The players are different but the picture is the same

It has been said that the more things change the more they stay the same. I published this posting several years ago. In rereading it, I struck by the similarity of the events of that year and those of today. Seems that the only thing that has changed happens to be the players. Suggesting that things pretty much stay the same.

The American public can not depend on the Republicans or the Democrats to provide a truthful rational for the war in Iraq.This posting will establish the problems with this war and suggest a remedy for this war. It all boils down to rather or not the American public is up to the task.

The war was launched in 2003 based on lies by a Republican government in control of all three branches. The Democrats gave credence to those lies by encouraging the war effort. Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry, repeatedly said the President made the right decision. During his campaign, he repeatedly said that he would have made the same decision as did President Bush. Kerry promised that if elected he would continue the war polices. Kerry still has not retracted his stance on the war. Of course, today Sen. Kerry is attempting to write new lyrics to his song of war, “if I knew than, what I know now.” He continues to vote to spend more of our money on a war that is not win able. So, as any good capitalists would advise. Put your money where you mouth is. Kerry has done just that! In so doing, he has rendered himself, irrelevant as an agent for change. As is, the Democratic party! That does not mean that the Republican party is relevant to meeting the needs of the American citizenry or bringing about global security.

When the Democrats, decided to marry Republican ideology during Clinton’s presidency. Republicans never thought the marriage would reap such wholesome benefits. Just think, they now have Sen. Joseph Lieberman D-Ct. He’s so Republican in his voting record and support for the war that he has become the go to guy for Republicans when they need help. Lieberman came through big time. Back from a visit to Iraq the Senator said he saw the wisdom of the Bush strategy at work. Which is a strategy of “clear,” “hold,” and “build.” Lieberman reported that he saw advancement in the strategy being made in the clearing and the holding.

The Nazis had the same strategy of “clearing.” They swept away all opposition to their military occupation. Large numbers of Iraqi civilians have been killed. Buildings where journalists work from have been bombed, and journalists murdered as a result from those bombings. Civilians have been murdered at check points. Many people have been kidnapped, or arrested, and sent to detention centers to be tortured. Evidence is being made available that chemical weapons have been used on civilian populations. The message is clear. Oppose the colonization of Iraq and you will be “cleared” away.

The American President, Sen. Lieberman asserts is correct with his strategy of “holding.” No matter how many American soldiers die. No matter how much money the war costs American citizens the war will continue. The United States will remain and finish the job.

As for the “building” aspect of the Bush strategy, Lieberman as a spokes person for Bush conceded that huge amounts of money has not been accounted for by the Bush puppet regime or by the private American contractors in Iraq. The war is costing the American tax payer $6 billion monthly. Just think what that money could buy for the American public. It’s a shame to waste our money on a criminal war. Provoked by people in government and outside of government with self serving anti American interests

As most know, the unprovoked war of aggression by Nazi Germany was the bases for the criminal indictments as war criminals. The “clearing” or the extermination of millions of people. The commitment to “hold” or steer the course for world domination by Nazism. With the ideal of “building” a pure race.” Those serious crimes against humanity were secondary to the crime of unprovoked aggression. It was the Nazi foundation for the “clearing” (extermination of people) the “holding” (determined prosecution of the war) the “building” (pure race).

Previous wars were referred to as the war to end all wars. This unprovoked war by Bush and his Congress is a war to end all peace. America may never again experience the good will it enjoyed by the world for its help in defeating Nazi Germany. The war was won because of American involvement. This a fact known and appreciated by the world community. America can regain this warmth of affection by ending this war. And if necessary, turn over Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and others as co-conspirators to the world court for the determination of guilt or innocence.

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Muslim student post on YouTube-how to kill Americans

I’ll bet you that Muslims are terrorists. Wonder how I know? I just know things about Muslims. It is based upon centuries of history. Here is a little bit of that history.

Take the case against former, University of South Florida, student Ahmed Mohamed and citizen of Egypt. Who decided to accept the governments guilty plea, thus avoiding a trial. And more significantly, a potential life sentence. The plea agreement states, that Muslim Ahmed Mohamed admitted the following to investigators. “That he intended with the video made in his Tampa apartment to support attempts by terrorists to kill employees of the United States, including members of military.”

