The View from America

According to the Declaration of Independence, this new American government was about some self evident and unalienable rights Among those were life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. To the securing of those self evident and unalienable rights,…”Governments are instituted among men.”These men according to the Declaration of Independence,.. “deriving their just powers from the governed.” It was important to the people who drafted the Declaration of Independence that the citizens have some clear understandings about human nature. All governments whether republics, democracies, conservative, or liberal. All share a commonality, they are all corrupt and self serving. To that end they wrote,…”That when any government becomes destructive of those ends (self evident, unalienable rights) it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and institute new Government…” Equally important to the understanding of human nature. Was the realization that it would be easy for a few greedy and powerful few. To take control of the government and take it where it should not travel. The drafters of the Declaration of Independence attempted to create an alarm of warning. They wrote,…”and accordingly all experience hath shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

This current government made up of republicans and democrats are not representative of common Americans. Who are in need of public services that meet the civil rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Some of those civil rights, that result in making life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness what the drafters intended. Are surely found in a livable wage package that includes health, vacation, retirement. Wages should be indexed to the cost of living. Which is more like $20 per hour. Health care should be a government expense; totally. Vacation time should be long enough to make recuperation possible. Certainly, not less than four weeks annually. Retirement should be factored into the cost of living index.

Who is going to pay for this? Our government! This current government can spend millions per hour making war in places like Iraq. This current government spends hundreds of thousands of dollars per hour engaging in the over throw of governments. Governments like that of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

Are we as a people so conditioned into accepting government rhetoric that we have the best government ever devised? If that is an acceptable, public conclusion. Than the drafters of the Declaration of Independence were absolutely correct. People are more willing to suffer than to cast off the burdens that weigh them down,

We do not have the best government ever devised. We have the tools for creating the best government ever devised. It’s our birth right guaranteed by law. As Americans, we are commanded to alter, and abolish any government, that is not responsive to the dictates of the governed. Much work needs to be done! This American government serves the needs of the few very rich and powerful. It has been that way since the countries inception. The many serve the monetary needs of the few. It is time for a change.

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A propostion from 56 men

“… and accordingly all experience hath shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed…” The 56 signatories of the Declaration of Independence

The nations news papers constantly give credence to that mostly unnoticed phrase.

Evil takes upon itself many shapes and forms. Consider this, “Judge sides with insurer in fight over Katrina damage.” That is just one caption from one newspaper among thousands. Such adversity is common place to the social and economic needs of most Americans. Those kind of newspaper captions run the alphabet, A-Z. Just pick a letter like, “I” for insurance. Many things can be learned about the insurance industry. Despite natures catastrophic attacks, most of the insurance industry, is recording record profits. That is true for the entire industry. It does not matter if one is looking at health or car insurance. Profits are soaring in the industry. However, should you have the need to challenge an insurance claim in court. Well, expect a whole lot of “hassle,” and an adverse court ruling.

Staying with the letter “C.” Everybody knows that a contract is a biding agreement that can not be broken without severe penalty. That is unless you are a non living entity like a corporation. Then that non living entity has more rights than a real living breathing entity that we refer to as being human.

While studying law, this student dreaded the prospect of being required to take such courses as contract and business law. In the end they became cherished courses because they changed this writers perspective concerning economics.

That non living entity can walk into almost any court room, and tell that honorable jurists some fairy tale. And a whole industry, of hard working Americans have seen their wages and benefit packages sliced.

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Murder freely when connected with Power and Influence

The previous posting chronicled the fate of a restaurateur. Who has charged, and prosecuted for manslaughter, by the state for killing a man who robed him. The restaurateur operated a small business that had the capacity to serve customers at eight tables. The owner did not have the power of a board of directors with connections and support from the state to protect him.

The young mother expecting her second child who was robed of her life by a hospital, but the killer in this chronicle is well insulated from any punishment.

What do these two chronicles have in common? The restaurateur, just an ordinary guy trying to earn a buck. The young mother, just an ordinary woman wanting nothing more than to be a mother for the second time. The restaurateur prosecuted for being an ordinary guy without power and influence. And of course, mother, and her husband unable to experience justice in criminal prosecution because of power and influence.

A young women goes into pre-term labor. She is rushed to the hospital at around noon and is pronounced dead by 3 PM.

In order to make a long chronicle short. She was given a dangerous drug. A dose four times stronger than required. The drug killed her, and the hospital was responsible for her murder.

When such occurrences happen, by law the hospital must report such incidences.

The family, of the mother of a two year old daughter, now deceased, will be denied justice because there will be no criminal prosecution. Instead the mothers murder was turned over to a state administrative agency.

