Benazir Bhutto and Satanic forces

As the world attempts to make sense out of the assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Through its hoards of media outlets around the world. Each attempting to grab a headline to capture readers attention. No matter what is said, the reality is this, Muslims represent a wild people. People obsessed with a natural preponderance for violence and oppression. The Solution: “shut down Muslim growth in your community, or Muslims will shut down your community. Note, “The Solution.” with additional tips being provided.

But first, this is the news the world needs to hear. And, what needs to take place. The linage connecting Islam with violence can be traced to the birth of Ishmael. The son of Abraham and his wife’s servant Hagar. This what is recorded about the father of Islam. “And he shall be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presences of all his brethren,” Genesis 16:12. Meaning where ever there is land on God’s green earth. There you will find “wild people” who can not get along with other Muslims or the rest of humanity.

“The Solution,” Master your Bible. The truth will set you free. “The Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us full of grace and truth,” John 1:14. And Jesus said,”You shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free,” John 8:32. John saw in his vision (Jesus) clothed in vestures dipped in blood; and his name is called The Word of God, Revelation 19:13.

Next, let us remember this is the 21 century. But it is not discernible in Pakistan. Or where ever Muslims mass in great numbers. The President of Pakistan, Pervas Musharrad, governs a Muslim Nation, as a practicing Muslim.

The Pakistani, Palestinian, European and American experiences should be convincing proof for acceptance of Genesis 16:12. For it is provokingly clear that Muslims are a danger to the entire world community.

The Solution: close down their mosques for they represent hide outs for their holy warriors. You will have to do it on your own because modern Western governments are wrapped in the doctrine of inclusiveness and multiculturalism that they call political correct. And what I call, one of the greatest master plans of deception ever masterminded by the “Devil.” Who has been described as the one who “deceives the nations,” as heralded in Revelation 12:9.

Do not believe in a real living Devil, who roams the earth causing violence masqueraded as mischief directed by a few misguided people. When heaven got rid of the Devil, heaven rejoiced, Revelation 12:10. And offered this warning to skeptics and scoffers, “woe onto the inhabitants of the earth,” Revelation 12:12. Not only is the tree bearing fruit, it is rotting.

On 18 December 2007, Britain’s Office of National Statistics, announced that Muhammad was the most popular boys name in the United Kingdom. This conclusion occurred because Jack the most popular name took a sharp nose dive while Muhammad steadily narrowed the gap between the two names in popularity.

This represented great news according holy warrior Abdel-Al. Who is associated with the Popular Resistance Committee dedicated to the destruction of Great Britain. Who announced that Islam is taking over Great Britain. And that someday Islam, will be apart every house in Europe. According to Abdel-Al, so powerful is Islam that Western crusaders will fall in submission to Islam. Therefore, a new day awaits Great Britain. When violence against the nation will no longer be necessary.

With this kind of rhetoric so prevalent in Great Britain for so long. One wonders what drugged the Brits into a state osmosis? Resulting in a consciousness allowing them to absorb Islam into their culture. Most likely the ideologies of political correctness.

What is “The Solution?” The answer is simple with a cure.

This state of osmosis is over taking the West because of its insistence upon inclusiveness of multiculturalism as being politically correct. Which, has been addressed above.

The cure is the rejection of governmental inclusiveness as being multiculturally sound. Here is what one presidential candidate said about Bhutto’s assassination. The United States, “will be steadfast in our desire to end the types of terrorist attacks that have blighted not just Pakistan but the rest of the world.” Most likely, the other nine presidential hopefuls in one way or another repeated the same message. There solution more war and political correctness. Which will, take America to its death.

America was Biblically founded, as readers know from previous postings. America rose to greatness because of its Judea-Christian heritage. It will only remain great as long as it adheres to that heritage. It is a heritage of tolerance not inclusiveness and political correctness. Big, big, real big difference!

Muslims will never accept the doctrine of tolerance under our Judea- Christian heritage. So America, and the West must reject Islam by any force necessary to preserve our culture. That is “The Solution.”

Something the 10 presidential candidates know little about. Except maybe one.

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“He that testifies to these things says surely I come quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all, Amen,” Revelation 22:20-21.

What this bunch of presidential candidates promise “work hard earn less”

“When you have better profit growth than wage growth, you tend to have windfall tax revenues,” Diane Swonk, Mesirow Financial. Which is, what primary presidential politics is all about. Regardless of the political rhetoric from candidates representing both parties. Not one of them is worth your vote. Send the candidates a shock wave. boycott the primaries! That is the way to get what you want, need and deserve. Of course, a boycott of a few will not be felt, but by the millions that will be felt. So start by convincing one friend at a time. Who will in return will duplicate the process.