Muslim terrorists Mohamed provided instruction as how to this by redesigning a toy electrical battery operated cars.

Pleading that, “He wanted to teach *martyrdoms* and *suiciders* how to save themselves, he said, so they could continue to fight invaders, the plea agreement states, Mohamed said he considered the U.S. military and those fighting with the U.S. Military in Arab countries invaders.”

Of course, Muslim apologists are busy defending this terrorists as a victim of government bias and over reaction. This line of propaganda, hopefully, is being soundly rejected by the non Muslim American community. And just as, hopefully, perhaps the non Muslim community is becoming aware. That Muslims where ever they are found are the enemies of the United States and the entire Western world.

Egyptian citizen, Ahmed Mohamed, doctoral student of engineering, at the University of South Florida. Accepted in his plea agreement with the Federal District court in Tampa, Florida. Admitting that he made a 12 minute video which posted on YouTube. On the video, Mohamed said in Arabic, “Instead of the *brethren* going to carry out martyrdom operations, no may God bless him, he can use the explosive tools from a distance and preserve his life, God willing, the blessed be exalted for the real battles, unless he was forced to do so.” He went on to say, “In future lessons, God willing, we will show you how to make advanced circuits that can reach greater distances.”

The source material for this posting came from the Saturday, 14 June 2008, publication of The Tampa Tribune and The Tampa Times.

This writer clergyman is available to greatly expand upon the Muslim threat to our nation. And more significantly, what we as Americans can do about this Muslim menace operating form our shores.

Medicine just to hard to swallow

By a margin of 251 to 166 vote on Wednesday, 227 Democrats joined by 24 Republicans, put to death the Articles of Impeachment against President Bush.

How the democratic controlled House of Representatives could do such a thing goes beyond comprehension, almost. The almost in a moment.

First a look at the impeachment articles. Fifteen of the articles, charged President Bush with indulging in an illegal war in Iraq. Providing specifics, like the real purpose was to capture Iraq’s vast oil fields. For oil, American service people have died, and will continue to die because our Congress is made up of cowards. Five of the articles were related to kidnapping, secret detention and torture of detainees. The other fifteen were related to domestic issues. Issues like, abuse through illegal surveillance and wiretapping. Including the enactment of secret laws. Along with obstruction of the investigation into the 9/11 attacks.

Now to the almost: Congress is about protecting their own asses, at the public’s expense. How could the democratic controlled Congress investigate such serious charges? Despite the fact, that they have condemned the substance of the Articles of Impeachment. From the floor of our House of Representatives, routinely. Reason: Many of the allegations in the Articles of Impeachment had almost unanimous support from the very people expected to act against President Bush. Raising fear that the public would discover just who was deeply complicit with President Bush’s war against the rule of law.

The next time the public hears this Congress lament the nations fallen image around the world and at home. Remind them, that they had the chance enhance that image. By bringing a war criminal to the first stage of justice in our House of Representatives.

While now history, there is a story to be told about this government. And what, we as Americans can do about such Congressional injustices. As was demonstrated, from the peoples House. Please refer to the navigation link for contact information.

Swallow a pill of poison is to believe that the next President will act any different!!!!!!!!

World growns Ain’t gonna study war no more

Some of you who know me may be thinking as you read this posting. That he’s at it again. Indulging in that happy juice from the opium plant. Why not, after all, it is a God given nutrient. It is found in Genesis 1:29, “And God said, Behold! I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the earth, and every tree in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for food.”

But rest assured the mind, is free of any mind altering substances, for now. Other than the spirit of Christ, which can cause some rather euphoric experiences. As for the body, well it is clean, thanks to a strict vegan vegetarian life style. I keep getting younger instead of older. Guess as they say, I must have the cart before the horse. That happens when one, also knows the value of vigorous exercise and diet.

Concerning exercise, for a long time, I have been considering conducting exercise classes in a local park. The primary focus would be on running. When appropriate, diet and other forms of exercise would be discussed and introduced. The goal would be to help people learn the value of exercise. For those wanting to drop a few pounds, this exercise enthusiasts has tons of tips to share.

Separate classes would be conducted depending on a persons level of interest and fitness. The classes would be for people 50 years of age and older. Would also conduct classes for people under 50 years of age.

