America Diseased by Corporate Conglomerates

What is to follow is the expression of a few thoughts. Which this writer could put in book form, if the resources for such a project were available. A book would have footnotes to support the premise. Readers will know what is to follow is factual, and true based upon observation, experience, and intuition.

In a democracy the government is suppose to be obedient to the will of the people. For decades, one administration after another has made such an supposition meaningless. One Congress after another has passed legislation. Later to be signed into law by the President. And in some incidences, confirmed by the United States Supreme Court.

All this has rendered the American people as subjects to an imperialist, militarist regime in the nation’s capital. We the people, have been selectively removed from the equation. Only to be replaced by the slickest criminals imaginable; the United States corporate conglomerates. They represent the money that has made the United States into an Imperialist state.

The end result of this, Republican Union, we call America. Based upon its Constitutional system of checks and balances. With the American people sitting at the helm as the single arbiter of the governments performance. All this has been rendered inconsequential by the nations corporate conglomerates. Now, these corporate conglomerates sit at the helm, as the nations arbiter of government performance.

Elected people that now make up this United States government pay tribute to corporate America. If they want to become office holders, and later if they want to retain their office. For those who doubt this premise, here is a little exercise. The nation is in an election cycle. Just note the amount of money national and state candidates generate from these corporate hoodlums. Generally the candidate who secures the largest contributions will be the person who wins the election. Then try to find successful political candidates who reject money from these corporate conglomerates. Searchers will be hard pressed to find successful candidates. The self test though is the best for doubters. Run for public office, and do more than just reject corporate money. Find fault with this new America with these corporate conglomerates at the nations helm. Such candidates will not have the slightest chance for victory. Because dirty money buys dirty politics, and such candidates will find themselves buried in the foulest of dirt.

All this was done without firing a bullet! Now is the time for Americans to unite and reclaim America. WE the people, must create our own revolution. A deadly revolution, without firing a bullet

It was not meant to be wishful thinking that for democracy to succeed the citizenry must be the sole arbiters of the governments performance. And not the power of money, and influence generated from America’s corporate conglomerates.

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A Different America

On Tuesday, 26 September 2006, the state of Florida announced that it has budgeted $32 million dollars to lure a California corporation to relocate to Florida. This is suppose to be a bonanza for the people of this state because this corporation by relocating here will create new jobs. One hundred eighty nine jobs over the next 10 years; some bonanza!

In that the state does not have any money. Other then what, we the people are forced to surrender in the form of far to many taxes. It would be helpful, if our self serving government would turn its attention to serving the needs of the people. Instead of of wealthy corporations. Who come to Florida because the state has one the lowest corporate tax structures of any state in the nation. And, because they can pay their employees less money by relocating to Florida. So, the bonanza is for The Torrey Pines Institute, and not the people.

This writer suspects that readers might have their own wish list as to how $32 million could be spent to help the people of this state. For this writer, here are a few wishes. It would be helpful if the state would reduce the sales tax, and reduce the tax on gasoline. Shift the tax burden away from the citizenry to the states corporate conglomerates

Everywhere this writer goes several themes keep being replayed. One of those recurring themes is the every increasing cost of health insurance. This new century has seen the cost of health insurance increase by 87 percent. While wages for that same period have increased by 18 percent. Thirty two million will not solve the health insurance crisis in Florida. It just demonstrates that the money is available. But Florida government is not about helping Floridians. It is about helping corporate conglomerates.

It is about time, we Floridians do away with this government, and install a government that serves the needs of the people.

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The American Horizon is Troubled

The United States Census Bureau statistics say that 37 million people live in poverty in the worlds richest country. That breaks down to one in every 12 residents. However some economists say those statistics are largely a government myth.

That is because the nations is stuck with at least 5 million unmotivated low achieving children. A million, or so single women who give birth to children. With at least a third of them being of school age. On top of that, at least a million divorces are granted in the United States every year. The spin off from all this results in many of these people being tossed into the poverty ring.

