Why Isreal Murdered 4 Peacekeepers

From the lips of United Nations, Secretary General, Kofi Annan, saying that he was “shocked at the apparently “deliberate” and “purposeful” targeting of the United Nation’s post.” In Russia, where the government issued a statement saying that the murder of four unarmed peacekeepers was “unacceptable.”

The Israeli terrorist war machine characterizes the murder of the four peacekeepers as a regrettable accident. Fully supported by this American government and its state controlled media.

The difficult task is sorting out these assertions and counter assertions. One approach is to examine partisan apologists for Israel terrorism like the Jerusalem Post. And of course, as many know,”loose lips sink ships,” so its always useful to listen to the loose lips of government officials. For they certainly sank the ship of the Zionist war machine, the Israel Defense Force responsible for the murders. As did, Dan Gillerman, Israel Ambassador to the United States. Who asserted that those UN peacekeepers provided cover for Hezbollah. Saying those peacekeepers have never been able to prevent any shelling of Israel or any kidnappings. The Ambassador went on to say that the UN peacekeepers chose not to know, or to see what Hezbollah was doing. Making them “hopeless,” continued the Israel Ambassador.

Considering the Israelis diplomatic accusations of the UN peacekeepers as unwittingly collaborating with Hezbollah. And with such accusatory statements, should the world be surprised by their deliberate sinister attack upon unarmed peacekeepers. Who begged the Israeli government to halt the attacks. Additional efforts to halt the attacks were made by United Nation’s Generals “demanding” that the Israel Defense Force “halt” and “hold fire.” All calls were denied!

Israeli foreign minister, Yigal Palmor, wants the world community who accuse Israel of such crimes to answer “why on earth” would we “deliberately” eliminate United Nations observers. The “why on earth” was answered by the Israel Ambassador.

Then the Jerusalem Post was quick to echo the statements of the Israel Ambassador and Foreign Minister. By asking, “why pray tell?” But they, went on to indict Israel and answering,”why pray tell.” By observing that these peacekeeping observers failed to report why Hezbollah secured 1,000’s of rockets, Then in an unprovoked manner launched them into Israel. If Israel had called, for an United Nations investigation of the peacekeepers dereliction of duty. The paper felt that Israel would have received a “white wash” from an United Nations. Whose investigation would amount to nothing more than excuses for their peacekeepers. Who were serving as “human shields” for Hezbollah. Instead of attempting to disarm Hezbollah. The paper asserted that Israel is “owed more than that.”

Following their history, that when individual people or organization displease them they just simply obliterate the individual or organization. They did this to the US Liberty mentioned in the last posting. What was not mentioned was the “why.” which I plan to address.

Seems clear that murder of United Nations peacekeepers was “purposeful” and “intentional.”

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Israel a Rogue State

Israel must be classified as a rogue state for its ruthless slaughter of the Lebanese people. Which includes children, women, men and the elderly who are non-combatants. To make things worse they destroy clearly marked red cross vehicles transporting people to hospitals. Even the Nazis allowed safe passage of emergency vehicles to hospitals. In addition, they are denying the Lebanese people humanitarian relief.

The Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, recently said that Israel has “pushed the button of its own destruction” because of its behavior in Lebanon. He went to say that Israel should “pack up and move elsewhere.”

The truth is that Israel does not belong there. Palestine at the time was a British mandate. They gained a foothold there threw terrorists guerrilla warfare. It came about when Ariel Sharon joined the terrorists organization Haganah. This terrorists guerrilla Zionist group failed to pressure the British to allow the formation of statehood for Israel. They then then assassinated the British Secretary of State. The Jews learned to kill innocents from their forefathers. When they can not accomplish their political goals peacefully they resort to terror. After the assassination of the Secretary of State, they boomed the King David Hotel. That terror attack killed nearly 100 people. Which was not an isolated; incident.

In June 1967, during Israel’s six day war. They made a tourists attack upon the USS Liberty in international waters. Flying the flag of the United States, on a clear sunny day.They murdered many sailors. Eventually they paid the United States six million dollars for their terror attack.

As the world knows, Israel sponsored another terror attack. This time upon an United Nations outpost. The Israel terror attack, as you know, murdered four unarmed UN observers.

After World War 11, Great Britain and the United States decided to deny holocaust survivors admission to their countries. Instead they directed them to Israel who by then had gained statehood.

Without compensation or respect for the Palestinian people. the worlds civilized nations just uprooted these people. And said the land belongs to Israel.

