Clinton, Obama vs McCain ponds of *oligarchism* which is playing out on the world stage in the nations capital

During the course of human events, its history can teach valuable lessons. One such event is occurring in Washington, in the District of Columbia. As the Democratic National Committee struggles to find closure for its presidential nominee.

The other is a little more dated but it also offers a valuable lessons. It’s the current history of Venezuela and its President Hugo Chavez. Its about a president who offers the people a democracy separate from the perils of capitalism. Which is the opposite, of what is occurring today in our nations capital. When all is said and done, neither Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama will be the peoples presidential candidate. One of those two will oppose John McCain. Who is also, not a candidate of the people. Which ever one is to live in the Peoples House, will serve the interest of the few against the many.

Learn to revolt and create a Peoples Democratic government! Absent the rule by the many against the few! End capitalism oppressive slaughter of your finances!

As an introduction of contrast between the two, a short discussion about America’s failed marriage between democracy and capitalism is in order. From this spectacle, people can learn what will work to make democracy available here in the United States. Along with erasing the horrors of capitalism.

Many people think that democracy and capitalism are one and the same. That concept is not true. Democracy has an unique appeal because of what it has to offer the many outside of the oppressive rule of the few.

The United States operates under a political system of oligarchy rule. Under such a system a few families and their friends govern. They are hell bent on making sure that the *many never* experience the fruits of democracy. Three such fruits are freedom, fairness and economic justice.

Capitalism is the oil that lubricates oligarchism allowing it to survive and function as an oppressive machine for capitalism.

The people elect representatives to execute their business which must be based upon their consent. But in the halls of congress today, little legislation is produced that directly benefits the majority of citizens. A government that thinks that $5.85 is a fair, and livable wage, for so many does govern a democracy. All wage earners must have their wages pegged to inflation. Meaning wages must parallel the inflation index. How could such a scheme work, some might wonder? It is more complicated than this, but here is an elementary answer. The people will take control of their government. Forcing corporate conglomerate, capitalists to fund the peoples economic needs. Remember trillions of dollars exist for U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Let the people spend their money on themselves and not on the capitalist government.

A peoples government with the peoples consent would mandate that the working public by law must organize. Collectively bargaining with their employer for fair wages and an employment package of other benefits. Failure by a government to enact such fairness disqualifies itself from governing a democratic society.

A government that does not provide national health insurance for the people of the nation is unfit to be the peoples representatives.

Based upon the collective human need for such legislation. Most Americans would send their servants the elected representatives to enact such legislation. They would if they could, but capitalism is at the opposite end of the spectrum from democracy. Capitalism is a well oiled merciless killing machine. With no respect for human need or human dignity. The oil cans of this merciless killing machine with their vast wealth. Select and financially under write candidates who will legislate their agenda. Who today are in the personage of Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama and John McCain They will never include fair wages indexed to inflation. Allow for the kind of collective bargaining making the bargaining table fair for the many against the few. Despite the political rhetoric from this dismal three. The many will never see the kind national health insurance the few enjoy. Which of course is funded by the many for the few. It is time to make those asses and elephants pull the people in the cart of luxury for a change.

Actually the government at the national level and state level write few bills. The capitalists employ a huge work force to write legislation for them. They then walk the halls of congress *lobbying* the congress to pass their legislation. And of course the result of such behavior creates a great burden of unfairness upon the nations working citizens. Again, a government at any level that allows this practice is not fit to govern a dog kernel. Let alone a people desperate to enjoy ail the fruits of democracy.

You have heard it said that money is the root of all evil. For this discussion it is true, and the blame can be attributed to the United States Supreme Court. The court ruled that money is speech. And as such, speech is a protected right. That case was wrongly decided. Money in itself is always silent. Money is power. In the hands of politicians and it buys elections. Money is power not speech. Power is not protected by our constitution. Because the capitalist court ruled that money is speech, great disadvantages have rained down upon laboring America. A government that will not correct this unfairness contributes to the peoples oppression. Adding more proof of how the few cause pain and suffering for the many. Such scoundrels must be made to pay for their injustices upon the many.