Some of these economists assert that this problem is temporary. School drop outs will wise up, and get an education, and find their way out of poverty. These teenage kids will marry, and become part of a two member family of income earners, as will the divorced women and the older women

This writer clergyman reads this stuff with interest because these reports are usually associated with some university or think tank study. And from this writer clergyman’s perspective, they are contrary to his experience. From this experience, few of these people ever find there way out of the ring of poverty. So, it is no myth! It is a national crisis and getting worse.

However, this writer came across some other information which said that the Bush administration is spending 8 billion dollars a month on the Iraqi war. And the bush administration, is always asking for more money for that war. As most Americans know the finances for this war comes from borrowed money. Money borrowed from foreign countries. In 2001, 30% of this debt was owned by foreigners. Today that has increased to 43%, and if Bush, and his Republican Congress gets their way the numbers will increase. With the Democrats granting their full support. This also is a national crisis and getting worse

Seems to this writer clergyman that we as Americans have two problem urgently in need of our attention.

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Wal-Mart and How it’s Done

This writer finds it astonishing that some newspapers placed on their front page in bold print “Wal*Mart drops drugs to $4.” Astonishing because so many ills plague the American people that are in need of front page exposure. Like economic equality for the American labor force.

For now, just a few thoughts concerning Wal*Mart. First, and foremost, this writer despises Wal*Mart for their gangster like profiteering. While refusing to pay their labor force a livable wage. When such proposals, manage to find their way on city council agenda’s, as was the case recently in Chicago, Illinois. Wal*Mart demanded the withdrawal of such a resolution that would make a livable wage law by 2010. They managed to succeed in Chicago because the corporation said that if such an resolution became law they would not build any more stores in Chicago. Bingo! the peoples elected servant. Democrat Mayor Daley’s had the resolution tabled. Democrat Richard Daley employed his first veto in his 17 years as Mayor against the working people of Chicago. The very people he says he serves. Worker’s at Wal*Mart, and such conglomerates would have had to pay their work force $10. per hour. In addition to $3. in a fringe package of benefits by 2110.

Valuable lessons can be learned from Wal*Mart perhaps the world’s most successful retailer. Apparently they approach manufactures, and tell them how much they will pay for certain products. Said manufactures naturally balk at such a process and refuse Wal*Mart. Only to go out of business because their competitors comply with Wal*Mart’s demands. So, what some companies do is shut down operations in the states, and open shop in China, India, and any number of other foreign countries.

For most readers, there is nothing new about such a strategy. It’s what the American labor force can learn from such an operation that deserves observation.

What can be said about Wal*Mart is that it best exemplifies what capitalism represents. Which is the accumulation wealth, with out any concern for the harm it may cause. Suggesting that the corporation has well defined goals, and is unified as to its executes of its goals. All tactics are on the table to be used to fulfill its mission. Geared for hurricane like destruction of anything, or anyone who gets in its way. This has allowed Wal*Mart to find many of its executives on the Forbes 400 list of billionaires. Wealth in the amount of 999 million no longer allows a pure capitalist access to that coveted Forbes listing.

The American labor force needs to model itself after its conquers. Developing well defined goals. A labor movement that is unified in seeing that the American worker gets their fair share of America’s economic wealth. This labor force must learn to move with category five hurricane precession destroying corporations and governments that would deny them their economic package.

The problem is that American work force is so splintered and unorganized as a movement. That it is almost laughable to think that the many could overwhelm the few in this economic struggle. The Wal*Marts who are the few. Compared to the many who are the American work force. We should be able to roll over them like a cyclone like storm surge. Because in economics, we learn from the Wal*Mart model, kindness does not work, but shear brutality gets the job done.

Perhaps someday a colorful humanists, and labor organizer like Joe Hill will step foreword. Who said on the eve of his execution, “do not mourn, organize!”

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A Roman Justice in American Courts

Justita, the Roman Goddess of Justice, the symbol of moral fairness is suppose to characterize American jurisprudence. Often found somewhere on the grounds of our courthouses. The ardent observer will sometimes find Justita in the nations court rooms. This writer has found her in the sacred chambers of some of the nations jurists. Usually Justita, is prominently placed in the judges chambers.

This writer has often wondered just what message, if any, the judge was attempting to convey. Especially, since justice in America most often is the result of hard fought battles. Which required a whole lot of effort, and sacrifice.

