Economics that will work for Americans

Maybe it is time for Americans to think about the Chavezing of America. By that term it is meant, we need to get rid of what does not work for the majority of Americans. And replace it with a government that does serve the needs of the majority of people.

With the end result being a government that empowers the people. Creating liberty, fairness and social justice where no American citizen is left behind. A government that promotes integrity and moral values, absent religious or government prejudices. Let the people define integrity and moral values. After all, that is what defines a democracy, is it not so?

But first, a little about some forgotten history. In 2002, President Hugo Chavez, liberated his countries oil fields from the capitalists conglomerates. Some with deep roots upon American soil. Who reek the same greed, upon hard pressed for cash, the American consumer. He then forms a board of directors to manage his nations oil production which is now under state control. This board is known as Petroleos de Venezuela.

All of this met with the disapproval of the capitalist community. If, you can dig deep into your memory banks. They staged a strike telling the work force that the Chavez government has put their jobs at risk. After a brief clash with government troops, the government was able to demonstrate that their jobs were not at stake. In fact the government told them, with the government in control of oil production their jobs would be more secure. The economy would boom, and more workers would be needed. Which appears to be a rare golden nugget of truth. Then the Chavez government promised to empower the people and create liberty, fairness, and social justice. Another golden nugget of truth! Then the government provided an example. Creating the peoples board of directors of Petroleos de Venezuela. The people were able to see that the board was absent any of the capitalists oppressors of liberty, fairness, and economic inequality which had dominated the oil industry. Resulting in yet a third golden nugget of rare truth from a government! They cheered the governments early reform efforts. May Americans be inspired to believe that we can more than duplicate the Venezuelan model.

Even today the opposition to the Chavez government continues to come from the capitalists conglomerates. They do everything they can to undermine the Chavez governments efforts. They do this by attempting to create chaos and economic instability. Often with success, as is occurring in America today, for awhile it succeeded in Venezuela.

They use the newspapers, radio, and television to assert their self serving monopoly over the the people. Their control of the media outlets is their favorite tool for undermining the real state of affairs in any nation. From that monopoly, they were able to mount a coup which over threw the government of Hugo Chavez. The Venezuelan President was arrested and placed under military detention. They quickly installed an interim government. Which fell shortly thereafter because of the power of the people.

People determined to enjoy a government by the people and for the people need to put serious controls over all media outlets. Failure to do so will undermine sincere efforts for the creation of a democratic government. Because the capitalists media dominate every aspect of public life. The people in the news media get their pay checks from their capitalists controlled news media monopolist. They are forced to slant and spin the news the way their capitalists bosses demand or no pay check. The lesson is simple. Every aspect of the capitalists news operation must be shut down! They can not be allowed to spread lies and unrest among the people.

A free media works, when it has only one boss-the people! A democratic free people want the truth even when it hurts. For today, that means the absence of the Cheney’s and Bush’s, along with the McCain’s and Obama’s.

Two days after President Chavez was arrested. He was released and returned to govern the nation. The reason the coup failed was because Mr. Chavez had the support of the great masses of ordinary Venezuelan people and key military officers within his government. Solidarity works along with oneness of purpose.

Another valuable lesson is that a government can not be overthrown if it has the support of the people. The Venezuelan people took a picture from our own American revolution and made it work for themselves. We Americans need to create some new pictures and reinvent another revolution.

Despite the power of money the capitalists inside Venezuela could not master a successful coup against the peoples President. Because the President was able to show the people that his government was one of liberty, fairness, and social justice through the empowerment of the people. The Venezuelan people took another picture from our revolution of more than two centuries ago. By wanting democracy so badly, that not even the great wealth and military might of great Britain could stifle their determination.

The Venezuelan government impressed other governments in the region. They were able to help put forth an agreement which the capitalists opposition within Venezuela signed. This document established the working relationship between Venezuela and other governments in the region. One purpose of the agreement was to stabilize the Venezuelan society. With that accomplished Venezuela and the other nations in the region would prosper. And the rest is history with one dictatorial government following after another fallen government. With each in their own way establishing a Venezuelan styled government. Where differences in governance is respected because it is the democratic way. What is of interest is that these fallen dictatorial governments were puppets of the United States. Clearly indicating that United States is only about power and wealth. Americanism today has nothing to do with the real concrete needs and desires of the people any where in the world.

