Why law protects the criminal in labor law.

Living in a world that requires people to craft a living from the sweat of their brow. For many an eight hour day is a thing of the past. People are working longer hours. In addition many are ‘hounded’ constantly to produce more of a particular product in less time.

Resulting in more emotional and physical strain. Which is resulting in soaring health care costs for the American work force. Then workers are experiencing the disappearance of employment benefit packages such as sick leave, vacations and health care just to name a few. This only makes the emotional and physical strain more harsh.

To make matters worse, employers are refusing to provide workers with just monetary compensation in order for workers to sustain the crunch of severe financial hardships. Which is the only way for workers to get the money that they deserve in order to stabilize emotional and physical deterioration.

That is only one side of the story. To compound the emotional and physical stress at work and the ill consequences. Many have to return home to confront another set of emotional and physical stresses. Making life not very pleasant for all to many.

We hear a lot about the bottom line. This is the bottom line. Many corporations are showing record profits year after year. Even major insurance companies which cry and get government endorsement for higher insurance rates; show record profits. The same is the case with for America’s utility companies. Then we have big oil with their booming profits. And the bottom line goes up, and up, and up again. Until it reaches the bank account of the American worker; then it spirals downward.

Here is the rest of the bottom line. The American work force is nothing more than a ‘commodity’ to be used and discarded to the trash can when worn out.

At this point readers should be experiencing one of two emotions. The need for a tissue to dry the tears. Or out rage because America is about profit and those who fall between the cracks; well it is their fault.

This writer holds that the latter is a criminal and should be punished. But that is difficult because American jurisprudence protects the criminal in employment law. Again its a about the bottom line. The government needs your tax dollars. And more of the bottom line: the worker produce or be dammed. From this writers perspective, to many workers are being dammed.

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Is it him, Sen. Barack Obama

It been reported that Obama is a Muslim. If true, having him in the Senate is bad enough. As President, horrifying! This writer thinks that America has no greater enemy than the Muslim community globally and especially here in in the states. Now the report is considered here say because his press office is taking the matter under advisement.

That is how history works. Some history makes the continuation of turmoil and war inevitable. Which will result in the world teetering on the brink of annihilation requiring divine intervention.

What do the scriptures have to say about all this turmoil and war? And what about the brinkmanship of the parties involved that will move the world towards ruin; requiring God’s intervention?

For instance, The Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel, 14 May 1948, is manifesting itself today.

Because that declaration reads,” …ERETZ-ISRAEL, the land of Israel, Palestine, was the birthplace of the Jewish people.

Here their spiritual, religious, and political identity was shaped. Here they first attained statehood, created cultural values of national, and universal significances and, gave the world the eternal Book of Books.

After being forcibly exiled from their land, the people kept faith with it through out their Dispersion, and never ceased to pray, and hope for their return to it, and for the restoration in it of their political freedom.

Impelled by this historic, and traditional attachment, Jews strove in every successive generation to re-establish themselves in their ancient homeland.

In recent decades they returned in their masses. Pioneers immigrants coming to Eretz-Israel in defiance of restrictive legislation and defenders. They made the deserts bloom, revived the Hebrew language. Built economy, and culture, loving peace. But knowing how to defend itself, bringing the blessings of progress to all country’s inhabitants, and aspiring towards independent statehood….

On the 29th November 1947, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution calling for the establishment of a Jewish State in Eretz-Israel. To take such steps as were necessary on their part for the implementation of that resolution. This recognition by the United Nations of the Jewish people to establish their state is irrevocable.


As a result of that resolution a small piece of land was given to Israel displacing Arabs living there. The implementation of that resolution makes peace in the Middle East impossible unless one side capitulates to the other. The other side is the Arab world who equally claim Palestine as there homeland by Divine providence. Absent of any Jews or Zionist influence.

With decades of conflict between the Jews, and the Arabs, flashed continually from the world’s news rooms. One element seems certain, the Israel, Arab conflict will intensify.

Peace will be foreign to the entire region. The only question is to what extent will peace escape the rest of the world. Which includes the USA, of course. What makes the United States exempt from suicide and car bombings? And even more sophisticated warfare. After all, America, is the premiere enemy. The country is populated with 800, or more Mosques which could provide intriguing hideouts for America’s enemies.

