Former President Clinton took a lot of heat for telling the truth

In South Carolina the feisty Democratic primary is over. With absolutely no surprises as to the outcome. As most know Obama, won with impressive numbers. He won because nearly half of the registered voters are black. According to exit polls 4 out of five blacks voted for Obama. While it was the opposite outcome, with white voters.

Former President Clinton took a lot of heat for telling the truth. According to most media accounts, he said the following.Telling crowds of people through out the state. That Obama was neither ready for the White House, nor as likely to be elected as his wife.

As could be expected, black voters were offended. Claiming that the former President’s comments were taken as a personal insult. Because they thought Clinton was suggesting, that Obama could not win because he was black. Which is true, and blacks need to be offended! Perhaps that will cause them to grow up!

The only problem that this writer has with, former President Clinton’s, comments is that he did not go far enough.

No one knows exactly what he was thinking when he made those statements. This writer is going to read between the lines. Attempting to determine what he might have liked to have said, but just could not bring himself to say it. Which represents just one problem the nation is plagued with. That problem is this horrible doctrine of “political correctness.” Meaning people are supposed to couch language, ideas and polices in ways that are not offensive.

Since this writer has no tolerance for political correctness. Here is how I feel about Sen.Barrack Obama’s candidacy. He seems to be a black of good character worthy of respect. But as a black person he is the exception and not the rule. The rule is as follows with some exceptions. Most blacks are irresponsible, and inferior in intellect, social graces at home, school, work and community. America’s blacks do not deserve to have a black person in the white house.

Because it is an honor to have a President represent your ethnicity, meaning shared origins and traditions. Based upon intellect, social graces at home, school, work, and community. America’s white community needs to work together to make sure that Hilary Clinton is the Democratic candidate in November.

I know she ruffles the feathers of many Democrats. It should be obvious that the candidate is going to be Clinton or Obama. She is the only person who has a shot at beating the Republican candidate.
On Tuesday, Democrats go to the poll to vote. Do not waste your vote on former Sen.John Edwards. He knows he will not be the candidate in November. His contribution, as are any of the other candidates, is that of spoiler. For example, if Hilary had taken Edwards 25 % of the white vote. Or even as little as 15%. Obama’s margin of victory would have been in the range of 55% to Clinton’s 52%-42%. From this writer’s perspective, Hilary Clinton knows she won the South Carolina primary. Obama did not have a black candidate siphoning away his votes, as did Clinton. So Florida, make your vote count. As hopefully, the rest of the country will do on their primary day. Got friends living in those super states on Tuesday, 05 February, encourage them to vote for Hilary.

Will return to the unfolding of the last days of this age. In a strange way this posting fits into that scheme. Because it is a scheme about English speaking people who were white.

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Political change is in the air but will it matter

The writer of Ecclesiastes wrote “… there is no new thing under the sun.” Because, “the thing that has been is that which it shall be ; and that which is done is that which shall be done,” Ecclesiastes 1:9. Seems that what is out there is waiting to be rediscovered and reimplemented. For this posting refection and action are the tools required as the teeter-totter tilts back and forth.

This writer has often wondered what it will take to get the people of Tampa Bay, and the nation to tilt that teeter totter in the peoples favor. It will happen when enough people realize that our government nationally, and locally does not serve the best interest of us common folk. Our government whether seated in Washington or in our state capitals is a government for the few who are rich and powerful. Against the many who struggling to secure a fair living. Just reflect on the struggles of the people to secure social and economic justice in this country. Those struggles have been against the rich and powerful. Those people have always been content to allow misery and suffering to occur among the general population. This writer could list a litany of struggles. Better for the reader to use ones imagination in order to identify with a struggle meaningful to the reader. Then reflect on how the struggle was resolved. If your struggle is waiting for resolution, how do you propose to secure that resolution? According to the writer of Ecclesiastes, these struggles have always been with humanity. They just get recycled every millennium or so. In some instances its just returned sooner with a new appearance. The end result is the same social and economic injustice for the masses of people here in the Tampa Bay community and across the nation.

For those who have read the last several postings, you know that Christ expects his body of believers to effect change. Failure to effect that change will have serious consequences. You can click on the calendar dates of January 16,17 and the 18 to read those postings. For they set the tone for this posting. Another option is to read some of the corresponding scripture associated with those postings. To wit, Matthew 25:31-46, capture the magnitude of the living that took place among Christians between verses 31-46. With Matthew 25:40 being singularly about effecting change.