How is it that what Diane Swonk says is possible?

Create millions of low paying jobs. Tampa Bay and the entire state of Florida leads the way; it is a fact. Employees holding such jobs pay federal tax’s. It’s one reason corporate America, and the Bush administration value the “guest worker program.” Slash employee benefit packages. Force greater production from employees, expand commerce, result greater profits. (Read more about PCP’s through search tab, click, December 22 2007, on calendar. Their additional insight will be gained as why some things will never change).

Gross benefit to U.S. and the administration of, George W. Bush, is individuals paid 11% more in federal tax’s while corporate America paid 19% more in taxes. The difference is, Corporate honchos get richer while American employees became poorer. Think about it only a 8% differential between those who make thousands and those who make hundreds of thousands of dollars. Something is serious out of balance with Americas tax system.

And, corporate America will take good care of their “lap dogs,” by making the millionaires. When these politicians and bureaucrats leave office and are consumed by the private sector. All at the expense of the American work force.

Is it time to make those donkeys and elephants pull the cart carrying “us” to economic equality. After all, American employees have been pulling the cart for those animals long enough.

Remember the American motto, work hard earn less!

This is a tale of woe through out Tampa Bay and the nation. The reason consumer spending is down is because the American people have less money to spend because of the above and not rising gas prices. Rising gas prices, as we all know, just makes the problem worse.

Have you ever noticed that no matter how bleak or bright the economy is; most American employees struggle to make ends meet.

The question is,what are the employees of America going to to do about this sorry state of affairs? We rule! it is just a matter of getting organized and determined.

Economic equality is a civil right! So make it happen, America. Stop believing these presidential candidates representing both parties. Nothing significant will change until we decide to change America. who make

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Do you recognize this sun of subsidiary planets

For the sake of story telling, truthful story telling, one often gets thrown to the Apes, Better understood by reading the postings, “What sort of a King do I seem to you to be O strangers”,(click 20 on calendar) and It is time to put the horse before the cart for to long the cart has pulled the horse.” (click 21)

For this posting, this writer needed an antagonist in order to challenge the protagonist.

The antagonist in this story is, Alice Weick, the nurse from Dubuque, Iowa, employed by Finely Hospital. And fired from her job, because she exercised two First Amendment guarantees under our Constitution; namely freedom to speak and assemble.

Nurse Weick was more than a skilled nurse providing excellent patient care. She was also the V.P. of the Service Employees International Union, local 199, hereafter, SEIU. In said capacity her union represented 300 nurses. They were seeking a modest pay increase. In addition they wanted clarification of the language in the contract to qualify “just cause” discipline. A union attack on the “Right to Work” clause. That many employees are forced to sign. It is a condition of their employment where “Right to Work” laws exist. Meaning employees can be fired at anytime for just or unjust cause. And at anytime without notice. Even after an exceptional work performance evaluation. (Now you know why its time to put the cart behind the horse).

Just as a story has an antagonist it also has a protagonist. This story has several protagonist. They are your employer or Corporate America, Federal and State governments. And Capitalism, because it is the Sun which provides energy, and life to its subsidiary planets as they circle the work place. With that energy they smash and crush all attempts for employee economic equality.

Each must be considered the enemy of employees everywhere. Because their goal is to minimize your standard of living. Every aspect of your standard of living from wages paid, hours worked, overtime pay, environmental and work place safety, health care, vacation and retirement. And perhaps the most important, the opportunity to enter into a written contract. Obligating the employer to address and satisfy employee interest in their standard of living agenda. (Now you know why some like the cart before the horse).

Many people think that it is settled law that nothing supersedes the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. In that, this posting is primarily about the First Amendment guarantee of “speech” and assembly.” One might ask, how could Nurse Weick lose her job? Easily, because it is only doctrine written on paper. Today, a doctrine not upheld by the courts. Why? Because it runs contrary to the tenets of Capitalism. Capitalism is about Production, Commerce, and Profits, hereafter, PCP. Anything that interferes with the nations PCP’s is absolutely secondary. Even if it is etched in the United States Constitution. And it is precisely what caused this writer to announce to his professor (posting “It is time to put the horse before the cart for to long the cart has pulled the horse) that the United States Constitution is not worth the paper it is printed upon. A position this writer holds today simply because of the firing of Nurse Weick and many such other incidents.

