Feeling the budget crunch it is because it takes $3 to buy what $1 bougth a year ago Why not implement the Christ solution

One more work day then another Saturday, which announces a 48 hour reprieve to recuperate from our employment struggles of the past week. It takes a lot of energy to survive this American existence when you know you are not paid a fair wage for your labor effort. Processing the knowledge that every dollar spent requires $3.00 more today than it bought a year ago. Meaning what a person bought for one dollar a year ago would cost $3 today. Which equates to a substantial loss in your annual income. Forcing many in our Tampa Bay community and the nation to survive on plastic. It’s estimate that the average credit card debt for Americans has never been higher. They say the average debt for users of plastic is $9,312. This writer discovered a family with a $7,000 credit card debt paying 30% interest on that debt. With some effort the interest on the debt was reduced to 20 percent. This writer suggested taking other steps to reduce the interest further. They are content to pay 20 percent interest with the card holders promise to consider additional reduction in interest later. Needless to say this writer was horrified at how easy it is to pacify American citizens.

Many American families think of themselves as being middle class. According to the experts, those people who determine how much money it takes families annually to be middle class starts at $25,000. Seems to this writer that single people earning $25,000 annually would not live on easy street. It’s pure nonsense for any economists to suggests that a family of four could live on that amount of money.

For many economists, it’s a given reality. Annually about 2 % fall from middle class to poverty or the poor class. Some say the test to really being middle class is the ability to survive financially with out a weekly pay check. If you can not, than your living in a state of poverty which means being poor. Seems to this writer that equates to a very small middle class.

When this writer talks to tired worn out people, who struggle to survive the American dream. It is often suggested that they take some time off just to rest. The reply is always the same. I need the weekly pay check to pay bills. For these people, secondary sources like savings accounts and investment have long been depleted. They openly state any unexpected occurrence would result in financial ruin. They assert that family members could not help them because they find themselves saddled with the same existence. A day did exist when families could rescue each other from the unfortunate events of life.

Another election cycle is upon the nation. This is a time when politicians know that its time to fire up the juices of the American voter. These magicians know that they must some how get the voters to stop focusing on their pocketbook and daily life concerns. So, the blame game starts. Once each party has a presidential candidate. Then our political parties start blaming the other party for the nations troubles.It is always the same rhetoric said differently every four years.

Leaving my residence gasoline in my area was eight cents cheaper than my return trip home. We all need relief at the gas pump. Here is a suggestion for relief at the gas pump. How about a suspension of the federal and state gas taxes permanently? The idea crossed my mind talking to people excited over the governments economic stimulus package. Especially excited are most over the prospect of receiving rebate checks in May. The problem is that all these fixes are temporary. None will provide permanent change. People are desperate! Gladly will most accept even temporary relief. It’s the age old tactic of the politician. Seems to rock most voters to sleep.Then when the election cycle ends the hammer to poverty will collapse upon many more Americans.

Here is a populists solution (meaning unamerican by government decree) Set the price of gas at some arbitrary figure meaning real low. Maybe a dollar a gallon! It can be adjusted up or down. We know that the price for a barrel of oil is not fixed by the United States government. The peoples congress (to bad the congress does serve as the euphemism suggests) would enact law obligating corporate oil to pay the difference so that gas can be sold to Americans; say for $1. a gallon. Making up the difference between the cost of a barrel of oil and the buck a gallon we pay at the pump. In plain language make the capitalists profiteers bite the bullet and not the American consumer. No reasonable person can accept a daily income of $150,000. as a fair wage for a days work these corporate conglomerate profiteers. It’s outrageous! Make big oil pay for their gluttony. It’s your America not the politicians who rock so many to sleep. Sleep walking is dangerous. Look what it has done to many bank accounts.

Many clergy present Christ as the meek suffering Saviour offering salvation to humanity which is true. But here is another picture of Christ that few talk about. He is the God of retribution and judgment. And his retributions and judgments are to be exercised now, in order to liberate the people. Jesus said, it has been done to you repeatedly, so it is pay back time. Jesus put it this way, You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns and figs of thistles, Matthew 7:16? Profits are represented by the grapes and figs. With the thorns and thistles representing a bankrupt workforce. Gutted by excessive greed and profits by the nations corporate conglomerates. The Christ economic solution is to put into play the law the prophets. Which is that whatever has been done unto you, do also unto them, Matthew 7:12. It is time for the colorfully dressed Pied Piper to play his musical pipe. And lure the rats once again to the river to drown.

Thia writer holds a degree in political theory making this writer knowledgeable on the economics of populism. Combined with his theological education with a major in the economics of Christ; workable solutions are available. While the above is simplistic, this writer is available to lecture on the substance of the theory. Please contact this writer through the navigation tab.

Making others wealthy is what the liberal progressive movement is about

In the United States we have a federal government that is not obedient to the public interest. This is not a new phenomenon by any means. Of course, the same is the case with our state and local governments.

Which has resulted in the birth of many liberal, and progressive organizations through out the country over the decades. They publish magazines, and host radio and television shows. They send speakers across the country on tour warning of pending doom if change is not forth coming. Go into any bookstore and you will find many books written by people associate with these liberal or progressive organization.

In their own way these organizations are profit driven organizations who for ever announce doctrines of doom and gloom. Here in the Tampa Bay community we have a local radio station, WMNF, 88.5 on your FM radio. They provide hours of liberal and progressive programing. They most likely have a membership of more than 10,000 people. These people donate millions of dollars in order to keep the station solvent. Most likely for many it just amounts to entertainment for its membership. But it also makes it a profitable and expanding business. For in the end, all that hollering about doom and gloom results in no change what so ever!

The same scenario can be painted for the thousands of other liberal and progressive organizations across the country. This writer appreciates the good information provided by all these organizations. If fault is to be found it is in the reality that these organizations only make noise. That noise does not result in much change. It seems that these organizations are in competition with each other. Subscribe to one of their publications. You are bound to be contacted by many liberal and progressive organization. They will be telling you how they provide the best information concerning the nations gloom and doom. The bottom line is for you to subscribe so the publication can be more successful. Your subscription will give you good information. But it will not change the nations landscape. For the most part liberals, and progressives are just a bunch of people who complain and gripe a lot. But your dollars help these organizations to become successful business enterprises. Which gives many, a reason to smile. Perhaps in the United States that is the purpose of liberalism and the progressive movement. That purpose being to entertain and become financially successful.

It’s not that the conservative movement is any better. They provide the same hype with the same results. Until the religious right, or evangelical Christian fundamentalism high jacked the movement. Turning the country into a social economic graveyard.

Evangelical Christian fundamentalism shares a common trait with Islam. Neither represent God’s gift to humanity. The former is mostly about economic oppression for the general population. While the latter is about legal oppression through Islamic law. What both have in common is that they will drag civilization back into the dark ages.

God’s gift to humanity arrived in the person of Jesus Christ. Who laid out a social economic spiritual platform for people. But people need to fight the establishment as Jesus did, if there is to be social, economic, and spiritual prosperity as promised. We the many, and not the few, were meant to be the benefactors. From the lineage of Joseph, through his sons Ephraim and Manasseh. Discussed in several recent postings.

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