Although, many readers are skeptical about Biblical forecasting. Consider the following and watch for developments. A time of great suffering will be experienced by the people. Suffering that has never been matched in the history of the world. And no greater calamity will ever follow this occurrence. So great is the calamity that for the survival of humans, God must abruptly intervene because humans are on the verge destroying themselves, Matthew 24:21,21.

How far in the future will this historical penmanship impact modern history? Matthew does not say. Matthew left left signposts along the way. These signs should be taken as developments far worse the usual catastrophic experiences. Nations will rise up against nations (pestilences) resulting unusual shortages of basic necessities, emergence of stronger, (pestilences) and more deadly diseases; like a bubonic plague, earthquakes, “these are the beginning of sorrows,” Matthew 24:7,8.

And most startling, is the emergence of a charismatic person with unusual persuasive powers. Demanding that people receive a mark either on the right hand or on the forehead, Revelation 13:16. Without this mark no one will be able to buy or sell according to the following verse.

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Sen. McCain’s one excepton “Iran”

The drums of war, can you hear them? They are drumming the sounds of a reasoning for war. First a history, followed by creeping Shari’a in Europe, and within Muslim communities in the United States, Iranian lawlessness, closing with a sense of who we are as Jews and Christians.

Former CIA director, James Woolsey gives a brief history as to why war with Iran most likely will occur. The following is what he said as a participant in a conference, “New Conflict Paradigm for the Middle East.”

If we were to look at the world as a chessboard, and the Persians after all invented chess, and are very good at it. And if we were to think of Iran as a chess master, and look at its various pieces, I think we might characterize its nuclear weapons program as its queen. Its most lethal and most valued piece.

Other pieces on the board under the control of the chess masters in Tehran are Syria, which might rise to the level of a rook. Since it is in fact a nation state and various pawns: Hizbullah, Muqtada al-Sadr, Hamas and the others.

As one piece gets put into jeopardy, perhaps Muqtada al-Sadr a bit today, its played conservatively, then others move forward. Such as Hizbullah last summer. Which was a effort to protect the queen. I am convinced that we can not effectively deal with these individual chess pieces.

Thus negotiating with Syria over the Golden Heights, or with Hamas, and the Palestinian Authority over some political solution. That someday will be possible with the Palestinians is today in my judgement fanciful. Nor do I believe that the current Sunni concern over the Shiite nuclear program in Iran will lead to some sort of covert Saudi, Egyptian, American, Israeli modus vivendi to protect ourselves together against the Shi’a.

At this point it is to important to understand the meaning of the events of 1979. This was the key year of the modern explosion in fanaticism in this part of the world. And produced an intense increase of Saudi Wahabi fanaticism, as expressed in the madrasas of the Middle East and Pakistan as well as the sermons and mosques in the United States.

Little boys are being taught to dream of being suicide bombers in both Pakistani madrasas and in the West Bank with Wahabi oil money, and that money is a huge part of our problem.

I believe that although the Wahabis, al-Qaeda, and the Mullah’s regime Tehran are often lethally competitive with one another, they are often capable of unification. Those who say that these movements will never work together because of their ideology are precisely as correct as those who in the 1930’s said that the communists and the Nazis would never work together. They didn’t, until they did.

We need to take a seriously what people like Ahmadinejad and others say to their own followers. Hitler meant it when he said he wanted to exterminate the Jews. It was spelled out in Mein Kampf. They are not lying: they are stating their true objectives.


Secondly, we need clarity. We are accused of being “Islam-phoebes.” I think its fair to say “no, we are not, but we are not, but we are “theocrat’ phoebes’.” We should not let are sense of fairness lead to creeping Shari’a. It is beginning in Europe, and EVEN A BIT HERE IN THE UNITED STATES AMONG THE MUSLIM COMMUNITIES.

Thirdly, all people should obey the law. You do not get, in Michigan, to be a taxi driver, and turn down people with seeing eyes dogs as passengers because dogs are allegedly “unclean.”

We should not tolerate an Iranian nuclear weapons capability. John McCain has it right. The worst situation we can imagine in that part of the world is the need to use force against Iran in order to stop it from having nuclear weapons, and that one possibility is letting them have nuclear weapons.

In addition, if we are required to use force, we should use it decisively. Not some surgical strike on one, two or three facilities, but rather one that destroys the power of the Mullah regime. It is a shame that Israel did not, and the United States did not help, and participate in moving against Syria last summer when Hizbullah presented the opportunity. We should not pass up the opportunity to act decisively if we are forced to use force.