The founding father’s of the nations sinister economic doctrine considered Capitalism to have its origins from none other than GOD. This GOD instructed humans to be “fruitful” “multiply” “subdue” and have “dominion,” Genesis 1:28. With that in mind, rest assured that there is nothing that Capitalist, and its subsidiary henchman fear more than the power of employee speech and assembly. Equally assured, these powers will do anything not to allow the PCP’s to be disturbed. So if God, established an economic structure to subdue your quest for economic equality. Then this GOD should be considered the enemy of all forced to be underlings to these powers. So why do so many people pledge their allegiance to such a GOD who has sentenced them to economic inequality?

Of course, God has not establishes an economic order to subdue our quest economic equality. Nor is God the enemy of the people. And, we should pledge our allegiance to God.

Christ constantly preached economic and social justice. For it is written, “Therefore, all things whatever you would that man should do to you, do you even so to them; for this is the law….,” Matthew 7:12. As noted, workers pictured as the cart, have been forced to pull the bigger, heavier and more powerful horse. Pictured as corporate conglomerates and government oppressors. Who give those conglomerates the authority to deny the people fair an economic justice.

In reality the workers represent the more powerful horse. Because there are more of us! It is just that we are splintered in pieces and left weak. Trampled upon by the united oppressors of social and economic justice. Who appear to be the powerful horse.

It is long been time for the workers to do unto the oppressors what they have done to us. Force them the “horse” to pull the “cart” For it is the law of God, Matthew 7:12! “I am come to send fire on the earth; what will I do, if it is already kindled”? Suppose you that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you NO! but rather division,” Luke 12:49 and 51.

What does all this mean. Simply you can not expect the “horse” who has enjoyed luxury and ease to share those benefits without a horrendous struggle.

Generally, I write a series of postings covering a theme. This series started on December 18 and continued each day through December 22, 2007. I did this because many are caught up with the next presidential campaigns seeking to represent their party in the 2008 election. With the focus of the postings suggesting that nothing will change. No matter which party occupies the White House, or as I like to think of it as the peoples house. This will be the case until the people act courageously with boldness. Or the masters will stay the same, and the cart will continue to pull the horse.

All these sinister forces work against the interest of working people through out Tampa Bay and the nation. They really need to be understood and replaced. If only this writer, had the money to give his full attention to the writing of some books. Because so much is left unsaid, with these postings, that needs to be put into print.

In the meantime this writer is available to lecture on such topics. As might be expected this writer clergyman, is always looking for a few revolutionaries to make the horse pull the cart. There are tactics to be learned by the few or the many. Kindling the fire of Luke 12:49 is truly an art.

And of course available write for your publication.

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The war on civility in Algiers mirrors the future of Islamic goals globally

Stretching across the airways, and print media is the news from North Africa of a deadly attack by Muslims. Killing at 67 people in a bombing in upscale districts of Algiers, according to various news wires.

These same news reports claim that no one has claimed responsibility. But they say it seems like the work of Muslims once known as the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat. Who have joined forces with another Muslim organization. Because they both share the same international goal. Which is to establish Islamic states and attack Westerners.

For this posting, let this be known. The civilized world is engaged in a new madness. As it combats the demons of Islam. This very badly needs to be understood. The new super powers on the block are Judaism, Christianity or Islam they will determine the outcomes of our modern wars. They provide a varied and complex mixture of antagonism with each other as powers under God. Islam is the rotten egg among this trio, Therefore the world needs to understand that Islam presents the most eminent threat of the 21 century to global economic security. With this being the bottom line. These rag tag armies of Muslims are capable of devastating the worlds economy today! Algiers is oil rich. Black gold is the worlds modern God. Think what would happen if oil production there was interrupted? So far they have elected not to topple the worlds economies. A slow economic death seems to be occurring anyway. Because of their ever present threat, which the West can not repel. It seems that this Islamic threat is content to move across the globe determined to bring one nation after another under Muslim control for their prophet Muhammad.

This reality is rejected by the politicians of the Western world. And unfortunately by most of the people who reside under their governance.

The only solution is for the body of believers who are the Church of Jesus Christ. To mobilize their, local congregations to fight these Islamic demons. Who are empowered by a whole host of fallen Angels. Watch for my series of postings on fallen angels. The first will occur with the next posting.

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He who testifiet to these things saith, surely, I come quickly, Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all, Amen, Revelation 22:20-21.