Capitalism does not care about liberty, fairness, or economic justice. It’s all about profits. Pure capitalism will employ the harshest and most cruel forms of exploitation to churn out a penny of profit at the expense of the laboring public.

Hugo Chavez was discovered by the world in early 1972. He was involved in the violent coup to overthrow a democratic elected Venezuelan President. Which served the interest of the United States like so many governments. It failed and Hugo was imprisoned. His fellow officers, rallied again, to overthrow the government and free Hugo. That coup also failed, and Hugo Chavez spent two years in prison. As can be expected, the coup led by Chavez dealt with economic disparities between the slaughter houses of Venezuela. And the Venezuelan work force slaughter in those houses. By ruthless capitalist, who welcome death in their slaughter houses for the sake of profits. In what ever country that a capitalist economic system operates the beginning and the end is the same.

The first lesson concerning human events to be learned. Is that violence should not be employed when trying to overthrow the government.

A lesson Mr. Chavez learned because he made the transition from soldier to politician. He founded a political party known as the Movement of the Fifth Republic. He was elected President of Venezuela in 1998. He has been repeatedly reelected by the many. Despite the uproar from the few in Venezuela. Which resulted, in a United States government sponsored coup against President Chavez.

The second lesson from the history of human events. Is to learn that the successful overthrow of the government must be done at the ballot box.

Shortly into his second term in office using his executive privilege he signed into law a number of reform laws. By passing the National Assembly which catered to the nations capitalists and the United States machines of oligarchy. The enacted laws brought about land and oil reform. The intent was to empower the people with greater liberty and economic reform.

The capitalists in Venezuela called for a strike by the people to protest Hugo Chavez’s reforms. The strike failed! President Chavez had the overwhelming support of the people.

The next step in the capitalists agenda was to create a crisis in the currency of the nation. Which they could do, because they controlled the banking system. It’s a ploy capitalists use all over the world to control markets. And to keep people, in perpetual dependency on a corrupt economic system.

Resulting in yet another lesson from the history of human events. Which is that the nations banking system must be removed from the control of the capitalists.

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Cheaper gasoline at the pump just a revolution away

The purpose of this posting is to give some rationality to the notion for the death of God in America. The rational for God saying you religious fundamentalist are a pretty useless bunch. It has to do with the 7 golden lampstands. One which is like the Son of Man. And those 7 stars, in His right hand. Read Revelations declarations concerning the church, Revelation 1:20, and, 2:1-29, then, 3:1-19. Those scriptural references provide a historical outline of church history. God finds reason to praise the church. But he shows us our weaknesses as a church community. Adding some stern warnings for the church to correct its ways. Failure ultimately results with the influence of the church being extinguished. But one last plea with each rebuke is offered by God, “Those that have an ear, let them hear what the Spirit is saying unto the churches.” Perhaps at this juncture of our history there has never been a more urgent time to hear what the Spirit of God is saying unto the churches. Maybe the destiny of the United States depends on what the church hears, along with its response. For in all aspects the Son of Man, or Jesus Christ was, and is, the worlds foremost revolutionary. That is what the Spirit is saying unto the Churches. Practice the Christianity of Jesus Christ.

In a real sense which escapes far to many Americans, the death of God in America, represents the death of America. Future postings will provide more clarity to that statement.

Study the life of Christ, during his 33 years on this earth. Paying attention to the power of religion and state The two combined caused his execution. God is dead to those, who would attempt to combine religion and state to advance a self serving agenda. Christ was an agent for revolution. Which often flew in the face of religious, and state leaders. Those people, who see themselves as the master of societies destiny.

Christ always used his crayons to color outside of the lines of the picture to be colored. Resulting in an artistic declaration separating himself from the religious and state leaders. Always advocating for the cause of ordinary people. That is what Christians should be doing today. Advocating for causes that will benefit ordinary people. Demanding that the oil conglomerates sacrifice their billion dollar first quarter profits to drive down gasoline prices at the pump. Complete revision of the federal and state tax laws. Placing more of a tax responsibility upon corporate America. While reducing the tax burden, for the general population. Causes like the elimination of hunger and homelessness. A clean environment and universal health care. A livable wage for working people. The end of the unlawful occupation of Iraq. With the demand that the perpetrators of that war to account for their actions as war criminals. Which reaches beyond the White House, to the Congress.