Even today despite signing the agreement the capitalists continued to create unrest whenever they can. They presented petitions to the governments electoral boards demanding a referendum on Chavez’s presidency and other democratically elected governments in the region. But the good news is that despite the capitalists agitators continued attempts to return nation after nation to old styled dictatorships. They fail, and the people even in greater numbers affirm overwhelmingly their taste for democracy.

Governing in Venezuela has not been easy for President Chavez. The constant turmoil created by the nations capitalists elite has caused much unrest. Hindered economic and social reform for the nation and the world. But despite the evil that abounds, the good continues to overcome the evil. May it happen in America, and it will if the people want it bad enough.

Shortly after his return to office President Chavez and the nations of the region create an oil company for the area. Thirteen nations are participating in this cooperative. One purpose is to provide the nations of the region with oil at huge reduced discounts. Another purpose is ease the pain of soaring fuel prices for the people who can least afford to pay more.

Venezuela has offered to help America. We Americans are burdened by soaring fuel prices which is increasing misery among Americans. But of course this American government lives in fear that Americans might see democracy at work and want it for themselves. So of course, all help was shunned. Instead this government would rather pay more for a barrel of oil on the open markets. Than become the fourteenth nation to sign on to the Venezuelan pact.

One can only imagine that such a plan for the Caribbean nations is not settling well with American capitalists. They must be horrified at such a plan in their own backyard. The Venezuelan plan for America includes more than just oil. It also offered medical care for the millions of Americans with out health insurance. Picking a plum from the Castro government in Cuba which has made similar offers of health care.

Despite the United States open opposition to the government of Hugo Chavez and the new democratic governments within the region. Which includes U.S. funding of the opposition with American tax dollars to over throw such governments. Which includes assassination attempts on presidents, shunning Washington’s demands for profits over people. The intervention of the U.S. into the internal affairs of Venezuela dates back to 1947. And no doubt, will continue there, and among the other governments in the region who have turned away from Washington’s corruption.

It is refreshing to see the governments of the Caribbean making life a little easier for ordinary people instead of the greedy capitalists. Perhaps America will join the club.

This writer clergyman can be engaged to speak on the topic concerning America’s two century old revolution and how to relive it today. Workshops also will work with such a topic. Also take advantage, by learning methods for bringing about change in the home, workplace, or the community. Stagnation is in the air because the nation is stuck in another sure to fail the people election cycle. Please refer to the navigation link for contact information.

It is guaranteed that whether John McCain or Barrack Obama captures the White House. Old style politics of anti-democracy principles against the needs and wishes of the people will mushroom.

A deceived society because politicians are liars

As this writer travels the highways, and byways of a place called America. Pure astonishment is the best word to describe this writers reactions to his experiences.

One major contributor to this sad scenario is represented by the nations business community. Which include corporations of all sorts, Mom and Pop shops, and partnerships like law firms. The pace setter though is America’s big corporate conglomerates. Whose motto should state, “We value death over life, poverty over wealth, and deceit over truth,” in respect to the American work force and the American way of life. Their ruthlessness of the American work force has a trickle down effect upon others. This has resulted in a nation of people who have been beaten into submission. Many are made to think that their station in life is what is to be accepted and normal.

These corporate conglomerates completely control every aspect of the American landscape. From how people are educated from primary school through university life. Tragically many Christian institutions taut the virtues of these corporate conglomerates. So powerful are these corporate conglomerates that they even select candidates for public office. What the American public needs to understand is that everything about America is make believe. Meaning things are not what they appear to be through out the nation. The American work force is an impoverished people. Most of this occurs because the nations corporate conglomerates control the nations wealth. This wealth allows them to mold the political landscape. They then choose candidates for political office, They then campaign boasting about the marvels of democracy. A land where the people form a government, of their choosing. This elected government promises to serve the public interest. Nothing could be further from reality. A real make believe reality swallowing up more, and more Americans leaving them financially in ruin!

Government story telling goes some thing like this. Political economist brag across the country. That the median income is greater than the rate of inflation. Meaning that American workers enjoyed improved economic prosperity. But the real story, unveiled by the U.S. Census Bureau warns that the median income verses inflation is frightening. The bureau asserts that the median income only out paced inflation for families because more family members secured jobs. Meaning that more and more families members are being forced to merge under one household. Which included, grown children, grand parents, and other relatives being seen as one household. Who are unable to survive economically, through independent living. Furthermore, the bureau reports. That median incomes for households considered separately from this modern trend decreased by nearly ten percent in recent years. Now you know why you are hard pressed to make ends meet. It has dropped another three percent in just the last twelve months.