WE also need to decisively move away from the use of oil. New developments in batteries, and in genetic engineering of bio-catalysts are making that entirely feasible now. This would dry out the well from which our enemies are drinking, and deprive them of the resources used to undermine the free world.

Finally, we must not forget who we are. We as Jews, and Christians, and others are heirs to the rule of law tradition rooted in Judaism that is even more fundamental than democracy.

This identity is expressed in Thomas Jefferson’s sentence, which circles your head as you stand in front of his statue in Washington, DC: “I have sworn on the alter of the all mighty God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

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Dialgue with General Robert E. Lee

Most of us, I suspect have a collection of historical giants that in unusual ways touch our minds. Forcing us to study the depth of there legacy. For this writer one such person was distinguished civil war General Robert E. Lee. In particular his Battle field tactics and his position on slavery.

In a previous posting concerning General Lee, this writer imagined some subjects for conversation. With this posting, another topic for conversation presents itself for the General. He once said, “I can only say that I am nothing but a poor sinner, trusting in Christ alone for salvation.”

In the General we have a man of distinguished accomplishments on and off the battle field. History shows him as a practical person. A man who knew the art of reconciliation in the face of defeat. With this ability he moved on to some rather impressive accomplishments after the civil war. This despite his not freeing his own slaves or those of his father in law. He was known to have whipped at least one female slave.

Historians say he kept those slaves because he needed there labor to pay off the debts of his father in law. These same historians report that Lee rented these slaves to his neighbors; again for profit. Lee complained that the slaves demanded to be set free because they said they were was as free as the General himself.

Generally this is not the accepted behavior of a defeated warrior, so one would think. But it worked for Lee. United States Presidents like Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Dwight D. Eisenhower placed a picture of General Lee in the oval office. Praise for General Lee, even came from across the Atlantic, from Winston Churchill.

So why would a person like, General Robert E. Lee, a person of impressive accomplishments and admirers. Sense a need to declare himself a “a poor sinner,” trusting in Christ alone for salvation?” Especially a man known for his practicability and rationale. When it comes from a book, the Bible, which is a book of questionable reliability?

That will be the discussion for the next posting.

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A better America had General Robert E. Lee won

If Robert E. Lee, could put his feet on the floor after a good nights sleep on 19th. of January. He would do so to celebrate his two hundredth birthday. But the famous West Point graduate, and Commander of the Confederate Army, will not be able to do that, because he has been dead since, 12 October 1870.

People like General Lee, who manage to excel at what ever they attempt leave a legacy of history to be studied. For example, much can be learned from his battle field strategy and tactics. Because they were about getting the advantage over ones opponent when one is at a disadvantage. Great generals like Lee moved tactically to win while minimizing the loss of life.

If this writer, could sit down tomorrow. On his birthday, over coffee, and converse with the great General. Several topics would be addressed. First, I would seek direction as to how to apply his battle field strategies and tactics off the battlefield. Then I would ask him, how he managed to lose to an inferior general in battle field strategy and tactics at Gettysburg? Was it because General Ulysses Grants army was just overwhelmingly better equipped? Combined with God being on Grants side concerning slavery?

This writer would want that conversation because such a brilliant tactician would know how to best advance an activists cause strategically. Brilliance on the field is also applicable off the field; as is the converse. Lee would most likely concede that Grant’s Army had the advantage by being better equipped, but would he? In defeat, did Lee recognize that slavery was wrong?

Unfortunately, such a conversation can not occur. At least not as we the living converse. But General Lee can talk to us through the study of his life. Thus, allowing the student draw ones own conclusions. On the matter of slavery history seems fuzzy concerning Lee. This writer take is that Lee saw slavery as an abhorrent condition for the negro in the South. But that the freed slave, would be an inherent problem for the white community. Which seems to bare a sort of clairvoyance, on Lee’s part during his lifetime. Because the freed slave, became problematic for white America then and continues to this day. This is a topic that this writer will be addressing soon.

In the next posting this writer will continue his birthday dialogue with General Robert E. Lee.

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Why Christians…

should support President Bush at this time in our history. This is especially addressed to people who understand 2 Corinthians 5:17, “newness of life in Christ.” And because of our sensitivities to the doctrine of the “end times,” with its associated evils. With one of those evils being the Islamic religion.