For causing so much suffering, for so many American families. Because of the unnecessary deaths of the nations soldiers. Brave public servants from all branches of our military.

The Bush administration is guilty of depriving Americans of the funding for the causes just mentioned. One can quickly see that this would put the church outside the favor of the state, if the church practiced the revolutionary tactics of Jesus Christ.

Which of course, does not include one element of the church. That element is evangelical Christian fundamentalism or the religious right. They have decided to join the state. So as to use the state, as a vehicle to fulfill their agenda.

When this writer, in this posting criticizes religion or the church it is from the perspective fundamentalism Christianity, the religious right. It’s in reference to that group that got it its start at Plymouth Rock and spread westward. Called native Americans heathens because of their religious practices. Condoned the theft of the Native Americans land and property under the pretense of God’s will. Influenced the nations leaders to slaughter these Native Americans almost to the point of extinction.

It was the influence of religious fundamentalism that caused the enslavement of African Americans. Said they were less than human. The property of white people. Influenced society, and the nations elected leaders to look the other way. As they, at will lynched people of color for absurd reasons. Blew up church’s and shot civil right workers. In the name of God.

There influence is haunting the presidential hopes of Hillary Clinton. They have always seen women as the property of men. A gender that needs to be taken care of by their husbands. Incapable of functioning outside of the realm of their husbands protection. So ingrained in the nations consciousness is the inferiority of women compared to men. Resulting in many opposing her candidacy, based on the fact that she is a women.

A very long time ago Christian fundamentalism discovered that God had deserted them. They made that discovery when their prayers fell upon the deaf ears of God. Here are a few examples. Christian fundamentalism have hated Roe v Wade since 1973 when the court legislated Roe as the law of the land. They prayed and wept with great anguish for its reversal. When that did work they took to bombing reproductive health clinics and shooting people. Christian fundamentalism, the religious right with stained blood on their church. Discovered that bombings, and killings would not bring about the necessary changes. That created a profound dilemma which demanded a solution. The solution was the make over of Christian fundamentalism into a political entity of the religious right. From that platform, they found the method to integrate their agenda through control of the government. Since their deity had left Christian fundamentalism without a lampstand, they needed to become the state.

The state depends on the church to control the masses so that they do not overthrow the state. The best way to do that is to grant the church some concessions. Over the decades we have seen this unfold. Even more so today with school vouchers to religious schools. Tax payer monies to faith based programs. This relationship between church and state is working for the state, but not for Christian fundamentalism. They crave complete control of the government. More and more, we see Christian fundamentalists associated with the religious right holding local, state, and federal offices. They are impacting legislation at all levels of government.

Religious fundamentalism, the religious right has had hundred of years of reflection of unanswered prayers in America. The extinction of Native Americans, enslavement of African Americans. And other evils sponsored by the movement, the property of women as God’s special gift to men. While it appeared thorough, they always fell short of their complete conquests. When the desired results, through prayer did not occur Christian fundamentalism has always turned to more violence as their weapon of choice. They now know that violence is not the complete answer. In order to succeed they know that they need complete political control of the country.

The entire world got to see how they attempted to over power the government at every level. With their ridiculous and dangerous arguments. The country and the world got to see this through the Terri Schiavo tragedy a few years ago. They used the church as a house of prayer and a temple for the raising of money to demand the resurrection of a dead woman from her death through the state. They knew God was not going to return her to life. Even though they prayed for that to occur. They were forced to turn to the politicians and the courts and that failed. They railed and threatened the politicians and judges for their disobedience. Saying that people involved in removing her feeding tube were guilty of murder. The threat was taken serious enough for some to be provided police protection. The Schiavo saga is not over. Christian fundamentalist will make it a major issue for John McCain’s presidential hopes. They are not certain whether he is their pawn like President Bush. It will be an issue through out the country were ever a politician runs for office. Because Christian fundamentalism has made it self into a national power broker of influence for candidates seeking political office. Few politicians today are willing to take issue with their agenda. Which includes Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama. Christian fundamentalism learns from its defeats. They lost the Schiavo controversy. But they continue to condemn politicians, on both sides of the isle. Who fail to deliver the verdict they seek. Issues like the *right to die,* *stem cell research,” *reproductive choice* and *gun control* to name a few hot bed issues for the religious right. Major issues most Americans support but politicians will not touch because of the influence of the religious right. Those issues need to be answered by Clinton and Obama. McCain will remain silent. Because even if suspected of supporting any of those issues, they will doom his presidential hopes.