The following posting picks up with commentary surrounding some hindrances for change. Followed with a suggestion for broadening ones perspective for releasing the power of the body of believers. Especially the power and influence waiting to spill over from the ministerial ability of women.

With a conclusion posting that suggested that the Kingdom of God might have fewer occupants than expected. With corresponding scriptures from Matthew 19:23-24. Defining wealth not so much from a monetary perspective but from a failure not to do the work of Christ. Doing the work of Christ is not a suggestion; rather it is a commandment. That is what one should learn by reading the three postings and all of the associated scriptures.

Successful teeter tottering for the cause of Christ.

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Fabricating fear is good religious business

Those of us here on planet earth are most fortunate. Especially those of us here in the United States. Because, we have so many different and powerful Gods to chose from. Like mortal humans the immortal Gods also reproduce. For every birth of a God, we have the birth of a new religion. Like the creation of Christianity some two thousand years ago. Just consider how many Gods have been born as a result of that single birth alone. If one is curious just consult your telephone directory, and discover the long list of houses were a God may be found. Of course, the Gods are far to busy to be there themselves. So, they have anointed mortals to speak in their behalf.

In the catholic church we have the pope. The pope is the perfect incarnation of God in a mortal man; so we have been told. As such, the pope who has the ear of God, knows what is best for catholics and even non catholics. But a catholic by the name of Martin Luther, also had the ear of another God, who told him the pope had it all wrong. As spoke person for this God a new religion was born called the protestantism. Now this God was really sexually active procreating dozens of new Gods. If you doubt this just drive around your community. You will discover the results of those multiple births

Many other Gods exist who are not Christian. As a result of this, mortals have many different Gods to chose from. Most clerics representing some immortal God understands that their God has the perfect truth for all mortals. The puzzle for all clerics is why people can not understand this simple notion and chose their God?

Perhaps God is the figment of our imagination. Could the God notion be some preconceived concept for the control of the masses of people? The great multitude of mortals are very animalistic. Prone to inflicting great harm upon each other. One way to control this animalistic behavior is to create a system of superstition. Most mortals are very superstitious. Create a fear of the unknown weaved as the truth from God. Then you have a captive audience to perpetuated some preconceived God notion. The end result for many clerics is power and wealth. Fabricating fear is good religious business.

Readers might wonder where that leaves this writer clergyman. The short answer is as follows. This clergyman is devoted to the practical teachings of Jesus Christ. Christ taught that we should be charitable in our deeds. Our Christian deeds should be about making society fair for all people. Christians should work towards the elimination of pain and suffering. We should oppose evil and seek justice for the wronged and oppressed. Thomas in his gospel said that the kingdom of God is in us and all around us. It is not in some fairy tale fable conjured up by protestant Christian fundamentalism or the religious right to scare people into a belief system based upon fear and superstition which extends itself deep into America’s politics.

In conclusion, if people what to know the practical aspects of Christianity read the Gnostic Gospels. Many discoveries will be experienced like the role Mary played as chief strategists to Christ. This is in itself in sharp contrast to the role the church has relegated for women. Most religions, including Christianity, have suppressed the power and influence of women through out society.

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Appointment in Samarra, Iraq

A merchant in Baghdad sent his servant to the market. The servant returned, trembling and frightened. The servant told the merchant. I was jostled in the market, and turned around, and saw death.

Death made a threatening gesture, and I fled in terror. May I please borrow your horse? I can leave Baghdad and ride to Samarra, where death can not find me. (distance between Samarra and Baghdad about 60 miles)

The master lent his horse to the servant, who rode away to Samarra.

Later the merchant went to the market, and saw death in the crowd. Why did you threaten my servant, He asked?

Death replied, I did not threaten your servant. It was merely that I was surprised to see him in Baghdad, for I have an appointment with him tonight in Samarra. (Author unknown)

I, John, was standing on the beach, and saw a beast rise out of the sea. The beast was rather different in appearance. One distinguishing characteristic was that it had ten heads. It’s body parts resembled various vicious animals.

