A godless child makes for a godless nation

A strong, and authoritative police presences is necessary in order to protect students from each other. Including teachers and school administrators. Public schools have become similar to prison lock downs. Used as means to keep students contained within the school campus. And to keep the public locked out from entering public school campuses. There is a silent fear that some *sicko* might enter the school premises and go on a killing spree.

Not just the public schools, but the American society as a whole seems to have lost its moral footing. Ever wonder why? This posting will address the cause of our fall morally. Addressing the means for moral restoration for America, also.

Where is this public school scenario playing out? Most likely in any public school through out the United States. But in particular, the public schools in Tampa, Florida and surrounding communities. All these schools are governed by the Hillsborough County School District, based in Tampa. The chairperson for the district is Jennifer Faliero. Serving as her chief operating officer is Superintendent, MaryEllen Elia. At the helm of each school is a principle. Ultimately these principles are responsible to Elia and Faliero. Together they operate a multi-billion dollar industry. Which academically is poor, when compared with other school districts across the nation. Furthermore they can not provide a violent free environment in the schools they manage. As was discussed, in the previous posting. Where this writer discussed some of his encounters with the public school system. Along with a published report on school violence in the St. Petersburg Times.

So who is at fault for this gruesome arena of poor academics and violence plaguing our public schools? Is it the ineptness of Faliero, Elia and their school principles? Is it the result of race and social economic issues? The answer is an astounding yes! But it is far more complex, than an astounding yes. The factual answer is nestled in a public school system that has turned away from God. For those of us who are Christians, it is our duty to return Jesus Christ and the Bible back into the public school system.

In order to do this we Christians will have to follow the admonishment found in Ephesians 6:10. “… be strong in the Lord, and the power of his might. In addition, understand that the battle will be fierce. There is a need for Christians in this battle to clothe themselves in the complete armor of God. Because Christians will be up against the best strategies that the devil can muster against us, Ephesians 6:11.

The struggle is not against flesh and blood any longer. Some strategies are now comfortably anchored within the schools principalities by anti-God legislation and court rulings. Forcing school boards and their subservient personnel within the public school or outside of the school to bow to secularism. This represents any source, or force attempting to returning God to the classroom.

The Word of God which is Jesus Christ, Revelation 19:13. Refers to this menace as, “… the rulers of the darkness of this world, (those who can not see the value Christ in the classroom) (even though the past demonstrates the value of Christ in the class room) against spiritual wickedness in high places, Ephesians 6:12. Christ considers opposition to a Bible curriculum in the public schools as, *spiritual wickedness in high places.* A forced Bible course for every student is not advocated, but rather an elective selection for students desiring such a course(s). It is wrong to force the Bible upon students, but it is just as wrong to deny students the opportunity for Bible study.

In the end a godless child makes for a godless nation. A nation doomed to social and economic peril. Unequivocally returning God to the class room will be a daunting task. In light of legislative and court rulings making God illegal in the the public schools. I am convinced that returning God to a place of honor and respect throughout our Hillsborough County School District must be done. Only a united Christendom can accomplish such a task. The question is are we up to such a task?

Need a speaker to address this dreadful dilemma of God outside of the class room? If not corrected the consequences will be more severe than those chronicled in the previous posting. Also student violence is guaranteed to become more violent in school. It will continue to spill over outside of school because what children do in school will carry over into every aspect of society. Requiring a stronger police presences wherever the public conducts its business. Please refer to the navigation link for contact information.

Calling police officers recource officers is tantamount to calling firemen water dispencers

If you do not have some association with the public school system, you may not be aware that some public schools are *war zones.* Places where student, faculty and administrators safety and well being are placed in jeopardy daily. At least that is the case in Hillsborough County, Florida. And this writer suspects that this scenario plays out the same way in schools across the nation, to a greater or lesser degree.

This writer is personally aware of one teacher being attacked twice by students. And another incident, where a student attacked a second teacher before she was removed from the school. One school principle was attacked by a group of students. These schools represent dangerous war zones. To such a degree that police officers are assigned to middle and high schools. This is a modern late twentieth century phenomenon which is only intensifying into this century. The police presences in our schools started out as a means to control the sale and use of illegal drugs. It has emerged to include a whole lot more. There presences today is necessary for the physical safety of everybody on the public school campus.

Since the inception of the public school system, many people have attended in complete safety. Schools where a police presence was unnecessary.

Things have gotten so bad that police have to protect students from each other. Along with protecting corresponding school personnel. While at the same time, making schools a virtue prison lock down. So that the public can not gain access. With the worse case scenario resulting with someone going on a killing spree.

One police officer reported to this writer that he had made ten felony arrest. Those arrest were based on students found carrying guns on school property. The officer also said that none of the weapons contained ammunition clips. Going on to say that he was thinking about wearing his bullet proof vest.