In many respects the religious right is the republican party which puts them at odds with Jesus Christ. And the republican party, or the religious right, is the whore for the nations corporate conglomerates. Together they are responsible for the dismal tail spin of a great nation headed for ruination. Unless the church wakes up and begins to practice the Christianity of Jesus Christ. Hoping to keep that lampstand burning bright for his universal causes.

Take careful to note of this closing argument. Because it is a hot bed issue for the religious right which they will never give up on achieving. The framers of the nations constitution knew what they were doing when they signed into law the separation of church and state. Christian fundamentalists, the religious right is at war with the framers of the constitution. Because it is the deepest thorn in the side of those who would impose their concept of God upon the nation and the world. A reason must exists as to why the leaders of a religion would want to make their religion the religion of the state. It’s because God has extinguished the flame from their golden lampstand. There is no correlation between Christian fundamentalism, the religious right, and the teachings of the Son of Man. Seven times they were told to change their ways or be cut of from God. They decided upon the latter. Their candle flame was snuffed out. That is why they turned to the absolute control of our government.

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A politician worth respecting

This writer, had a conversation with some people who were asking for a donation for a very good cause. I declined to donate any money. And said, that it was the government, who should be funding that good cause. Which drew the response, that the government could not afford to pay the cost of medical treatments. Which brought this writer to reply. That if the billions of dollars spent on a senseless and criminal war in Iraq could be diverted to the medical needs of Americans. Much pain and suffering could be avoided. And some of that money could be diverted to stem cell research which would benefit Americans, and people around the world.

For a change, it would be nice to see this government advocating a solution to crippling diseases. Rather than non existing weapons of mass destruction which was the pretext for going to war. Or the existing pretext of bringing democracy to Iraq and the region. Something the Iraqi people or the region is not seeking. And will reject, with great violence if necessary. Costing the the tax payers billions more while seeing thousands more American soldiers die.

That represents the politics of John McCain. Should his opponent be the Chicago or New York senator that will become their politics as well. They just will say it differently but the end results will be the same.

On the other hand, if one of these candidates really wants to become the darling of the American people. Here is their meal ticket to the White House. Make stem cell research the center piece of their first term. Promising to campaign against any congress person who opposes such federal funding. Such a President would have the immediate support of the majority of American voters.

Of course it would not hurt their image at home or abroad, if the next President, would pursue war crime indictments against President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

I know, and you know, neither is going to happen. First because the current crop of candidates are cut from the same piece of cloth as the current occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And the power structure of the nation would not allow neither to occur.

But then again, it could happen, if enough Americans really became angry and made it happen. I recently said something about commitment and sacrifice. That is exactly what would be necessary, big time.

Studs Terkle prize winning author and radio personality turned 96 today. He once said, “Ordinary people are capable of doing extraordinary things.”

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Reasons this American presidential election cycle is as unless as all the previous ones

A great evil is looming over the United States. It could make the dark ages look cheery and bright. It’s the religion of fundamental protestant evangelical Christianity or the religious right. The same people who put President Bush in the White House. And will put John McCain there, if they collectively decide to support him.

They see themselves as the messengers of God. A people with some rather twisted religious doctrines. Just several will be discussed with this posting. With all of them being discussed in a brief manner.

First the religious right is primary responsible for many of the troubles America is encountering today. With one of the main culprits being capitalism. The religious right is the modern day extension of puritan Christianity that plagued and terrorized so many at the inception of this nation. They laid the foundation for the economic theory of capitalism in this country.

The proponents of capitalism assert that profit for the nations elite occurs because of the mysterious hand of God working in the market place. Nothing could be further from the truth. Because, God had nothing to do with their market place exploitation of the working public. The elite were made rich through the brutal sub-human working and living conditions of laboring Americans.