I am 71 years of age and very fit. Yesterday I ran 15 miles and ran another 15 miles today. I am healthy, and not in any need of medications. If such classes materialize there would be no expectation or need for class participants to run those distances. I do it because I have some goals. One is to run the New York City Marathon in the year that I become 100. Also I plan to run some 50, and 100 mile races in the future.

I am posting this in hope of getting some feed back concerning readers interest in participating in such classes. Plan to create a separate website discussing exercise and health issues. The website and exercise classes would be secular in nature. No attempt would be made to introduce religion in web postings or exercise classes. So, if interested, please refer to the navigation link for contact information and give me a call.

Thought I would share some pretty incredible stuff. With the purpose of creating a focus on the Middle East. Because world turmoil, is erupting there engulfing the area. Spreading and slowly swallowing the entire world. And with President Bush announcing today, that all options are on the table concerning Iran. Things could suddenly get a lot worse. Hope people are calling their congressional representatives. And encouraging them to support Congressman Dennis Kucinich’s, 35 Articles of Impeachment of President Bush.

With all the urgency coming from everyone, and anyone, who is anybody on the geopolitical scene. One scream is constant. Find resolution for the Judea Christian-Arab Muslim conflict. In truth they do not really mean what they seek. Empty rhetoric! Furthermore, they do not frame it that way either. It always framed in in association with one or more nation states. They might have more success addressing the real problem which is religion. Very serious and unresolvable conflicts between several religions.

But it is not happening, instead resolution seems to be escaping the region and the world. Because resolution, is sought from a geopolitical perspective. The conflict is between three religions. Which is represented by Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Crying for these three religions to give them the following.The pleading comes an old African American spiritual, “Down by the Riverside.” Some of the lyrics go like this, if you recall. “Going to lay down my sword down by the riverside, Down by the riverside. Ain’t gonna study war no more.”

Another spiritualist, Micah, put it this way. “… and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; and nation shall not lift up a sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more,” Micah 4:3.

“But they shall sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree, and none shall make them afraid; for the mouth of the Lord of Hosts hath spoken it,” verse four.

“For all people will walk every one in the name of his god, and we will walk in the name of the Lord, our God forever and ever, verse five.

The focus is on a few words from verse five. “For all people will walk in the name of his god.” Perhaps those words represent this clergyman’s euphoric vision in Christ.

The worlds three main religions, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity trace their roots and authenticity to Abraham. The Jews, reject the humanity of Jesus and all his associated teachings. They see God as being spirit. Christians find their authenticity from Abraham to David, to the birth of Christ in Bethlehem. While the Muslims claim to authenticity is passed to them through Ishmael.

In that these religions are responsible for the world’s chaotic state. It would seem that they must sense that the world is heading for utter chaos and collapse.

The problem is that they do! Each believing that their version of God will deliver them victory with God establishing a new and better way for humanity to exist.

Which leaves me to ask, which religion is the right religion? Could it be that all three religions represent the perfect and correct approach to God?

Well if there is any merit to the prophecy of Micah, the possibility exists. Sometime in the future “all people will walk in the name of his god.” Now that is pretty incredible stuff!! I think.

If one gets down in the gutter where it is nasty and dirty, with your enemy. Where push comes to shove, and for whatever reason there is a breather in the action. Unique discoveries are made. The cry is, don’t want to make war anymore. It is the universal longing of most people.

What one discovers in that gutter of conflict. Where people get hurt from the turmoil of conflicting ideologies. Is that the people who do the serious work in getting the upper hand. Is that deep down in their inner being, they want to turn their weaponry into “plowshares” as instruments for the machinery for the cultivation of the ground. And those “spears” into instruments for pruning plants for the harvest of fruits and vegetables.

Universally governments are oppressive and basically evil. The only difference is some are more oppressive and evil than others. To compound the matter, religion always finds away to corrupt the world community through government. Pick your religion, and your government and ‘bingo’ the proof is in the corruption. They will not allow the people to take their swords to the riverside declaring “ain’t gonna study war no more.” Which means not gonna listen to religious clerics of any stripe, or the geopoliticians who serve them, anymore! Which is of course the religious clerics and geopoliticians worse nightmare. For the clerics it would mean ’empty cash registers,’ for the politicians it could mean justice before the world court.