One female student told this writer that she had punched two teachers in the face. And said, that she would not hesitate to punch a third teacher. When I counseled her as to the possible future consequences, she just shrugged her shoulders. Saying you got to do what you got to do. She was already in a school. That isolated her, and many others like her from what school officials refer to as normal students. When I discussed this with a school administrator, I was told the following. These kids are not teachable because they do not want to learn. We warehouse them until they are of age. Then we kick them out of our schools. Resulting of course, with such students go on to prey upon an unsuspecting public.

In Tampa, Florida, where the School District of Hillsborough County is housed. There is some outrage among school board members. Because a couple of reporters, from the St. Petersburg Times. Published their findings about life in the counties public school system. They report that 405 fights among high school students occurred in the first semester. Those 405 fights were the fights reported to the school district. The public can rest assured that those 405 fights were just a slice of the real problem of fights on public school campuses. From my contacts, I would estimate that we are talking about many more hundreds of such occurrences.

Here is some of what the reporters published. Their published accounts feature violent incidences in North Tampa’s upscale Freedom high school. So you only imagine what its like in some of the other schools in the county. “A few hours earlier, a lunch time brawl had turned into a huge food fight. At least two school officials got hit with fists. Three students were arrested.”

Another incident they report about occurred over a fight. Which led to two students being arrested, after an administrator, was knocked to the ground.

In the other incident, “two female students got into it when one made a comment about the girls skirt being to short. As athletic director, Elijah Thomas tried to break them up, one of the girls jumped on his back, threw a punch and hit him,” Cobbe said.

The reporters asked, Linda Cobbe, district spokeswoman for the school district. Why so many fights? Cobbe said, there have not been any more fights than usual. It just that these brawls occurred at lunch time with hundreds of witnesses. As far as the 405 fights, Cobbe inferred, that most likely, county wide many more fights occurred than reported. Because certain school principals are conservative in their reporting. Which is *tantamount* to a cover up because obviously its an reflection on their administrative skills. Meaning it is equal to a confession that many more fights occur than are reported. With the danger to students and others being neglected.

Principals have no control over their student population. Which is the primary reason a police presence is required, on our public school campuses. But to make police protection less conspicuous, the police are referred to as resource officers. That is like calling firemen, water dispensers.

Obviously something is dramatically wrong with are public schools.

Need a speaker to address this dreadful dilemma facing society. If not corrected, it is guaranteed to get worse. And why not because what children do in school will eventually carry over into other aspects of society. To the point where a police presences will be necessary in grocery stores. Please refer to the navigation link for contact information.

Oil conglomerates profiteering and why it is so easy for them

Most Americans in the Tampa Bay community, and across the nation are experts at complaining about life’s circumstances that affect them in a negative manner. Again most, remain helpless when it comes to putting an end to those circumstances. This writer suspects that there are many factors for this national dilemma.

Certainly constant gratification by oil conglomerates for record breaking profits must rank high as a contributing factor. And incredibly low wages, for the nations work force. Which of course, makes it impossible to afford the price of gasoline. So how are many Americans putting gasoline into their cars and trucks? By using America’s favorite plastic, bank owned credit cards. With some economist warning, such a practice is sure to send the nation into that feared recession. Because users of those credit cards, are only making the minimum monthly payment. Incurring greater interest on the balance month after month. Until the credit market bottoms out following the consequences of the housing skid. The beginning of financially hard times have barely surfaced. When the credit market goes ‘belly up,’ that will bring the ‘second act’ of financial woes upon the American public.

Last year at this time the average cost of gasoline was around $2.11. So despite, the huge increases in the price of a gallon of regular gasoline $3.15 to $3.24. And expected gasoline to hit $4.00 a gallon by July. Then we can speculate how long will it take for gasoline to hit $5.00 for regular brands. All of which will stir complaining about Exxon Mobile profits. Along with their other oil partners in profiteering at the driving publics expense.

Nevertheless Americans, will still be willing, to put smiles on the faces of the oil conglomerates. While simple solutions are available to combat soaring gasoline prices, and the profiteering of the oil conglomerates. It’s a certain reality. Most Americans will not exercise the discipline necessary to halt rising gasoline prices. Exxon Mobile, and other oil conglomerates have nothing to fear from their profiteering from the American public.

The reason for this simple. Most people are about making noise. I call it the huff and puff syndrome. Meaning most people will puff a lot of noise (complaining) accompanied by very little puff (action). America’s elitist both in government, and business have long known about this syndrome for a very long time. It is the stalwart principle of capitalism. And it is found in one of the nations most sacred documents, the Declaration of Independence. It reads, “…, and accordingly all experiences hath shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed …”

It is a given, George W. Bush and his congress are huge flops at dealing with the nations economic crises. And John McCain, Hillary Clinton and especially Barack Obama will fare no better. Because they are wedded to the same special interest groups, along with the same ‘doldrum’ of a congress.

This writer is available to lecture on the source of America’s problems. While offering solutions, with how to implement them. Please refer to the navigation link for contact information.