One hears horror stories of families suffering foreclosure on their properties. Several different reasons are the cause of these foreclosures. One primary cause would have to be the failure of income to match the inflation rate. As we know inflation, stifles the dollar. Resulting in the purchasing power of the dollar to decline. Equal to our inflationary dilemma, is the nations unfair methods of taxation. Not to be overlooked, jobs that do not pay a livable wage. If corrective measures where implemented, by force, if necessary upon the politicians people could experience independent living. They would enjoy a livable wage which also would be severely enhanced by shifting the tax burden to where it belongs. Then maybe the people could take solace in the bragging, and the boasting of politicians. Who seem to think, Americans everywhere are enjoying prosperous economic times. They get away with this by admitting that the economy has taken a temporary sour turn southward. But once the people speak, and the the politician is elected or re-elected, then the cure is on the horizon. But when it does not occur, the blame game starts.

The cure will never come from the Democrats or from the Republicans. For those placing their hopes in John McCain or Barrack Obama its just wishful thinking that will never materialize. The cure is in the people, who stop asking, and start telling by demand what they want from a civilized government. And if the government will not respond, then the people must become uncivilized and teach the government a lesson on democratic civility in government.

Why do we allow politicians to constantly lie to the public about everything from A-Z? It does not matter if the the subject is about economics or war. Politicians pure and simple are liars This is nothing new because we as a people have known this forever. The question is why do we allow this behavior? Especially when there are more of us then there are of them! WE can have our cake and eat it too!

This writer clergyman is available to discuss the contents of this posting. Emphasizing the necessary strategies for creating a government responsive to the needs of the people. Please refer to the navigation link for contact information.

I thank those who appreciated my analysis of the Middle East as it pertains to Christian and Islamic history. My research has caused me to re-affirm my positions. Based on Christian scriptures and the history of Christian civilization. Muslims were ever they live are a menace to Christianity and a democratic state. In some circles this has created some controversy. But that is okay because that is the responsibility of any spokes person for our risen Lord and Savior.

The Way of the World:

A Story of Truth and Hope In an Age of Extremism, by Author Ron Suskind. Mr. Suskind surely has unmasked additional impeachable crimes against President Bush. His allegations, along with those of Rep. Denis Kucinich, (D-OH) articles of impeachment surely should kick start impeachment hearings.

As soon as the book hit the retail market, both the White House and the CIA were in denial. Which of course is to be expected, and denials should be respected. After all, it is the American way. However that is only half of the American way. Meaning the allegations deserve a fair hearing. Which is the only way to separate the allegations from the denials. Allegations and denials just do not make the grade unheard. But Americans will never know the truth, unless we Americans probe unceasingly, House Speaker Nancy Peloski, (D-CA) and Rep. John Conyers, (D-MI) Chair of the House Judiciary Committee for such hearings. It will be a tough wall to break through because Peloski and Conyers fear such hearings will be divisive to the party’s interest come November. There goes that American virtue right out the window, *truth and justice for all,* regardless of the cost.

Here are a few of Suskind’s allegations. His book reveals a secret meeting in 2003. Between an intelligence official and Iraq’s intelligence minister, Tahir Jalil Habbush. Tahir Jalil Habbush, informed him that Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction. Upon receiving the report, the Bush administration buried the report. Later the White House decided to back date and forge a letter from Mr. Habbush. The letter linked Iraq to the 9/11 attacks. According to Suskind, the meeting took place in Jordan between Habbush and a British intelligence officer. Part of the deal for Habbush’s information was that the U.S would relocate him to what amounts to a safe house and pay him $5 million dollars.

The forged letter itself, dated, July 2001, from Habbush to Saddam Hussein was to link the Iraqi President to al-Qaida and to the 9/11 attacks. Also making it clear that Saddam Hussein was actively buying yellowcake uranium from Niger with the help of al-Qaida.

It seems that Bush and Condoleezza Rice were deeply involved in this scandal of death and broken lives. Justice demands a hearing to discover the truth.

