Is this what you want for your city Muslim controled city councils

Nestled five miles from downtown Detroit, Michigan, is a small town. Hamtramck, covers less the three square miles with a population of about 23,000 people. Tucked away within its municipality are five mosques. Its government is made up of a mayor and six council members. With one of those council members being a Muslim. But four Muslim’s candidates, are seeking election to the council at the next general election.

If they are victorious, Hamtramck could well be the first United States municipality to come under the governing control of Muslims. Giving them control of five out of six council seats. This is an election cycle really worth watching. Because it will give America, a glimpse for what the future holds for the nation. Then they could legislate laws requiring the citizens of Hamtramck to obey Islamic law. Even those residents who are not Muslims! Muslims are not required to honor our Constitutional requirement of separation of Church and State, for the very obvious reason. So buckle up America because our Nation is being remade in the image of Allah.

Hamtramck has already made history. When it became the first United States municipality, by city council ordinance. To allow the cities five mosques to broadcast calls for Muslim prayers five times daily over their loudspeakers. With the first call to occur at 6 AM and the last at 10 PM.

This should be a growing concern for Americans. Because Muslims are extremely assertive people, when it comes to the teachings of the Qur’an.

Target management in Minneapolis encountered Muslim employees who refused to handle pork. Another incident occurred were airport Muslim taxi drivers refuse customers who were in open possession of alcoholic beverages. Request have been made to have foot baths placed at taxi stations for Muslim drivers.

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