues, they are not the miracle needed. The miracle needed is McCain/Palin. They will better insulate America from the myriad of international issues which are both monetary and have military consequences.

I have supported that thesis with several postings. Discussing the block buster and timely DVD, “Obsession:Radical Islam’s War against the West.” Followed by several posting high lighting the contents of the DVD. With yesterdays posting, the 22nd., being very significant as to why McCain/Palin should get our vote on election day.

With Obama/Biden being better on the domestic issues will be of little merit, if the nation is crushed by foreign affair issues. Remember Obama’s history with 20 years of association with Dr. Rev. Wright a man he called his mentor. A clergyman who routinely invited Muslim leader Mr. Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam (which is every Muslims dream for America: Nation of Islam from a previous posting) who routinely preaches hate against white America. And was given Mr. Wright’s church most distinguished award, “Lifetime Achievement award.” And when all this and more surfaced during the primaries, Mr Obama decided it was time to distance himself from his mentor of 20 years. Then remember his wife’s comment that her husbands candidacy, for the time gave her reason to be proud to be an American. The electorate has to much at stack to trust the Presidency into the hands of a man who is most likely supportive of America’s enemies, and just as likely to be a closet Muslim.

We need to vote with our head on election day and not with our partisan politics. I am a life long democrat who is not willing to trust Obama/Biden with America’s fragility. Therefore, this writer is available to discuss the secular and spiritual implications of this posting. And as said in other postings, it is McCain/Palins spiritual awareness of America’s enemies that will earn them my vote. Please refer to the navigation link for contact information and other services provided.

Good news DVD about Islam causes uproar

From newspaper inserts, to direct United States Postal Service mailings comes an encourage effort. Which will result in 28 million people receiving a DVD titled, “Obsession:Radical Islam’s War Against the West.” Which from this clergyman’s perspective is not only a *must see,* but a *must study* film.

I take issue with producers disclaimer saying that most Muslims are peaceful and do not support terror. Because, by virtue of their Biblical designation as being a *wild people* as noted in Genesis 16:12. Which states, “And he (Ishmael vs.11) (from whom Muslim’s trace their genealogy) shall be a *wild man;* his hand shall be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of his brethren.”

While I will be providing more commentary about the threat of Islam, with future postings. These comments will suffice for now. First the producers disclaimer of Muslims being peaceful is a misnomer of the greatest magnitude. Outward appearances are most deceptive because its is impossible to be a Muslim without inwardly wishing to see the country of residence become Islamic states. With countries failing to comply being constant targets of terrorism. Meaning their terror aptitudes may appear passive. But let there be little doubt where their loyalties rest and to what means they will stoop to accomplish its end.

Then through out Europe these peace loving Muslims have been reeking havoc for so long that it is consider the expected norm from them. If their were just a few so called radicals, being greatly out numbered by Muslims who oppose terrorism, then why do they not just reign them in through courts of law? Because terrorism is the kinship of every Muslim’s genetic code, take another glance at Genesis 16:12, for proof.

Take a close look at that last clause of Genesis 16:12, “… and he shall dwell among his brethren.” Briefly, radical Muslims will find solace among their kinfolk, who appear to be more subdued, but are really comrades for terror destruction.

As expected, Muslims are crying foul because the producers distribute their DVD during their Ramadan holiday season. From this clergyman’s perspective, perhaps more freedom loving Americans will see the DVD and then go out of their way to offend Muslims wherever they are found.

Our world is changing in so many ways that it is difficult to keep up with the changes let alone understand them. A whole gamut of changes from the nations collapsing economic system. Effecting every aspect of American life so that many Americans may really get to experience what it is really like to be poor. If gasoline prices are not souring, then food prices are which is forcing many to buy less. Hungry middle class Americans a new phenomenon requiring adjustment for many. Watch out America because the nations most perilous times are still below the horizon. But it will intensifies with the Muslim community soaring to the horizon, with authority and power to intensify their havoc.

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