Is Justitia wearing a blindfold, symbolizing that moral fairness is what America is all about? And the nation’s courts are present to enforce the nation’s commitment to moral fairness.

She is bear breasted, carrying a sword, and scales. Why does she carry a double edged sword in her right hand? Does this suggest the power of judicial force to humble the might of the most powerful in America. In Justita’s, left hand she carries her scales. Could this symbolize the power of reason? From reason, the scales are tipped, signifying the strength or outcome of the case.

When this writer finds himself in the chambers of his holiness, or her honor, the time is never right to ask what Lady Justice symbolizes to the honorable court. Because this writer, usually finds himself in chambers. Some sacred tenet has been challenged that has been deemed unchallengeable.

So if sometime the question can be asked, an assumption is hoped for that the public’s humble advocate would be asked, how do you see Lady Justice? The reply would be simple. She would drop her blindfold and wink. Symbolizing her approval, for advancing American morality as she intended.

As for her bare breast, without question, symbolizing the innocence’s and purity of her cause. Cutting asunder with her sword all those who would impede her sense of justice. And that eventually the scales will dip in favor of those who deserve justice. She wears the blindfold because she is ashamed of justice denied in American courts. Winks at every small victory!

That is the analogy waiting to be delivered by this writer, clergyman, and peoples advocate.

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Pope Benedict, a Pope for all Seasons

In order to understand the controversy ushered in by Pope Benedict’s recent remarks. It is helpful to understand how it all started.

But first, in this writer’s last posting it was stated that the Pope’s comment concerning the Prophet Muhammad was intentional. He certainly knew that his transgression was unpardonable! Then the question was asked. Is this Pope attempting to return the world to its medieval past? With a final question, does this Pope see himself as a vehicle of Christ for ushering in the kingdom of God on earth?

This writer is convinced beyond any doubt that Pope Benedict’s insult to the Prophet Muhammad and Islam was designed to be a wake up call to the West and Christians in particular. He knew his comment would inflame Islamics worldwide. So, then was his intent to return the world to its medieval past? Short answer, no! Long answer, it could be far worse than anything experienced during medieval history. Ample commentary on this scenario will follow below, and in the days to come.

For those of us familiar with the late Oriana Fallaci, a hostile critic of Islam. A women under, 24/7, police guard for her unfavorable writings about Islam. Who shortly before her death from cancer, had a private audience with the Pope. The Pope then flew to Germany with the memory of that audience fresh in his mind. And the rest of the story is now history playing out on the world stage in a most vivid manner.

Then the final question is this Pope viewing himself as an agent of Christ for the Biblical establishment of God’s Kingdom on Earth? Of course only the Pope can answer that question. However, the Pope’s inflammatory comments will provide this clergyman with the opportunity to explore a favorite subject. The doctrine of Eschatology, or the demise of humanity as currently known. Also known, as the doctrine of future things. This will be done in conjunction with the Pope’s global journey and the reaction of the Muslim world.

Well, time to return to the beginning. And answer the question, how did all this start? It all started 4000 years ago with the birth of Abraham. Without question his impact on world history today is very much alive. Abraham’s first son was named Ishmael, Genesis 16:11. “He will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren,”verse 12. The child’s mother was Hagar, and she was promised that God would multiply her seed exponentially, verse 10. The Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam, a descended of Kedar who was one of the sons of Ishmael, Genesis 25:13. Today 22 nations in the Middle East and North Africa are practitioners of Islam. As are, thirty five other nations who make up the Islamic Conference. Most of these nations have Islamic governments. In the United States Islam is expected to become the nations second largest religion.

Some commentary is necessary for clarity concerning Ishmael who was to become a “wild man.” There is often a tendency to take a term, and exploit it in a incorrect manner. In this particular incidence it is a complement. It must be taken in context with the history of the time of Ishmael birth. History suggests that survival in those days was no easy task. That Ishmael, and his descendants would have to struggle to survive. To endure they would have to be a proud and noble people. Existence in the desert was no easy endeavor. Despite many challenges to obliterate them from within and from around them. They are with us today. Those traits of survival ingrained are the source of strength always resisting foreign domination. Which is what the expression “his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him.” And most significantly, the promise of God, “I will multiply your seed.” A reward for Hagar and her descendants from God who said, “I heard your afflictions, verse 11.” “You will dwell in the presence of all his brethren, verse 12,” our world community.