As could be expected, a White House spokes person has labeled the contents of Mr Suskind book. As nothing more than another conspiracy theory. And who knows, maybe that spokes person has hit the nail right on the head. Driving such a theory deep into archives of silence. Because, the people remained silent! If that remains the case, then the politicians will clap with glee! Because they do not want justice, they want power.

But Mr. Suskind, claims all his interviews in preparation for the book were recorded. With all parties providing damaging information being full aware that they were being recorded. Come on Peloski and Conyers, let us hear the recordings.

For those interested, Speaker Peloski can be reached at this address.

We need to get rid of this government that values injustice over justice and corruption over decency. Making this writer clergyman available to elaborate upon the politics of change. Life will only get worse, if we continue to tolerate the Peloski’s, Conyers, Bush’s, Cheyney’s, McCain’s and Obama’s. Please refer to the navigation link for contact information.

McCain or Obama means politics as usual

which in its own way, if allowed, will for the next 4-8 years serve the politicians and not the electorate. Who will never allow an idea, let alone legislation to stand that could harm their den. Oops! an exception exists, just ignore the law. A legacy passed down from Richard Nixon to George W. Bush. O! the life of a President, free from moral obligation, at the burdened tax payers expense. Your turn, because the varied details are in the imaginary garden of the readers mind.

A wolf which had been made the leader of the other wolves. Established a law that each of them should put into a pool everything he caught in the chase and share it equally with all the rest. So, that they should not be driven to eat one another.

But an ass came forward and shaking his mane said: “Out of the mind of the wolf has comes forth a noble thought. But how is it, wolf, that you yourself laid up in your den the quarry you took yesterday? Put it in the common store and share it.”

This exposure shamed the wolf into annulling his laws.

The very men who pretend to legislate justly do not themselves abide by the laws which they enact and administer.

Source:Penguin Classics-Fables of Aesop-A Communist Dictator

Haunting the Democrats calls for unity comes this gem. “I know Senator McCain has a lifetime of experience that he will bring to the White House. And Senator Obama has a speech that he gave in 2002,” Senator Hillary Clinton.

Well, this writer clergyman has a tale to share for putting an end to politics as usual. Please refer to the navigation link for contact information.

The tall tale of sadness of America’s legacy

The United States Constitution guarantees free association and assembly. But only when free association and assembly is acceptable to the government. Rendering the Constitution to inspiring words on a piece of paper with no street application. Street application, as in the thoroughfare of complete unabridged movements of freedom.

Foe example, when Americans are denied the right travel to Cuba. They are denied their constitutional guarantees. The central reason for such denials is that the American government fears what Americans will discover about Cuba. Which is that the Cuban government provides the people of Cuba, with a superior form of government. For now, just a couple examples will be cited.

Unlike life here in the United States, people in Cuba are provide with a free education. No college loans to pay back making bankers rich at the expense of struggling students. Such educational government guarantees would have great appeal to the hundred of thousands of people with college loans. This government rather a Republican or Democratic administration will not allow Americans to experience such democratic freedoms. Which is to maximize ones potential, irrespective of money.

Every time this writer hears someone in local, state, or the federal governments talk about the value of life. I react, what hypocrisy! When they are perfectly willing to allow American citizens suffer, and die because they do not have sufficient health insurance or no health insurance. Illness in America, is a billion dollar industry. Doctors who think that they have some special dispensation to become rich off the illness of others. In the United States the medical system is a system for profit. Where medical treatment, and care is about money, and not cures for illness. Outrageous profits for doctors, hospital administrators, insurance companies and the pharmaceutical industry.

In Cuba illness is about finding cures and not about profit! Every Cuban is entitled to the very best care the state can provide. Such medical care is not based upon how much money you can afford to pay in order to receive treatment.

Of course, the United States will not allow Americans to travel to Cuba for fear that Americans will discover a superior health care system. If Americans, manage to get to Cuba, and return, criminal charges is what they’ll face. If their trip to Cuba comes to the governments attention.

The Cuban educational and health care system are considered by the world community to be a model for other nations.

While America’s educational, and health care systems are renowned for excellence, if they can be afforded. Despite a legacy of being renowned, I know of no nations in the world community that suggest that either system should serve as a world model.