Having said that, it should be noted that this writer did not vote for Bush in either of his bids for the White House. Furthermore, this writer does not believe he won either election without serious manipulation of the polling system. Readers should know that what is to follow has nothing to do with partisan politics.

The people should make sure that the politicians in Washington do not attempt to impeach President Bush. It would be to disruptive for the nation. Especially, at a time when the nation is subject to great peril. Impeaching this President, would serve the political expediency of the Democratic party. Beside being masters of deceit, politicians act out of political expediency. They do this, even if it harms the welfare of the people they are suppose to serve, an obligation, by law, that they have long forsaken. Their behavior is motivated by using special interest organizations (peace groups) (left leaning special interest groups) They are encouraged to do the following. Oppose the President’s new Iraqi policy and impeach the President. Then the Democrats can say they are acting at the bequest of their constituents.

A final thought about President Bush. This writer is not sure that the President lied to the nation concerning the reasons for going to war with Iraq. It is possible that Iraq presented the threat assessed to it by the administration. But had plenty of time to export those weapons to surrounding countries. It is all in the past now! This we know with certainty, as a result of Bush’s three wars, Afghanistan, Iraq, and terrorism. The world is now on the verge of experiencing calamities hence forth never encounter. This is what the President can expect to experience. Not only the President, but all of humanity. “… we shall all stand before the judgement seat of Christ… As i live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God. So then, every one of us shall give an account of himself to God,” Romans 14:10-12.

In that this a posting encouraging support for the President. Reasons needed to be asserted as to why the public should support Mr. Bush, as President and Commander and Chief. First and foremost it is the threat Iran creates for the United States and the world community. Iran is a focal point for the rallying of Muslim globally. Which includes the ever growing number of Muslims in the United States. This writer has posted several postings concerning this Muslim menace within and through out our nation. There is not a prominent Muslim cleric to my knowledge, who does not advocate the elimination of Jews and Christians. That command echos back to Allah’s prophet Muhammad, who said in 632, “I was ordered to fight all men until they say, there is no god but Allah.” The echo continues today from the voice of Osma bin Laden, who said,”I was ordered to fight the people until they say there is no god but Allah, and his prophet Muhammad.” With those words, what would cause any American to think, that Muslims in this country will not rise up, and fight for Allah, and Muhammad against non-Muslims? It is not a matter of if, but when!

Some how, some way, this Muslim problem needs to be addressed by President Bush. No matter how much the President might want to warn Muslims, in America, not to cross the line for Allah or Muhammad. Like they have around the world. He can not because the nation is clothed in this notion of political correctness. Muslim organizations would rise up, and condemn the President of being religiously intolerant. The art and science of being political correct can silence truth and advance evil.

To a very large extent this writer fears that the public is not aware of the dangers facing the country internally or globally. Much of this comes from the Muslim world which reaches need into America. Transition is time consuming giving the enemy more time to plan. Then execute its designs for the United States and the world community. Therefore, the nation needs to stay the course with President Bush.

As we all, know it is easy to find fault. President Bush surely can be faulted for his handling of our global conflicts. But when push comes to shove, its your fault and mine for the sorry state of affairs the nation is in. We are a government of the people and by the people. We just have not done a good job as governors; have we?

As always, whether readers agree with this writers assessment of Islam and its threat to America and the world. And whether to support President Bush with his newly formed Iraqi policy. Good judgements can only be made from the gathering of information resulting from research.

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Al-Qaeda premiere world power.

This is the last posting in this short series. If the reader has not read those postings, it might be helpful to read them. They may help the reader make some connection with what is to follow. To read them type, Islam and America, in the find link. Read it first, followed by, Emerging empire Al-Qaeda, followed by, A defeated America.

The United States is a nation in jeopardy in ways Americans may not suspect. With the culprit of this danger being the religion of Islam within the borders of the United States. From the January sixth posting, a study was discussed that indicated that Islam is one of the fastest growing religions in America. Mosques are doting the American landscape attracting astonishing growth in membership. Then a discussion followed suggesting that Islam is a emerging empire governed by Al-Qaeda. Powerful enough that it could replace the United States as the premiere world power.