All that being said, does not mean the our world community, does not have real concerns about Islamic extremists. Those same concerns exist among our Muslim neighbors here and around the globe. It must be remembered the Christian religion is not free of extremism. Muslims and Christians together can defeat the evil in Islam and Christianity.

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Pope Benedict’s Agenda

It is often said that the generals are fighting the last war. Perhaps that is the situation today. Not just for generals, but politicians, academics, journalists, writers, and the vast majority of the population.

It might well be that many of these people see the problems of today through the lens of the Cold War era. However, with a slightly different twist. That twist being that the United States is alleged to be the only remaining super power. Therefore, it is America’s destiny to bring its values to the rest of the civilized world. Central to that conquest is Iran

Consider, George Bush’s, address today before the UN General Assembly. Where he directed some of his remarks to the Iranian people. He told the Iranian people that they have the right to determine their future. Suggesting that the best way to capture the future is through democracy. Bush went on to say that they deserve an economy that rewards their talents. Referring to capitalism, of course.

Bush then went on to attack Iranian, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as using their resources to fund terrorism, and extremism. But in spite of Tehran’s funding of terrorism, and the exporting of extremism. That along with suspected uranium enrichment for non peaceful purposes. Bush is hopeful that the United States, and the Europeans will be successful in pressuring their government to suspend uranium enrichment. Including the funding of terrorism and the exporting of extremism. All this is to culminate to a time in history when the Iranian people can live in freedom, according to Bush.

That is the lens most see the events on the world stage. Which has a degree of accuracy, but misses a renewed struggle emerging on the world horizon. That is the clash between Islam and Christianity. The reason for this oversight is simple. The politicians, generals, and all the others mentioned do not take religion seriously. One might conclude that their minds are frozen in the Cold War era. But Islamic clerics, and Christian theologians like Pope Benedict XV1, their minds are not frozen in the Cold War era. A “clash of civilizations” which dates back centuries is indeed under way.

It is this clergyman’s opinion that Pope Benedict’s insult of the Prophet Muhammad and Islam was intentional. This Pope most certainly knows that reverence for the Prophet is completely non negotiable. His words were so precise and to the point. Even though he was quoting the remarks of a Byzantine, Christian Emperor, Manuel 11 Paleologos, who said, “Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.”

What makes this argument convincing. Pope Benedict gave controversial Italian journalists, Oriana Fallaci, a private audience. She published a best seller in 2001. Which amounted to nothing more than pure denunciation of Islam. Her comments, “Muslims breed like rats,” and “the increasing presence of Muslims in Italy, and Europe is directly proportional to our loss of freedom.” Prior to her papal visit her inflammatory remarks resulted in her appearance in an Italian court. What makes this significant is the papal audience occurred just a short time before his recent controversial comment in Germany. All this put together with his open opposition of Turkey, an Islamic state, be coming a member of the European Union. One wonders just what Pope Benedict’s agenda is all about. Does this old man have visions of returning the world to its medieval past? Maybe he sees himself as the vehicle of ushering in Christ’s kingdom on earth.

In a later posting this writer will examine a possible papacy agenda.

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News from Cuba is good

As many know the 2/3 0f the world’s states composing the non aligned movement ended its summit in Havana, Cuba. They asserted that a swing in the global order is apparent. This according to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, is because the United States as an imperialistic state is in decline. They see the United States as being very vulnerable. Despite America’s spending billions annually on its troops deployment hammering the world militarily. But unable to succeed, in Afghanistan or Iraq or Lebanon.

It was a good for the world to see how impotent the United States is becoming.When Israel the United States stooge in the Middle East, could not prevail over Hezbollah. There defeat was accomplished in spite of Israeli acquisition of America’s most advanced weapons. The non aligned states also saw this as a victory over the United States.

They accused the United States as being responsible for the world’s problems emphasising global poverty and the lack of world peace.