With President Fidel Castro, absences from the this sphere of influence in Cuba. It appears his brother, Raul, will see to it that Fidel’s legacy of a people’s government for the world community will survive to be modeled. It is good to see revolutionaries like, President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela modeling the Cuban model. And the success of Bolivians President Evo Morales in bringing democracy to Bolivia.

In the oval office of George W. Bush, the drums of change keep beating. Envisioning the erasing of a free peoples socialistic community. Where things are done to be useful and helpful. Replaced by a system of oppression and profit. Erroneously, declaring that the change would be for democracy. When in reality the whole capitalistic community has been lamenting the loss of billions of dollars from Fidel Castro’s successful revolution. Now they see a future opportunity to turn Cuba into a profit machine and to hell with the people. That is the tall tale of sadness that is America’s legacy; money over people!

George W. Bush, from his den of iniquity, the oval office, comes the beating of these words whenever the opportunity presents itself. I urge the Cuban people to work for democratic change on the island. We will support you in your effort to build a transitional government in Cuba, committed to democracy. And we will take note of those, in the currant Cuban regime, who obstruct your desire for a free Cuba. Such threats are common American rhetoric. That music will be played time and time again wherever capitalism can stiff the smell profits. If not Cuba, than Bolivia or Venezuela. And with the Olympic games on the horizon, China will get the nations democracy lectures. But its not democracy that interest America, but the potential for profits. Proof can be found in America’s corporate conglomerates eagerness to move shop to China. Cheap labor at the expense of America’s work force. In truth the people of either nation matter to their respective governments. If this, or any American government had any sense of decency, trade with China would be prohibited. Because China has a long history of human rights abuses, and that is according to the Bush administration. Who certainly are experts, when it comes to human rights abuses, at home, and around the world.

Such declarations by a world criminal like Bush comes as no surprise. Of course, Cuba is prepared to resist Bush and his collection of thugs from any successful return to oppression and profit at the peoples expense. And hopefully, so will all freedom seeking peoples.

This writer clergyman is available to discuss the politics of change. Some civic organizations meet for lunch. With a degree also in Political Science; this writer is available to discuss the politics of change. With the purposeful intent of creating controversy through out the audience. And when the turbulence calms, some will discover the merits of the speakers thesis. And as time permits, introducing the politics of Jesus Christ. Which makes such a discussion just as timely for Sunday morning church services. But with the politics of Jesus Christ, taking center stage. Working from there, to the nations secular political arena. Or picnics in a park, where the same thesis can be presented but in a far more relaxed atmosphere. Please contact this writer through the navigation link.

Cheney and team at it again

Fourth in a series, poking fun at America

Karl’s knuckles had barely tapped on Murphy’s screen door before the hinges screeched open. The old man stepped onto the porch and eyed the three callers suspiciously. What can I do for you three fellas? he asked.

Mr Murphy, George said, We brought you this American flag so you can fly it, like the rest of the town is doing. It is actually made in China. But the fabric is real soft, great for blowing in the breeze. The pole is solid steel, so you won’t have to worry about it breaking in high wind like a wooden pole would.

I thought, I told you that I wasn’t interested, Murphy replied.

You know we are at war old man, Karl responded.

I read the papers. And I’m old enough to know that, war ain’t no game, or way to get rich, or famous while others are dying.

Dick grabbed the flag, and approached Murphy angrily. Look buddy, What you are saying could be construed as UN-American. Maybe you ought to think about that.

Without a word, Murphy turned to reenter his house. But before his hand reached the doorknob, two dull thumps, in rapid succession resonanted across the porch.

What the hell, did you do that for? George asked. as Dick removed the bloody flagpole from Murphy’s shattered skull.

Karl reflexively leaned down to take Murphy’s pulse. He ain’t dead, but he’s hurt pretty bad. We gotta do something about this. I didn’t agree to this scheme to do time for; attempted murder.

Dick smiled, hell, nobody saw us. Besides accidents happen all the time. Karl why don’t you get that can of gasoline from the back of my truck. And George, why don’t you get the hose and wash off the flagpole. And make sure you don’t get any of Murphy’s blood on the flag. After all, wouldn’t want to break the law by violating the Constitution’s Flag Desecration Amendment.


So what do you think happened here sheriff? the deputy asked. As they sorted, through the smoldering remains of Murphy’s home.

Well, old Murphy, was a smoker. He probably fell asleep with a lit cigar in his hand.