From my vantage point on the beach, the god’s of the world’s allowed me, John, to see the future. Behold it was George W. Bush! Stamped on each of his heads was the word “blasphemy” From his lion shaped mouth he roared for all to know. The powers of the bottomless pit corporate greed. And all the children, of Beelzebub the great prince of demons or evangelical Christian fundamentalism. Together they paid homage to me. Dubya went on to announce that God had empowered him to save the world for capitalistic economics. Finally, the mysterious hand of God would be free to work the world markets. The corporate dragons rejoiced. Equally enthusiastic were the great leaders of the religious right. They would be free to take their religion to the far corners of the globe. All would submit to the god demons of evangelical Christian fundamentalism.

Seeing all this John wondered about the stamped word on Dubya’s forehead. Suddenly he knew! Failure to accept American imperialism was a failure to accept America’s destiny to rule the world. Now death would follow those who practiced such blasphemy against America. It did not matter if you were in Samarra or Baghdad or Tehran, Iran. Your appointment with death will come. John shuttered with fear.

Another American was seen, and he revealed this to John. “Some say the world will end in fire, some in ice. From what I’ve tasted of desire, I hold with those who favor fire. But if it had to parish twice. I think I know enough of hate to know that for destruction ice is also great and would suffice. ” John smiled with sadness because he like this poet named Frost. But knew this politician named Bush was not good for America or the world. John feared that because of him the world might end in fire.

John had had enough for one day. But he could not help but wonder how many would keep their appointment with death tonight in Samarra. When will it be Tehran, wondered John?

One thing for certain George W, Bush’s reign of terror will end, Revelation 13:5.

Who really knows what Revelation 13 means? It could be Bush or anyone on the world stage now or later. We do know the the Bush presidency is a disaster at home and around the world. Whether one lives in the Tampa Bay area or elsewhere, the world is less safe. Maybe it’s the United States congress referenced by John in Revelation 13:4. Could it be that corporate America is the dragon. For we know our congress must worship corporate America to stay in power. So they worship the beast who is Bush because he has the support of the dragon.

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What President Bush did in Saudi Arabia ocurred by the deceptive artistry by the one who deceives the whole world

That Muslim nation, drowning in black gold, is in the news. Saudi Arabia is in the news because of President Bush’s announcement to sell the Saudis an impressive arms package. Costing the Saudis a little pocket change of about $120 million. All those coins in ones pockets must make it nearly impossible to stay afloat in that sea of oil.

With such an advanced weapon system. It is suppose to strengthen their resolve, and that of the other Gulf Arab states. To oppose the Iranian threat in the region and around the world, according to President Bush. The total cost for regional and global security is a mere 11.5 billion.

The real danger of such a weapons system is the potential threat to our only dependable ally in the region which is Israel.

Do you think that is what Jesus meant when he said, love your neighbors as you would love yourself, Mark 12:31? I think not! Instead, I favor John’s counsel when he said, “And that great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him,” Revelation 12:9.

No one with their collective sanity would arm their enemy with such a destructive arsenal of weapons and with such misguided assumptions. Saudi Arabia, and the other Gulf Arab states who practice the same religion as the Iranians which is Islam. Adhering to the same precepts of the Qur’an which is the annihilation of Israel, and the English speaking people of Great Britain and the United States.

Shortly this writer clergyman will be posting what the prophet Hosea saw as the demise of Israel (Judah) Great Britain (Ephraim) and the United States (Manasseh).

What President Bush announced today occurred by the deceptive artistry by the one who deceives the whole world. Remember Satan does not work alone. He has the able assistance of those angels exiled from heaven with him.

What is occurring on the world scene can only be understood from a Biblical perspective. It is important to understand that Judaism, Christianity and Islam will determine the outcome of our modern world. They provide a varied, and complex mixture of antagonism with each other, as forces under God’s influence. Islam is the bad egg in this trio. Therefore the world needs to understand that Islam presents the most eminent threat of the 21 century to global economic security. Their rag tag armies are capable of devastating the world economy. So far they have elected not to topple the world’s economy. Instead the have elected to move across the globe determined to bring one nation after another under Muslim control for their prophet Muhammad. That reality is rejected by the politicians of the Western world.

The only solution, then is for the body of believers, who are the church, in Christ. To mobilize their local congregations to fight this Islamic demon. Empowered by a whole host off fallen angels. Led by that great dragon that old serpent, called the Devil and Satan.

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