Raul Castro summed up the summit’s feelings when he said, “To think that a social and economic order that has proven unsustainable could be maintained by force is simply an absurd idea.”

This is good news because this body which is demanding more influence through the United Nations might be able to pressure the United States government to bring democracy to America through economic and social justice. Which could occur, if the government would divert its war money designed to kill, to expenditures designed to promote life. UN Secretary General Hofi Annan agreed that his organization must become more responsive to the less powerful nations.

The United States rejected an invitation to attend the summit. Saying it would have no comment on any of the proceedings. Americans should condemn their government for refusal to attend a summit designed to end world conflict. Apparently the United States will send representatives to the other side of the globe to make war and create death. But will not travel 90 miles from its shores to make peace, and enhance life.

This writer with a degree also in political science is available to lecture on this subject matter. With an emphasis on how we as citizens can help advance the agenda of the non aligned states. Accepting engagements through out our Tampa Bay community, The Nation, and our global community. Available to write for your publication. Investors needed to expand this ministry. Please contact this writer through the navigation link.

Benedict Apologises

As many know the Pope quoted a 14th century Christian emperor, who said the following. “Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.”

From what we have experienced (9/11) and the conflict in Iraq both seem to testify to an element of truth to that medieval text that upset the Muslim world. To the point that some Muslim states have recalled their ambassadors from Rome. This prompted the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone to offer an apology in behalf of the Pope. Which was quickly rejected, by the Muslim world. They want a personal apology from Pope Benedict for the insult to the Prophet and Islam.

There is no question that religion of all flavors are at times very brutal. Here is what Samuel Clemens wrote. “So much blood has been shed by the church because of an omission from the Gospel: Ye shall be indifferent as to what your neighbors religion is. Not merely tolerant of it, but indifferent to it. Divinity is claimed by many religions; but no religion is great enough or divine enough to add that new law to its code.”

Well our United States Constitution with its Bill of Rights steps up, and provides the nation with such a law. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or the prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” known as the separation clause. That clause has been under attack by the nations religious zealots. It prohibits them from establishing a state religion. It gives Mr. Clemens everything he desired.

The world is seeing the emergence of a new war that will be more brutal than the cold war. Americans must preserve the separation clause or the nation under God will reek havoc on the Muslim world. Only to have such injustices returned with vengeance. The world does not need more blood shed in the name of God.

The Muslim world already views America as a religious state. This is what was recently said, “Some Americans, and not just U.S. Senators believe in what is on the back of the U.S. currency, “In God We Trust,” the reason is that they believe that God is an American, and stands for American values, and, therefore, the U.S. Military is not doing U.S. business but God’s business.”

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U.S. Constitution has a birthday, Sunday

“The present Constitution is the standard to which we are to cling. Under its banners, bona fide must we combat our political foes. Rejecting all changes, but through the channel itself provides for amendments,”Alexander Hamilton, 1802.

Sunday, 17 September 2006 is the 219th. anniversary of the signing of the Constitution by the nation’s founders.

Few really know that the U.S. Constitution is mostly an economic blueprint. Designed to create an elitists society. That is one reason the new nation thrived on the enslavement of a whole class of people. The purpose and function of slaves was to enrich the elite of the nation. Women had no role to play in this infant nation other then to bear children and serve their husbands. Human rights played no significant role in the young nation other then to protect white males.

As Hamilton wrote, “the Constitution is the standard to which we are to cling.” It is an amazing story that the Bill of Rights found there way into American Law. Along with the right for Americans to amend their Constitution. They are the only documents that our present elite society shows any respect. A trip done knowledge lane is worth the drive.

This writer is available to lecture on the battle that occurred to make the Bill of Rights apart of the nations highest law. Along with any other constitutional issues that might be of interest. Accepting engagements through out Tampa Bay, the Nation, and our Global Community. Available to write for your publication. Investors needed to expand this ministry. Please contact this writer through the navigation link.