Muslims associated, and committed to goals of Al-Qaeda, claim that such world dominance is possible without the use of nuclear weapons. Or even the sophistication of the world’s best equipped Army, the United States. They boldly site examples such as Afghanistan, Iraq, and Lebanon. Now Al-Qaeda, is determined to defeat the United States forces in Somalia. They have ordered Muslims from other countries to go Somalia, and retake the capital city of Mogadishu. Confident that they can succeed because they see foes like the Ethiopians being a proxy army for the United States that they have defeated on all fronts.

Around the globe, where ever a bullet is fired it is done by a proxy regime of the United States or by the United States itself. With these bullets being fired at Muslims! And these bullets, are killing non-combatants, as well as combatants.

A successful war strategy employed by Al-Qaeda is to fight in the most unconventional manner possible. Ships are not seen sailing the high seas. Troop movement for the most part goes undetected. Al-Qaeda is without an air force. In the truest term Al-Qaeda is a rag tag fighting force. And as such its not very impressive, just invincible.

A mighty global fighting force with so little in the way of modern military technology must be the envy the war planners in the nations capital.

So the question, must be asked? When will Al-Qaeda, order Muslims scattered through out America? Nicely hid among the growing number of Mosques, to engage in mujahideen martyrdom for Allah and his prophet Muhammad?

Can one imagine what kind of mayhem that will create through out the United States? It’s not a matter of if, but rather when! Think of our streets remotely resembling the streets of Palestine, Iraq, or even Israel. Seeing American troops engaged in war with an invisible foe. Scrabbling to maintain global dominance, and the booty from subservient countries. More than just a military defeat could be on the horizon for the United States, but economic collapse as well. And not just through out the money chambers of corporate America, but also, the already cash stretched bank accounts of working America.

Take it a step further, and understand that Islam is not a tolerant religion. Take upon yourself the study of Islam, and secure the proof for yourself. Today’s modern American woman will discover new meaning to gender discrimination. And think about forced conversions to Islam, in exchange for your life. Another possible experience for the non Muslim American public. Should the god fathers of the global Islamic power structures of Al-Qaeda succeed in honoring Allah and his prophet Muhammad.

Granted some of this is speculation, but that speculation is based upon real observable world events. Along with the punitive and archaic conditions Muslims encounter in Islamic states around the globe. And dare it be said, right here in the good old U.S.A.? By dress, custom, and life style!

Of course, what has been written by this writer falls outside of the parameters of political correctness. Neoliberalism has done a good job in shutting down reasoning and fact gathering. They have successfully programed to many Americans to think of logical reasoning to be the art and science of intolerance. It is not! It’s the foundation of good judgement.

Get the information, then draw your own conclusions. You will then be able to reach your own judgements. And it’ll be done by you, without respect to this writers opinions, or those belonging to any other writer.

By the way, be sure to put political correctness in the trash can, where it belongs. Having your own ideas, and opinions is very American. The only obligations, we have to opposing ideas is respect and politeness. In simple terms, to each their own. So, lace up those American thinking cords and be American. After all, you just might be a brick in a new foundation that could save our nation.

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A defeated America

When a country flexes its military muscle at a nation, it does so in the hope of expanding its regional and global influence. While at the same time, stuffing the mother land with much needed booty.

During the past three centuries the British, Russians, and the Americans emerged as dominant forces regionally and globally. O! how the mother lands profited. Doing so with out regard to the amount of blood spilt. They exploited countries under their sphere of dominance. Because their powerful armies, said they could! And whatever booty was there, well that naturally belonged to the conquerors. That was the price weaker countries had to pay their masters.

With time the British, and the Russians had to surrender their spoils militarily, and forsake their economic booty. Leaving the United States as the supreme military power. Able to go anywhere in the world in search of booty to stuff the coffers of the mother land.

Now we know that is exactly what the war with Iraq was about. Its sole purpose was two fold. Establish military dominance in the region which would secure its global dominance. And to enjoy, the booty of the Iraqi oil fields.

Perhaps what is transpiring in the region, now. Will be the last military hurrah for the United States. Eventually forced like the British, and the Russians, to surrender their military dominance. Leaving behind the rich booty of the Iraqi oil fields.

In the last posting a mention was made to an emerging empire which just might cripple the United States. This crippling could well leave the United States an impotent military power. Barely able to defend its self at home. Let alone continue with the booty from lands under its sphere of influence. But that is the subject matter for the next posting.

It might be helpful to read those postings which where published, the sixth and seventh. Type Islam and America, and Emerging empire Al-Qaeda, in the find link.