Wow, that happy juice from that opium plant is deliriously euphoric.

In the end it could happen according to 95 year old Studs Terkel, who said, “Ordinary people are capable of doing Extraordinary things, and that’s what it is all about. They must count.”

It would be better to have Micah’s world, where nations shall not lift up a sword against nation, neither will they learn war anymore.

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Passing opportunity to impeach President Bush

The great King Nebuchadnezzar of the Babylonian empire had ordered three men to be cast into a fiery furnace. So exceedingly hot was this fire. That those charged with the duty of casting those men into the fiery furnace. Were themselves killed by the heat, as they threw the three men into that fire.

Later King Nebuchadnezzar approached the furnace containing the three men. And was astonished, by what he saw. Asking, did we not throw three men into that furnace? His aides responded, yes! Forcing the King to ask, who then is the fourth person walking with the three in the midst of that fire? The King marveled because none of the men were hurt by the soaring flames. But the fourth appeared to the King to be like a son of the gods, Daniel 3:22-25.

In this scenario, Congressman Kucinich, will need all democratic loving Americans to be his fourth person in the fiery halls of Congress. Threatening to upset the kingdom of President Bush. Resulting in the brave Congressman defiling the scared edicts of democratic leadership, not once, but thirty five times.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich from Ohio, and former democratic presidential contender, a *peoples* representative in Congress. Was forced to leave the presidential race because he did not represent the politics of the many against the few.

From previous postings, this writer has called the American political system the politics of oligarchy. Controlled by the super wealthy, who get their power from America’s corporate conglomerates. Because they fund their political campaigns in order to perpetuate their excessive profiteering unchecked. They were not about to let a man like Congressman Kucinich, upset their their table of exploitation and corruption.

But Congressman Kucinich, not only serves his constituents of his district in a heroic manner, bur also the entire nation. Last night over a five hour period, he introduced 35 Articles of Impeachment against President Bush from the floor of our House of Representatives.

God bless Congressman Dennis Kucinich for his courageous and heroic deed. And may his leadership in this matter encourage, and inspire all patriotic Americans, to rally around the Congressman’s efforts.

Time is short, the Congress has 72 hours to act. Congress has several options. They can table the Articles of Impeachment; their most likely option. Unless the American public acts decisively by calling their Congressional Representatives demanding that the Congress act and not table impeachment proceedings against Bush.

Congress could send the articles to committee for further study. Which would amount to letting King Bush continue to rule against the will of the majority of American people, *end the war now,* *bring the troops home now.*

Another option would be for the Congress to pass the Articles of Impeachment against Bush. Which will only occur, if Congress hears from the American public.

Their last option is to dismiss the Articles of Impeachment. An unlikely option considering Bush’s unfavorable ratings with the public.

Remember this Congress is about saving their own asses and not serving the will of the public. Thank God again, for those rare exceptions, like Congressman Dennis Kucinich.

“… shall your brethren go to war, and you sit here? Numbers 32:6.

This a war that we Americans are engaged in against the Presidency of Bush. Here is our opportunity to effect real change.

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An awakened sleeping giant with terrible resolve

There is a guy from Texas who thinks of himself as the President. He says his name is Bush. Others say it’s not so. They say his name is Shrub. A wimpy shrub on the world scene attempting to liken himself as something big, impressive and even wonderful. Full of wisdom, and one who knows what is best for the world.

This guy is really just a shrub because he does not seem to remember why he went war with Iraq. At one time he said the security of the United States was at risk. Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

Over the years the world has heard other reasons given by the President to justify his war in Iraq. Now the President is focused an accurate reason for his war with Iraq. He claims that Islamic radicals there want to enslave not only the Iraqi people, but eventually the more moderate Islamic world. With that accomplished those Islamic radicals will have a base to intimidate the rest of the world, according to the President. The war in Iraq must be won the President asserts because they want to destroy civilized society.

This they will do by creating religious Islamic governments much like the government in Iran today. Which of course is the fault of the United States, for those who remember the history of those days.

When the Empire of Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, it was realized as a mistake by Japanese Imperial Admiral Yamamoto. Who said, “We have awakened a sleeping giant, and have instilled in him a terrible resolve.”