Americas labor unions provided laboring Americans with the economics necessary for many to escape their sub-human living and working conditions. Causing economist to classify these people as middle class Americans. But when people live from paycheck to paycheck, they are all still very poor. The extension of credit has made many feel they are more prosperous then they really are.

For over two hundred years, puritan capitalism has ravaged this nation and the world community. That era of history is ending. Its doom was launched when the Muslim world attack the United States 9/11 2001. Each succeeding year the sheering of economic difficulties has plundered laboring peoples economic survival to ground zero. Laboring people are being strangled to death by the destroyed housing market. Along with the daily rising of gasoline prices with no end in sight. And with the outrageous rising food prices. While the elite, in these industries continue to prosper. With the oil conglomerates showing record profits again for the first quarter of this year. And it will continue, for the next three quarters of this year. Unless the American people put an end to such elitist exploitation of their money and social welfare.

In order for capitalism growth and survival three forces are necessary. The rich or elite depend on religion as the glue that holds their power together. In America, that religion is puritan protestant evangelical Christianity. This religion of the religion right holds sway over millions of Americans. There leaders than in collaboration with the nations corporate conglomerates put together a government. From time to time, these three bicker among each other. But their differences are always smooth over because each knows that their independent survival depends on the collective survival of the other.

Think of that in terms of the office of the presidency, the congress and the courts and you gain insight into why nothing really changes for laboring Americans.

It is time for Americans to put an end to this calamity of suffering and do away with this American system of exploitation. It is done through the preaching of the gospel as touched upon in the two previous postings.

Next on the list of twisted religious doctrines of the religious right. Is that they see themselves, as having the responsibility to take their religion to the four corners of the world. With all the fruits of deception discussed above and without respect for culture or custom. Any religion that disrespects the customs and cultures of any people is not Christ based. Our Christian duty is to preach the gospel as noted in Revelation 14:6. When a person embraces Christ, and experiences his life changing power. Forbidden biblical customs of their culture will be eliminated with new birth miracle of all things becoming new and old things passing away, 2 Corinthians 5:17.

Where they have disrespected the customs and cultures of a people, they reap havoc and chaos. Take for example, the genocide of Native Americans. The forced slavery of African Americans. Where customs and culture were set aside by force. Because the customs, and culture were considered subversive to the interest of Christianity, capitalism and the U.S. government.

It works best when religious zealots can combine their efforts with corporate and government complicity. Which is the nations history, and most definitely is occurring all across the country today and around the world. But its economic power and influence is losing its global grip, as Americans begin to experience its economic pinch.

Since the inception of this country the religious right, or protestant evangelical fundamentalists has distorted scripture. They have seen themselves as the moral arm of the state. Their sole aim is to proselyte by persuasion or force which in itself is a form of torture. This is done in order to gain converts to their hard line religious fundamentalism. Often they employ scare tactics of eternal life in heaven, as opposed to spending eternity in hell. That is the proselytizing by persuasion which is the mention form of torture. Both doctrines are erroneous and have been discussed in previous postings. Leaving no need for reiteration. Other than to say, such doctrines keep the bank accounts of these churches operating in the black. Fear of the unknown sells well. Especially when a way is declared to the escaping of hell.

It also helps these churches to escape the responsibility of teaching the ethics and liberation doctrines emphasized by Jesus. As he demanded economic, and social equality. As a consequence of the gospel being preached to the community of people, with its accompanying new birth experience.

For the religious right, tolerance can not exist outside of their world view of Biblical interpretation. An example would be the Salem Witch Hunts. Every behavior is judged by a their religious standards. One of their most dangerous scriptural edicts is found in Matthew 7:15, “Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravening wolves.” That encompasses all customs and cultures that are outside of their very narrow theological mind set. That includes many Christian denominations!!! The wolf is a very magnificent beautiful creature. One that looks harmless, but is capable of sudden destruction. To the religious right the wolf is symbolic of the Devil and demoniac possession. So all people, as individuals or groups who perform good deeds to better humanity. But do not perform those good deeds, by their religious standards. They are servants of Satan, and possessed by a demon. They just are not aware of this demonic possession. That is the task of the religious right. To deliver individuals and the nation from the grip of Satan. Using such scriptural tactics has caused great division among protestant Christianity. Leaving the Church splintered and powerless to confront the Churches real enemies. This constitutes, yet another series of their twisted religious doctrines.