Pope Benedict XV1-you got it all wrong

At the University of Regensburg, Germany, the Pope said that. “violence is incompatible with the nature of God, and the nature of the soul.” Of course, the opposite is God’s nature. Consider this, in the Old Testament, many passages speak of God’s wrath or violence against his own creation. Just to cite a couple of incidences familiar to many. What God did to Adam and Eve, no matter how you want to slice the cake, was an act of pure violence. Later on God, turned a human being into pillar of salt. Unless this writers perspective is twisted, that sure seemed like a violent act. God’s violent nature is carried over into the New Testament. If you need proof, read the book of Revelation. So it seems, violence is very compatible with the nature of God and Christians.

Little convincing should be necessary when it comes to the violent nature of the human soul. Watch a toddler playing with a teddy bear with a another toddler near. Eventually the toddler will turn his from what the child is doing, and attempt to take that teddy bear. It’s human nature even in infancy. As adults, we all know about the violent nature of human kind. Apparently, the Pope does not recognize these traits in Christians.

His Holiness was signaling out two specific groups. The Muslim, and the secular world community which to the Pope is a danger because they acknowledge allegiance to to neither Allah or Jesus. First, he was characterizing the Muslim religion which he sees as being fanatical. Therefore, a religion contrary to God’s nature.

The Pontiff made reference to a 14th. century Christian emperor who said that Prophet Muhammad had brought the world ” evil and inhuman” things. Such a comment brought an immediate response from the Muslim world. Some felt his comment signaled a return to the history of the Crusades. Other Muslim leaders saw the Pope’s comment as support for the “new Western wars under way in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Lebanon,”

Many in our global community do not understand the dynamics of what is emerging as a serious conflict between Islam and Christianity. For hundred of years the Christian community, has been able to contain Muslim influence within African and Middle Eastern States. That is changing quicker than the speed of light.

Primarily because Great Britain, and the United States. has always been engaged in Christianizing the world. The Christian world has never shown the Muslim world the respect they deserve; especially their religion. The Muslim world has had enough rough handedness. Dished out by Great Britain, and the United States as they interfered with their civil affairs. Over throwing governments, and establishing military bases on their soil. Equipping Israel with an arsenal of weapons that have embarrassed the Arab and Muslim states.

Perhaps the straw that broke the camels back is the refusal of the Christian Church to respect their religion. Certainly the Pope with his world stature as spokes person for the Christian church has deepened the divide between Christianity and Islam. Some in the Muslim world have said the Pope carries the same mindset as that “of the Crusades” which arose from the church view that Islam is the enemy. One such person was Ali Bardakoglu, head of the state run religious affairs directorate in Turkey.

The Pope’s second bone of contention centered around those of us who favor secular states free of religious bondage. Perhaps such states represent the best chance for world peace. Because people within those states are more inclined to demonstrate the proper respect for the Prophet Muhammad, and Islam. While at the same time, showing equal respect to Jesus and His church.

This writer is available to lecture on the above subject matter. Especially the role of Great Britain and the United States in religious (Bible) and secular history. Accepting engagements through out Tampa Bay, the Nation, and our Global Community. Available to write for your publication. Investors needed to expand this ministry. Please contact this writer through the navigation link.

News that should matter

This writer wonders how many people will be “suckered” into accepting Bush’s call that, “Americans need to unite behind the war effort.” He followed that statement by declaring, “The safety of America depends on the outcome of the battle in the streets of Baghdad.”

The Bush war in Iraq has taken so many twists and turns as to root cause for the conflict that it does not deserve additional commentary. Except for the reiteration of comments in an earlier posting. “America did not ask for this war,” Bush from the oval office, 11 Sept. 2006. “Arabs don’t fight out of despair; they’re willing to die only to liberate their lands whether in Iraq or Palestine.” Al Jazeera

The truth is America did ask for that war. Hopefully, no commentary is necessary to support that statement because the world press has clearly established the cause and purpose of the Iraqi war. Even the nations pathetic press was able to publish this American tragedy.