That is exactly what has occurred when the United States attack Iraq. Islam was indeed a sleeping giant, but now, fully awakened with a terrible resolve. Which has global ramifications for every nation upon God’s green earth.

Which does not exempt the United States government, a government that thinks it can ignore the will of the American people, the world community of people and international law. Condemning nations that tortures prisoners, and has itself been condemned for the practice. So horrible has been the practice of torture by this administration that the senate had to passed into law guidelines for the interrogation of prisoners. Only to have the President veto the law.

And with corporate America, earning millions of dollars as a result of shed blood and human misery. It’s corporate capitalism and its imperialistic government who have dominate and intimidate the world. It is those two twin predators who have brought us to this place in history. Now they have met their match with terrible resolve. As we have observed and are now beginning to experience.

Now the President has determined that the terrorists want Iraq for the purpose of launching their attacks on humanity. It’s questionable as to whether the President knows the difference between a patriot and a terrorists. It seems that the invading nations of a sovereign country like Iraq must be considered the terrorists. And the people of Iraq are the patriots because they are determined to expel the foreign occupiers from their nation.

What is occurring today because of the U.S. led invasion is closely related to Biblical revelations. It has to do with the end of our age. With the ancient city of Babylon, a little south of modern Baghdad near the modern city of Al-Hillah, Iraq. Which will reemerge, as a very great power in modern day Iraq.

Babylon is portrayed as … “BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF EARTH,” A woman, “drunk with the blood of the saints, and the blood of the martyrs of Jesus …,” Revelation 17:5-6.

The worlds attention is focused upon the Israel/Palestinian conflict. Despite the talk of peace in the region No lasting peace will occur because it is destined to be the region of conflict upon Israel during those days. As reported by God’s prophet, Zechariah. Who wrote, “Behold I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all peoples round about. When they shall be in siege against Judah (Israel) and against Jerusalem. And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all peoples,” Zechariah 12:2-3. After much human misery, unfolding before the world community, with far more to come. God will end this mayhem, …”all that burden themselves with it (God’s Israel and Jerusalem) shall be cut to pieces though all the nations of the earth be gathered together against it,” Zechariah 12:3.

“… woe, woe, woe unto the the inhabitants of the earth …,” Revelation 8:13.

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Spiraling cost at crisis proportions

The matter of spiraling cost of everyday living for the average citizen has reached crisis proportions. Driving down our purchasing power without any hope ever of inflationary adjustments due to rising prices.

Which is not the case for corporate America because daily, if necessary, they adjust prices upward in order to maintain profits. Not just reasonable profits, but in some incidences insidious profits. The nations economic system is the way it is because it serves the best interest of corporate America. As we know, the economics of corporate America is called capitalism. Capitalism has no regard for human life or welfare. Anywhere capitalism is practiced, human misery is its cousin. Capitalism will bleed the employee for every ounce of sweat possible for the sake of profits. When the human body breaks down from such toil, capitalists just dump the employee as a useless commodity. Human beings to corporate America capitalists represent a commodity, and are not any different from fuel used to power a machine. Everything to a capitalists is expendable.

The perfect example of this is the American war in Iraq. That war exemplifies American imperialism and capitalism. The twin children for the infliction of misery and suffering. Upon the people of Iraq, as well as the American people.

There the expendable commodity for corporate America is the American soldier. The American soldier must fight and die for the sake of corporate profits. Consider, DHB Industries, the maker of the armored bullet proof vest worn by American soldiers. There effectiveness was called into question by the military. Thousands of those vests were recalled as useless. The company has been served with numerous law suits.

Here is what is sinister about this company. Its founder and chief executive officer, David Brooks earned as much as 70 million dollars. Prior to the war he earned $525,000. in This according to the Institute for Policy Studies and United for a Fair Economy. For DHB Industries war is very profitable while life is very expendable. As Bob Dylan said, “You do not count the dead when GOD is on your side.”

The Institute for Policy Studies and United for a Fair Economy report that an Air Force airman would have to work 3,634 years to earn what another war monger profiteer made last year. Chief Executive Officer, Mr. George David of United Technologies earned eighty eight million dollars in a recent year. This company made the Comanche helicopters for the Army for a fifth of a century. The Pentagon shelled out nearly 7 billion dollars for that aircraft over that time span. According to the above source, the program has been terminated at the request of the U.S. Army. Seems like the good life is lived by those who profit from sorrow, misery, and death. And they do so without shame or embarrassment.