Not only will there not be any criminal prosecution for wrongful death, the hospital was not even fined!!! The reason the state administrative agency provided for not fining the hospital. The state said, the hospital has implemented corrective measures; thus avoiding such murders in the future. At least one person was placed on administrative leave. But the hospital said, they expect people on administrative leave to return to work. Because no intentional wrong was discovered, by those associated with her murder. The young mother who leaves behind a husband, and a two year old daughter were told that her murder was an error.

One or more people associated with that hospital should have been charge and prosecuted for manslaughter. Manslaughter is define by Blacks Law Dictionary as an unlawful killing of a another person without malice aforethought.

Most certainly, the young husband will sue the hospital for wrongful death and prevail. Of course, the hospital with the backing of the state will resist, and drag the case out for maybe decades. Only causing years of anguish for her husband and daughter.

As stated in the previous chronicle the intent was to illustrate the disparity in justice for ordinary people and those connected with power and influence. It is so common place in our American society that few are fully aware how poorly ordinary people are treated by American democracy. With its frontal horns of capitalism and evangelical fundamental extremism religion. Indeed, it is a three headed beast that needs to be put to sleep.

It could be very different; it is just a matter focus and determination.

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Double Standards

The United States likes for American citizens to think of the nation as a country where justice is equal. A nation where there is no disparity shown under American law. Is there an American citizen any where in the nation, who with confidence believes that statement?

Yet Americans, allow so many disparities in the nations jurisprudence to go unchallenged. So this writer has decided to chronicle two incidences showing showing such disparities in law with two separate postings. As the chronicles are developed, picture yourself as the restaurateur who was robbed and prosecuted. Or, the victim whose life was lost, but the state said, it was an unfortunate oversight.

The owner of a small restaurant that sat customers at eight tables. Where he functioned as chef and chief bottle washer. Meaning of course, that every task in such an operation fell upon him which included any renovations.

One late night after his restaurant closed. He was in the midst of remodeling his restaurant. Already exhausted from a long days work, he decided to take a break from work. He went to his car where he was approached by a African American with a criminal record. He was forced to return to the inside of his business where he was robbed. As the thief left his business establishment, he called 911. He then got into his car looking for the thief. He spotted the thief. He drove down the one way street with the thief approaching. Suddenly he swerved directly into the thief, killing the 24 year old criminal.

The State Attorney and his prosecutorial staff were divided as to what statute under Florida law to charge the restaurateur with. Some members of the state attorney’s staff argued for charging him with second degree murder. Finally, they decided upon the criminal crime of manslaughter.

His case went to trial where the jury acquitted him.

After the acquittal, the State Attorney, said this was a case that had to be tried.

Of course, the State Attorney ignored the reality that our Constitution provides Americans with the right to be safe and secure within their premises. In addition a recently enacted Florida law provides the same guarantees. The case should never have been tried.

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US-Israeli Debacle

According to emerging reports, the United States planned the Israeli attacks upon Lebanon. The lesson the Bush-Cheney administration wanted to determine was how formidable a foe was Hezbollah. Because the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict, was designed to serve as a prelude, to war with Iran.

Now they know! as Hezbollah emerged victorious from its month long war with Israel.

Warfare is always in a state of change. In previous wars the enemy was identifiable by their uniforms and clear markings on their weaponry. The United States can not be certain as to who makes up Hezbollah. Some of these warriors obviously are Lebanese, others might come from Iraq, Syria, or Iran. The Muslim world is fed up with American arrogance, as is most of the world. So, these military combatants could be from any number of countries. Maybe even troops from Western countries.

While the world once viewed , the United States as the only remaining super power. Which use to create images of respect, and recognition of a power that can not be defeated. Since 9/11 that has changed drastically, especially with the temporary pause with the fighting in Lebanon.

The world media is reporting that in the 33 day war. Israel flew more than 10,000 bombings into Lebanon. It is estimated that Israeli ground forces swelled to 30,000 troops.

In return Hezbollah fired nearly 4,000 rockets into Israel. It is estimated that Hezbollah has an army of about 1,000.

Hezbollah reports the death of 60 of its soldiers while Israel reports the death of 113 of its soldiers.

Israel suffered the deaths of 24 of its soldiers just prior to the cease fire. its highest single day death toll. Hezbollah shot down more than four American made Apache helicopters. In addition, the pride of the Israeli army is their fast speed Merkava tank. Many of those Israeli tanks were destroyed. As was one Israeli warship.

The enemies of US-Israel aggression knew that Israel with US sophisticated weaponry could destroy a nations infrastructure. But those sophisticated weapons, could not defeat a well trained determined guerrilla force. This they learned from the US-Iraqi war. They also learned that 150,000 Americans troops are being defeated in Iraqi. So, why not take on the United States anytime anywhere; they will!

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