Our Federal government has billions of dollars to spend making war and over throwing governments. We the people need to find ways to make the government start spending money for the benefit of the American people. Following are several short examples. Our government has set up a special task force with the mission of bringing “Democracy” to Cuba. Which should be seen as a worn out lie, used by politicians of both parties to secure the support of the American public. The United States wants Cuba for the nations corporate conglomerates. Before President Fidel Castro, defeat the American puppet regime of Batista. American corporate conglomerates controlled 90% of Cuba’s mines, 80% of the nations utilities, 50% of the railway system, 40% of the sugar production — worth billions. These criminals did what they could to maintain their prosperity in Cuba. The managed to get the government to provide millions of dollars in military aid. Which included, planes and tanks, ships, and military training. All these professional gangsters expected in return was for Batista to keep the Cuban people in check. Along comes Castro, and he boots these corporate profiteers out of his country. And that is what, the Cuban embargo is all about. It amounts to nothing more than pay back for lost billions. Along with the hope, that by impoverishing a nations people they would revolt. Returning Cuba to American dominance of the late 1950’s.

Such behavior has harmed the Cuban and American people. It must come to an end. Are Americans up to the task of ending these human rights violation. Of course, predator’s of such criminal activity should stand trial before the world court. Yes, anything that deprives an American of prosperity is a violation of our human rights The guilty parties should be help accountable in a court of justice.

The second example, comes from the Congressional Research Service which reports that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have costs Americans $500 billion. That money was spent on establishing regional dominance militarily, and for securing the regions natural resources. Think what that money could have bought in the way of public services for the American people.

That last example, is an observation as to how these millions of dollars could benefit the American people. Most people have a wish list of some sort that they hope their government would help with. Just think in terms of your wish.

Teachers in Detroit, Michigan went on strike, 28 August 2006. The school board wanted them to accept a 5.5% reduction in pay. They settled their strike agreeing to a one year freeze. In the second and third years of the contract the teachers get a 1% raise, and in the last year they will get a 2.5 % raise.

Such meager pay increases is intolerable considering the importance of having an educated populace who will some day represent America’s interest. It is equally true that most Americans have interests that our national government needs to address in a more effective manner.

Remember that $500 billion diverted to the states could buy a lot of remedies for the American people. Like national health insurance for the 40 million Americans without health insurance. It could even help the states fund livable wage structures tied to inflation so that America’s work force gains economically instead of experiencing the converse. Which is what the teachers in Detroit are bound to experience, along with millions of other Americans.

Do not forget the billions spent on regime changes around the world. Including Cuba where more money is sure to be spent. Americans can have their cake and eat it too.

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Bush:Struggle for Civilization

“Arabs don’t fight out of despair; they’re willing to die only to liberate their lands, whether in Iraq or Palestine.”

“US war against Afghanistan is about oil, gas, and pipelines around the Caspian sea.”

“Israeli plans for military confrontation with Iran and Syria near completion.” sources: Al Jazeera

Three men shouting religious slogans as they attacked the US Embassy in Damascus, Syria. World Press

“America did not ask for this war, and every American wishes it were over. So do I. But the war is not over, and it will not be over until either we, or the extremists emerge victorious.” Bush from the Oval Office, 11 Sept 2006

Without a doubt what is happening in the Middle East is about oil and natural gas. But is far more complicated than just a struggle over the regions natural resources. It is more about whose GOD will dominant the world. This writer will be writing a lot more about this struggle. Because it is a struggle about religion, as much as it is about political dominance.

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How to make Crime Pay

If the shoe were on the other foot, what would happen? Meaning that if the circumstances were different the out come would also be very different. This is especially true for those who make up the nation’s elite. As opposed to ordinary Americans, doing the best they can to survive.

This posting will focus on a situation were crimes were committed over a 50 year period, but the offender(s) escape jail. Which of course would not be true for most Americans, if they committed comparable crimes. Some people can commit horrendous crimes against humanity. Perhaps they will be fined, but even then the fines will be small. But for the situation to be discussed, fines did not apply, rather a mere reprimand was handed out.

In America crime really pays if you are a part of America’s elite society. The rules are different for people who are apart of America’s elite society. That is because they write the rules. They then sit as judge and jury as who is to be punished with prison time, fined, or reprimanded. Do not be fooled by the few elitists who do draw prison sentences. Those people who represent America’s elite society understand that from time to time they must drop the heavy hammer on their own. It is done more for image than effect. Attempting to persuade society that the rules apply equally to everybody. In the end they will do what ever is necessary to protect each other. Even if they have to turn their evils against an innocent American people which they do repeatedly with impunity.