Is it any wonder that imperialistic America along with its twin sibling capitalism are anxious to continue the war in Iraq? The cause for war is imperialistic empire building and corporate profiteering. In order to survive imperialism must gobble up useful resources and assets of other countries. Capitalism is the science of exploitation. It thrives best when it can take advantage of the grief of others without concern for the consequences.

But for imperialist and corporate America, the death of the Iraqi people is of no consequence. Such belligerence toward the Iraqi people and the Muslim world will have consequences beyond the American expectation or imagination. America will become less safe and secure as we travel deeper into the 21 century. Americans traveling for abroad, will become increasingly more dangerous.

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The making of a President

The people of the United States are held captive by a corrupt political system. It is a political system that most know little about. Because the system covers it up, by referring to the United States as being a democracy. This corruptible and damnable political system is a governing system of oligarchy. Which is a political system where a few rule the many. It is a deadly system that speaks for the people without their consent. It is the peoples consent that makes for a democracy.

Here is how it recently expressed it self for the people without their consent. Obama captured 1766 delegates to Clinton’s 1639 As we all know, the presidential primary season has ended. But the democrats are without nominee. When the primary season ended earlier this week, neither Barack Obama or Hilliary Clinton had captured enough delegates to become parties nominee. The democratic party requires their presidential candidate to receive 2,118 delegates to capture its nomination.

On a democratic bases using one vote per person, Hillary Clinton captured, 13, 243, 919 votes. To Barack Obama’s, 13,104,492. That makes Clinton the winner.

But the Democratic National Committee, long time ago decided that they were not going to allow the popular voice or vote of the people determine an election.

Even when it denies them the White House. Which is why so little noise occurred, despite Gore winning the popular vote in 2000. This is an agreement the Republicans and Democrats have among themselves. The contesting party has to make some noise in order to convince the people that they were victimized. But not to much, so as to cause the people to riot in the streets. That could have serious consequences for the oligarchy. To prevent that, Gore said, that after the Supreme Court ruled against him. That it was necessary to concede the election to Bush for the sake of national unity. It was not for the sake of national unity, but for the sake of the oligarchical rule between the two parties.

This same scenario has played itself out again. This is how it worked this time. The party through its by laws established this undemocratic system. By allowing those within their oligarchy party, to have a second vote. They are known as *super delegates.* Most serve in the Congress now or have served in that capacity in the past. While some have served or now serve as state governors. Regardless of who they are they number 823. So after having voted in their state primary, and with neither candidate having reached that magic number of 2118. They are able to cast a second vote as a super delegate. That is what some of them have done. Four hundred twenty five super delegates voted for Obama giving him 2191 delegates and is now cast as the presumptive nominee. While Clinton received 282 votes from super delegates, giving her a total of 1914 votes. She is still shy the necessary votes under DNC rules to capture the nomination. Leaving 126 super delegates uncommitted, and even should she capture all 126 votes, she still would be shy the necessary vote necessary to contend for the nomination.

So what is a lady to do, when she captured the popular vote, but is denied her parties nomination. From a recent posting, it was suggested that she bolt from the party. And become a true peoples candidate, allowing the people to chose between herself and Obama or McCain. It is not going to occur because she a part of this oligarchy system of government.

All this noise, we have been hearing from Clinton, and her suporters, it is just that, noise to make the people think this is democracy at work. Democracy at work would allow the popular vote decide the nominee. One vote from each voter across the nation from whenever they what to hold their primary. It has something about states rights and is found in our Bill of Rights. “The powers not delegated to the United States by our Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people,” Article X. It is the peoples part that I like best. That is the theme of The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution itself and our Bill of Rights.

Here is another prime example of oligarchy at work. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a super delegate, worth two votes, has voted again for Obama. And used this reasoning, for casting his second vote. “Obama is a once in a generation leader who connects with the hopes and dreams of the American people. And will deliver the long overdue change, that our country desperately needs.”

This writer with a degree in political science thought it was the legislative branch that was responsible for fulfilling the American peoples dreams and hopes. That only occurs when the legislative branch governs with the peoples consent and not just in their name.

