America the Magnificent

As a people, we are just a spec on the globe. Making up just five percent of the world population. Some of those little spec have had a lot of influence leading the world with 296 Nobel Prizes. To earn such an honor means the recipient made an out standing contribution not only to our American society but to our world community. Some were earned the field of literature, peace, economics, physiology, and medicine to name a few.

No nation grants more patents than the United States. We lead the world in the production energy sources electricity. And also in the areas of nuclear, and geothermal energy. But unfortunately we have fallen to third place in the production of solar and wind energy. Which we need because of the growing problem global warming. Which is the result human made pollution. Denied by our government for so long. But even the government is coming around to acknowledge we have a growing major problem which needs urgent attention. What seemed to wake up our politicians was proof that the polar bears of the North Pole are becoming endangered because of melting ice.

One of the major cause of global warming is the fact we Americans consume 25% of the worlds oil supply. As Americans, we need to encourage our politicians to built more railways. Take the lead back in solar and wind energy. One of the items I’m attempting to high light here is we as Americans have the brain power by virtue of our 296 Nobel Prize winners. As a nation, we also have the physical stamina by virtue of our Olympic accomplishments. One hundred two medals with 36 0f those medals being gold.

We also have the money with America being home to 371 billionaires worth a reported 1.1 trillion dollars. And the nation houses deep in its lockers at Fort Knox $157.88 billion in gold.

Whether its on the the global high way of the Internet, Americans travel there with more travelers than any other nation, 205,327,000, users. On conventional road ways we paved our country side with nearly 400 million miles. Travel by rail consumes 140,850 miles. Our 14,858 airports allows for easy travel around the nation and the globe. Again attesting to American ingenuity, and stamina.

We all know what really gets in the way of America solving its problems. It is the greed of corporate America who own the nation by virtue of owning our political system. Another problem, we as Americans need to solve.

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A concentrated effort will be given to Islam. Because Muslims represent the most imminent threat to global economic security. In addition, Muslims are responsible for the current global insecurity which will grow like an incurable cancer. Unless the world community, specifically the United States wakes up to save itself from this Islamic menace. Which will also be addressed by suggesting various steps that need to take place.

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