Readers should think of themselves as being responsible for comparable harm over a fifty year period. Then think about comparable punishment. Really, readers do not even have put themselves into comparable situations. All one has to do is visit a local court house.There they are sure to find an incident were the offender will be severely punished. In some cases the offense was not that serious. One might speculate that the punishment did not fit the crime. Often in America, the more removed one is from being “elite” the greater the punishment.

Perhaps some readers are not comfortable in criminal court. Then visit the sacred halls of the court rooms where civil proceedings occur. Observe how severely the judicial system punishes people for certain civil violations. There you will also discover how great the disparity in justice can be for people. The disparity is measured by distance removed one is from being “elite.”

Recently, a federal judge told seven major tobacco companies that they had violated federal racketeering statutes. She told these criminals that she was bound by the appeals court to impose punishments that were “forward looking and not punishment for past actions.” If that does not have the smell of ‘elitism,” what does? Where in the criminal code does can one find a law that dictates “forward looking remedies which excuse past behavior?” They do not exist, unless your pockets are lined with great wealth. Meaning this powerful tobacco industry of executive powerhouses are part of this damnable “elite” society. Where standards of justice are measured according to wealth.

In the end the average American citizen will never wear the shoes of “elitism.” Therefore, our American society will remain unfair with the skew of inequality growing greater every day.

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An Old Story Retold

Here in our Tampa Bay community local residents are still adjusting to the 12 % hike in their utilities bills effective, 01 January 2006, and they just got slammed with another 5% hike. Seventeen percent within twelve months is just plain outrageous!

The reality is that the cost of utilities will continue to rise as long as the public allows these outrageous hikes! What is happening in our Tampa Bay community is occurring elsewhere across the nation.These increases in utilities are the direct fault of the nations politicians, and very unfortunately, a lethargic citizenry. There is no remedy because most Americans have fallen asleep. Mentally and physically allowing the most destructive predatory economic system ever devised destroy them financially.

This is a concern for a predatory economic system like capitalism. How much economic damage will the public absorb before they revolt in mass? They known that there is a breaking point. History has taught this great economic evil that the people will revolt at sometime because of intolerable conditions.

Here is a brief example from a fire in 1871. That fire was known, “The Great Chicago Fire.” Chicago, was competing with Philadelphia, and New York City to be known as the garment, or clothing maker capital of the nation. The owners of a particular factory paid workers low wages, and worked them long hours. In order to prevent theft of their clothing they locked all doors. A fire broke out and workers could not escape. The fire spread, and lasted thirty six hours. The inferno of fire and heat devoured nearly four square miles in the well known loop of down town Chicago. More than three hundred people lost their lives. More than quarter of a million people lost their homes. That fire is considered one of the nations great “social” tragedies.

The city of Chicago was more interested in prosecuting organized crime. Then prosecuting criminally those responsible for so much death and property loss. Several years later there were some prosecutions for perjury. Seem shocking, well fast foreword to this century. Recall the miners who lost their lives mining coal in unsafe mines. No criminal prosecutions occurred because the owners took corrective measures to make the mines safe.

From that Chicago fire, a labor movement was launched. Workers formed unions who fought, and prevailed in securing safer working conditions. The work day was shortened, and wages were increased. They pressured the legislature to enact laws to criminalize owner negligence. The legislature of course resisted, but the people prevailed.

Capitalist have long memories while the citizenry do not. For the labor gains of the 19th. and 20th. centuries have mostly been lost. Never the less our modern day capitalists with their long memories. Fear that the nations oil crisis resulting in a 17% utility increases, and surging gasoline prices could trigger a revolt. They know when the public revolts their greed for profits are disturbed.

American Democracy, and Capitalism are inseparable evils. They will go to murderous extents to preserve profits. Sending Americans to die in the name of Democracy when it is really about oil. That is what the American struggle over the Middle East is all about. America needs that oil in order to drive down prices. They do not want a rebellion caused surging fuel prices.

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