Of course the Senator knows that, he just does not practice what he advocates. It all political showman ship at the expense of the American people. Here is what the Senator was really saying. Welcome Barack Obama, as the oligarchy’s democratic presidential candidate.

This whole political system of oligarchy through whom the few govern the many needs needs to be dumped. If this does not occur , Americans worse fears will be realized.

Screaming headlines across the nations news outlets flashes these headlines. Biggest jump in unemployment rates in decades. This combined with gasoline expected to reach $6.00 a gallon within a year. Food shortages feared! Housing market slumps further with more foreclosures.

But we are not in a recessions, claims the Treasury Department. My take is that the American think we are in a serious recession.

It has been said that the only thing to be feared is fear itself. The smell of change, democratic change should fill the air. No government in our name because it must be by our consent. Oligarchy, the rule by the few over the many needs to placed in its grave. This writer clergyman is available to discuss the contents of this posting; including accommodating workshops. Please refer to the navigation link for contact information.

John McCain is right when he ridicules *the call for change* by Obama

Here we are closing in on the end of another work week. By weeks end the American work force will have earned less money than the previous week. Of course that is not unusual, for the American work force. Because wages are not adjusted for inflation, when the cost of gasoline or food prices increase, or when any other commodities spirals upward. The solution for many is to take a second or third job.

Wages could, and should be adjusted daily for inflation. So that the workers buying power, remains constant with inflation.The reason why wages are not adjusted for inflation daily. Is because it is not in the economic interest of the United States government, or the nations corporate conglomerates.

The American worker can not turn to the congress for help because we all know they are owned by corporate America. Members of congress do not write their own legislation. Instead lobbyists for corporate America write legislative bills for them. In return corporate America finances their election campaigns. Which is the primary reason, that the nation is in such an economic mess today. If it does not change, it will only get worse.

Of course, the American work force can not expect any help from the executive branch. Because, the executive branch, is completely under the domination of corporate America. The entire American government has no real legitimacy for the American work force. Because this United States government, is subordinate to influences that cares nothing about the health and welfare of the people.

Corporate America, every day adjusts its products to inflation. It’s the main reason why prices increase daily. Without any interference from the the executive branch or the congress. Despite these difficult times corporate America reports record earnings while the American work force reports record losses in earnings. Do you really think any of these wanna-be presidents is going to anything about such unfairness?

The American work force can not turn to the U.S. Supreme Court for redress of injury and expect relief. Because the court is the security blanket for corporate America. Remember the confirmation of Roberts as Chief Justice. He was the beneficiary of the largest expenditure of money by corporate America as a organized special interest group. They openly announced that Roberts would be a justice who would rule in favor of corporate interests. That of course equates to rulings adverse to the economic interest of the American work force.

Take the vote for Roberts confirmation in the U.S. Senate. In the senate the nation has 40 millionaires out of 100 senators. Six of those millionaires are women. Leaving 36 men in the senate as millionaires tending to the nations business. The governments domestic interest is largely about protecting the economic interest of their corporate benefactors. Who in return make sure senators become very wealthy. The United States Supreme Court protects the economic interest of all parties concerned. Except one, the millionaires of hard laboring Americans.

And it is not going to change because a new president will take office in January 2009. Republican candidate, John McCain is right when he ridicules the call for change by Obama. Asserting that his call for change is a throw back to typical every day democratic politics.

Life is tough for the rest of those U.S. Senators in Congress. Because they are forced to live on a meager annual salary of $169,300. Which is rather outrageous because the senate thinks a livable wage is $5.85 an hour.

That really helps us to appreciate the fairness of America. Where senators see themselves as entitled to be on the path to becoming millionaires. Because that is usually what occurs. That is why the senate is known as the millionaire club.

All that leaves this writer to conclude that change is urgent. Because the executive branch, congress, and the courts have abandoned the average American. A peoples revolution is needed!

We know the the American government will use force to crush opposition to its American interest anywhere in the world. Which includes opposition to their interest on our soil. America belongs to “We the People.” Our servants the government serve at the pleasure of the American people. It is said in the preamble of our constitution, “When in Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one person to dissolve the political bonds which have connected them with another….” In our history it became necessary to separate our bonds with England. Now it is time to separate those bonds with this current government. It will not be easy because elite aristocrats will mobilize to crush quickly any such attempts.