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Israelis dump old ways

and makes ready for war. Even though Israeli Minister of Strategic Affairs, went the old route. By asking the new, United Nations Secretary General, to expel Iran from the world body. Why? because of Iran’s constant threats to annihilate Israel. And Iran’s promise to ignore United nations sanctions. Because of its nuclear enrichment program.

Of course, Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s letter to Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, will not likely bring about the desired plea.The international body does not work that way. Their method for resolving differences, and conflicts, is to talk, and then talk some more.

But the Minister of Strategic Affairs, had to play the diplomatic game. Knowing full well that Iran is very serious in seeing Israel annihilated. And the Israelis, expect Iran to complete its nuclear enrichment program very soon. Which brings them one step closer to being able to make nuclear weapons.

This is the twenty first century. Most likely the Muslim world fails to understand that killing each other was a behavior from the dark ages. So in this century they still kill each other like flies on a wall. By machine gunning, car bombing, and by using any method at their disposal. They kill each other. Remember they just hung one of their own, who shared identical goals. Of course, that thug, as head of state murdered other Muslims.

And Muslims, want the world community to respect Islam. Islamics everywhere should be held in complete disrespect. And to be regarded as a people, with a religion to be feared collectively and individually.

The Israelis must perceive Islamics from that perspective. The Minister of Strategic Affairs said, that while the free world takes its time dealing with this threat. Israel will not take its time. Speaking in behalf of the state, he said, Israel will stand up against this threat alone, if necessary. Saying Israel should not have to because Islamics are putting the entire world in danger. Speaking specifically about Iran, the worlds greatest danger to peace and stability, will become even a greater threat if they are allowed to go nuclear. Suggesting Israel will attack Iran before they have the opportunity to go nuclear.

It is generally thought that the United States can convince Israel to show restraint. Now things are different. Through the ages, no other people has ever endured more attempts at annihilation than Israel. The Israelis are not going to allow the slightest possibility of another such attempt. They will, and must strike first because of the natural instinct for self preservation.

With the dumping of the old which allowed Israelis to experience near annihilation. They have taken up new ways. By making their nation strong, and capable of not experiencing another attempt at annihilation.

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Resolutions for the new year

For many, including this writer, new year resolutions are an annual ritual. Which is good, because most of us make resolutions that will impact us in a very personal way.

What is to follow is personal, and is not intended to be directed at any particular reader. However, if the reader finds it helpful and useful, drop me an email. I am also interested in suggestions readers have that might make my resolutions more effective.

All my resolutions, start with the following suppositions. I am the creation of God. Within this creation resides a spirit. My spirit is my connection to God and God’s connection to me. “… saith the Lord who stretched the heavens, and made the foundation of the earth, and formed the spirit within, Zechariah 12:1.

Other Biblical writers expand upon the notion of God’s creation and that spirit the dwells within. Paul wrote in, 1Corinthians 6:19, your body is the place where God resides. That body is because of God! You were bought with a price. Glorify God in your body and spirit, verse twenty.

Have you noticed the number of really fat people mingling around you. They are everywhere and growing in greater numbers. Without respect to age or gender. It has become a national epidemic. The federal government has issued alerts on obesity. School boards across the nation are issuing directive to modify school breakfast and lunch programs. Attempting to serve food with less fat, and more nutritional value. Instructing schools not to renew contracts with soft drink companies. Because of the high sugar content, and absent any nutritional value.

All that has provoke me to put at the top of my list the resolution for the requisite of a “firmer and more toned” body. My body is already firm and toned. I am just determined to take it to a higher level. I exercise by running, and pushing iron meaning lifting weighted dumb-bells. Along with full body stretches, and work on those ever so hard to control abdominal areas.

All that above stuff is ‘almost’ worthless without the proper diet. For this writer, it means a vegan vegetarian diet. It means eating food as close as possible to the purity of nature. Food for consumption must be free from known carcinogens. Read and study the labels on food products. It is a shocking experience to discover the poisons allowed in our foods.

Doing so will enhance the quality of life. Which is, as stated, is at the top of my resolution list. There are others, like the management of stress. But that is for another posting, maybe.

Good success with your resolutions. Maybe you will include exercise and diet some where on your resolution list.

Do you know that our stomachs are about one liter? Capable of expanding to three liters. Suggesting that life can be sustained on small amounts of food. And that the quality of sleep is disturbed by over eating and stress!

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