The religious right has a standard by which they measure good works either by individuals or organizations. It’s found in, Luke 6:43-45, a good tree brings forth good fruit not bad fruit. Verse 44, ” every tree is known by its own fruit….” Verse 45, ” A good man out of the treasure of his heart, brings forth that which is good; and an evil man, out of the evil treasure of his heart, brings forth that which is evil; for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.”

From the religious right perspective, here are some examples of behaviors either by individuals or organizations that do not bear good fruit. The United Nations, The World Council of Churches, Muslim Federations, Jewish Federations which must be differentiated from the state of Israel. Abortion providers and gay organizations, of course. Along with all the people who seek their services. Not to be left out is the United States Government!!! Which is why the religious right works so hard to put one of their candidates in the White House. Candidates like President Bush, who identifies, and attempts to perpetuate the agenda of the religious right. With one of their ministers serving as his spiritual adviser.The list is endless for organizations and individuals who bare rotten fruit by the standards of the religious right. No matter how desirable the end results might be. They can not ultimately bare of good fruit. They are “Wolves” in Sheep’s clothing made clear in verse forty five. It is accurate to say that they will not bare good fruit. But they are not the ravening wolves Jesus discussed. The ravening wolves in sheep’s clothing are religions like Islam. Pretending to be divinely inspired by the very God of Jesus Christ. Islam is not alone in this category. Any religion, that denies the life changing experience through Jesus Christ is a member that exclusive club.

In order to simplify Biblical doctrines which allow for works to bare good fruit. Fruits acceptable to the religious right. They must emerge from the embracement of the fundamental evangelical protestant conservative Biblical doctrines. Often espoused by independent churches; along with many Baptist Churches.

To be a member of the religious right you pretty much have to be very dispensational in your theology. Dispensational theologians and their followers see the world divided into seven dispensations of time. They believe the world is now near the end of time. The return of Christ is eminent and could occur today. To them the hour is so urgent. They must fulfill their mission of proselytizing the world community to their religious belief system. While handing the world community, to corporate conglomerates, and the American government for the trio’s exploitation.

It is the goal of the religious right to influence the domestic and foreign policies of our government so as to hasten the fulfillment of certain prophecies. Only adding to the difficulties and suffering of the American public. All because of another series of twisted religious doctrines by the religious right.

Generally, they offer offenders (sinners) the opportunity to repent. When that does not work, they have used brutal barbaric force. How else would one describe the experiences of Native Americans, African Americans and the victims of the Salem witch hunts. Sure it’s history that can not be repeated in this modern era; some may argue. But other tactics are available. Persuasion and torture can take upon itself different forms. One form of such violence can be verbal. Verbal violence has one aim. That aim is to persuade gently if possible. If necessary, verbal violence escalates to absolute humiliation. That represents torture because the goal is to destroy the individual or group psychic. That has been one tactic used by the religious right. They attempt to persuade using all forms of communication available to spread the influence of their world view. If that does not work, the next step is to employ force. Their use of force has been the use of bombings and shootings. Not an unknown tactic of the religious right.

Perhaps as destructive as any form of force and torture the religious right employs. Is the labeling of behaviors that violates their religious dogmas. We all know something about destructive labeling. Labels like “baby killers,” “whore,” “faggot,” “liberals,” “unamerican,” “do gooders.”and that list also goes on….

The hour is urgent for the religious right. Christ is about to return. The country is mostly in the hands of the ungodly. Proof is the very people the religious right put in office failed them through the Terri Schiavo episode. If readers recall that seemingly distant history serves as a demonstrate of their determination, power and influence. Thought they lost, they managed to make their cause an international issue through various news outlets. Their power and influence is seen through out felt in every state government and the federal government. As they oppose stem cell research, universal health care, labor unions, global warming and many other causes the would benefit the American public.

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