Some how the cart got turned around, and the people became the servants of those asses and elephants. It is time to put the cart in its rightful place. Making those asses, and elephants, our servants by pulling the cart of the peoples needs. The question is are, *We the People* up to the task?

Every presidential election cycle, Americans hope that the next president will bring about that separation of bonds. And in their own way, that is what those wanna-be presidents are talking about with their campaign rhetoric. Those bonds have not be broken in the past, nor will they be broken in the future. If anything, those bonds will only intensify their choke hold on a dying nation. Unless, *We the People* respond.

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A disgust for Sen. Kennedy as he assumes for himself what he denies the tax payers

Closure for the nations primaries is ending today. With Sen Kennedy buying a little more of life. After 3 1/2 hours of surgery for his malignant brain cancer. Making a public announcement that he is looking forward to campaigning for Obama’s run for the presidency.

Like most Senators in Congress, Kennedy is a millionaire many times over. Yet his medical expenses are a public expense absorbed by the tax paying public. Kennedy is one of a majority of senators who say that the government can not afford such coverage for the nations citizens. While passing legislation, to make sure that they have such medical coverage.

People like Kennedy, who pretend to be passionate about the nations needs are bold face hypocrites. It is about time such people are made to account for the harm they have caused many millions of Americans.

Kennedy, McCain, Clinton and Obama are self serving aristocrats who care little about the public interest.They only care about power and wealth at the publics expense. When if ever will the public wake up and put an end to this American game of charades.

What do any of the presidential hopefuls have in common with most Americans. Consider McCain, he earned more than six million last year and owning seven or more homes. Then we have Clinton, so wealthy that she has been able to invest millions into her campaign. Obama earned $4.2 million last year. Then there is the house worth $1.65 million. That he secured with the help of indicted Tony Rezko. The answer as to what these wanna-be presidents have in common with most Americans-Nothing!

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Quality of life dives South regardless of the next U.S. president

Most know that 30 members of the Democratic National Rules Committee gathered in Washington. And to their satisfaction resolved their problem of what to do with banned delegates from Florida and Michigan.

The work put fourth by the DNC in Washington. Does not matter at all when it comes to the quality of life most Americans can expect to experience. When a new President, takes office in January 2009. At best it will remain the same, but most likely our quality of live will take a further dive South.

The American oligarchy, rule by the many against the few, has decided that Barrack Obama will be the democratic nominee. At the moment it is just not official.

This indeed could be Hillary Clinton’s finest hour. If she would take advantage of this golden opportunity, by breaking all ties with the Democratic party. Taking her delegates and running as an independent Presidential candidate in November. She should do it because she wants to be President! But the few are not going to allow that to occur, so it is her only option. She should do it because she will never have this opportunity again. Then the voting public would have a choice between Clinton, Obama and McCain.

Could she win? Yes, if she made a clear and dynamic break with the democratic party. Advocating convincingly the points discussed in Saturdays posting. But realistically it is not going to occur, because she herself is a member of the few, who makes life more and more miserable for the many.

Voting! If it is Obama -v- McCain, I will vote for McCain, if it appears that the election becomes to close to call. For me that is a huge step because I despise every aspect of republican politics.

Clinton -v- McCain, my vote will go for Hillary, if the election is to close to call.

A Clinton, Obama ticket, my vote will follow McCain, if the election is to close to call. In actuality, I abhor Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama, and certainly not John McCain in the oval office. For all the reasons stated in the posting dated 31 May.

I am hoping Ralph Nader is on the ballot again here in Florida. So that I can vote for him again. Enjoyed being one of the one million voters, who were credited with denying the Democrats the White House in 2000. Many saw such votes as being wasted. I voted for Nader because I wanted to send the democrats a message. I am sick and tired of democratic politics as usual. Therefore, my vote was not wasted.

Now that Presidents Bush will be leaving office soon. It has been a great eight years. Because look at the mess the nation is in, and its not going to get any better. Until Americans wake up and have Venezuelan revolution.

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As a closing thought, Gore would have taken us to the same place that we find ourselves under the Bush government. He might have gotten the nation there a little sooner or later. Because the problem with America is an oligarchy political system, wearing the yoke of capitalism.