The deputy nudged a small metallic box with the toe of his shoe. Here’s something that is not burned, he said. Want to take a look inside?

The sheriff nodded. After several minutes of clawing and prying, the lid of the box reluctantly fell open. Well, I’ll be damned, the sheriff muttered.

Taped inside the lid was a faded photograph of a smiling young
man in a military uniform. Inside the box was a yellowed newspaper clipping telling the story of how a soldier named Andy Murphy who prevented an ambush by fighting off several enemy soldiers single-handedly. Underneath the clipping resting inconspicuously in the blue felt lining was a Medal of Honor.

Source: Pravda, RU: Russia, David R. Hoffman, Legal Editor of Pravda, Ru, Copr, 2006

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Exxon 11.68 B in profits-end the shenanigans of the wolf

A wolf which had swallowed a bone went about looking for someone to relieve him of it. Meeting a heron, he offered it a fee to remove the bone. The heron put its head down his throat, pulled out the bone, and then claimed the promised reward.

“Are you not content, my friend,” said the wolf, “to have got your head safe and sound out of a wolf’s mouth, but you must demand a
fee as well?”

When one does a bad man a service, the only recompense one can hope for is that he will not add insult to ingratitude.

(source:Penguin Classics-Fables of Aesop-“Kindness Ill requited)

Decency and fairness are not memorial traits of our species. Which often behaves in perfect step to that of the wolf.

To give an example think of the nations capitalistic system of economics. Never has a more divisive and inhumane system been devised to benefit the many over the few. It is particularly repulsive to this writer clergyman because it is in complete opposition to the economic theories of Jesus Christ. First century Christians were martyred for the practice of his economics. I really should write more about such a subject. Because it is the way to social, and economic equality. Something that the power structure in most churches and through out capitalistic states want to keep suppressed from the people. For obvious reasons as noted by the wolf, who said, for a days work, you demand a fee. Advising the heron to be content with escaping with his head still attached. That is tantamount to telling the work force. Be content with with your wages because you are lucky to have them at all. The majority of corporate conglomerates feel workers are over paid. They always resist wage increases; like a law that guarantees a livable wage indexed to inflation. They stoop so low to even resist a raise in the minimum wage. Capitalist are really bad people, who thrive on adding injury to ingratitude. How else can they be described when giants like Exxon sets the highest U.S. profits EVER! With second quarter earnings of $11.68 Billion. (source: Washington Post, Friday, 01 August 2008. You can bet your last penny that the work force. Who made that record possible will not be announcing that their wages are the highest paid U.S. workers EVER!

Do not think that either Obama or McCain represent the answer to the nations economic woes. Because both men represent the problem, and not the solution. Especially those of the American workforce. If anything it is only going to get worse, and it is Biblically grounded in a number of scriptures. Have done several postings on the subject with more to follow.

Decency and fairness are found only through Jesus Christ. In the previous posting, one aspect of that was touched upon. By relating to a first century economist, named Jesus Christ. Just click the one on the calendar to read that posting.

God said this in the book of Isaiah. “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are my ways your ways,” Isaiah 55:8. There is a great need for Gods thoughts and ways to permeate our psychic as it relates to our very life force, our souls. For his thoughts and ways is the prefect path way to economic prosperity. They must be absorbed patiently and with diligence. Hear is one example, “The thief (capitalistic opportunist) comes not to steal but to kill, (to make life plain miserable) and to destroy. I (Jesus) am come that they (you) might have life, and that they (you) might have it more abundantly,” John 10:10. It starts with with John 10:9, “I (Jesus) am the door; by me, if any person enter in. He shall be saved! And shall go in and out and find pasture.” There is a lot said there but it is the way to putting to end the shenanigans of the wolf and his capitalistic accomplices. But you have to personally, know the resurrected Son of God. Who said,”I am the resurrection, and the life. People who believe in me, though they were dead, yet shall they live,” John 11:25. Because the engine to understanding what has been said here begins with with him. Then the patient diligent path to understanding his thoughts and ways will begin.

This writer clergyman is available to to discuss the contents of this posting. Whether its from the pulpit of your church. Or from the comfort of your home, including some other neutral setting. Even from airways of your cell or land line phone. Which could also include the exchange of emails, but we would have to briefly talk first. As I do not post my email address because of the rudeness of people who pollute my email box with spam. Please refer to the navigation link for contact information.