And the worlds, civilized nations expect peace in the Middle East.

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Peace will escape in the Middle East

In previous centuries world powers could attack other nations with impunity. Today that impunity does not exist. Despite this, the Israeli-US aggression to remake the world in the image of Zionist, Christian states continues. Their hard lessons since 1948 still have not been digested. More so today than ever, such tactics are doomed to disaster because such impunity today is non-existent. The only question waiting to be answered is the magnitude of the disaster. Most likely the answer will come from Iran. It has at least one nuclear reactor located in Bushehr. One can only suspect that their nuclear program is in high gear. Perhaps Iran as a nuclear power can do for the world; what diplomacy will fail to accomplish.

As dangerous as nuclear weapons are, history shows that they served a useful deterrent. The cold war served as perfect example which was about ideology, Cold war ideology had many sub-sets. One of them being religion. The struggle between good and evil. Non-religious states verses religious states. The conflict between Pakistan, and India with differing religious views. These states are kept in the balance because both know they can only go so far in their war skirmishes. The same proved true during the cold war. When Iran becomes a nuclear power, perhaps they can deter US-Israeli aggression in the Middle East. And perhaps, the world will survive.

It is a different world with George W. Bush at the helm. Because he represents a unparalleled threat to the world stability, with his determination to remake the world in the image of his God. World leaders characterize Bush as being senseless. A person who really does not understand world events. They are wrong about Bush not understanding world events. He certainly does understand world events! But not from a secular perspective, and that is what makes him so dangerous. George W. Bush sees world events from a Christian evangelical fundamentalist perspective. Meaning certain prophecies must be fulfilled before Christ can return and establish his kingdom on earth. He sees himself as being chosen by God to bring about that event.

Bush sees himself accountable to a higher authority (God) which drives his recklessness. His 800 signing statements attached to Congressional legislation. Declaring himself not obligated to honor laws that contradict his duties as chief executive for the nation.

It is why Bush has no regard for human rights, or international laws or conventions. He is a Messianic President. Determined to do his part, So Christ can return, and eventually establish his kingdom on earth. All that makes him very dangerous.

Many world governments may not understand this about George W. Bush, But the Muslim world clearly understands this about Bush. From this understanding, the Muslim world is preparing to give Bush his Armageddon. The final battle between good and evil.

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Many have discovered, which includes this writer, that to really understand world events. We have to search the international media. This is nothing knew because decades ago, we subscribed to international publications in order to grasp international events. Books were also purchased written by international authors. Some of us had the good fortune of establishing friendships with a few of these people. Which resulted in a far different perspective, than the pictured painted by the American media.

Today it is much easier, and far less expense to understand world events because of the Internet. Many international publications publish their material in English. Of course, in order to come to an understanding of global “happenings.” It is vital to read the American media in order to come to grips with the American perspective. That is then balanced with the international perspectives. Then searchers for understanding will find themselves “enlightened” world citizens. Then perhaps, America can be saved from the path of destruction its current journey is embarked upon.

Today there are two forces in the world that threaten world stability today.These forces are represented by the good old United States of America, and maybe up to 90% of its citizens. The other power is represented by Israeli government and its people. Two factors make this the case. The first being “religion,” and the other being “guns.” If the world could somehow do away with both, maybe global destruction could be avoided. Religion causes so much prejudice, and hate it flat out should be outlawed. People seem to be nourished and energized by prejudice and hate. Which forces them to need “guns” in order to annihilate all opposition. Of course, such annihilation is masked in national sovereignty for self determination.

Such energized prejudice is what the conflict between Hezbollah and Israel is about. Hezbollah represents Lebanon’s the national interest of the Shiite population. And on the other side, the world faces the Judea-Christian war machine, Israel and the United States who are determined to annihilate the Muslim world. That is not to say that the converse is not true.

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What to Expect at the Gas Pump

Analysts say each $1 increase in the price of a barrel of oil translates into an increase of about 2.4 cents in the price of a gallon of gasoline. That means this week’s $3 increase could show up as a 7 to 8 cents a gallon increase at the pump by the end of next week. Source: ST. Petersburg Times

Who is the blame for this, as fingers point to the suspected culprits. Mostly to Iran and Syria, when in reality it is Israel and the United States.

The United States has been exporting the notions of democracy, capitalism, and protestant Christianity around the globe. With a focus on the Middle East. The nations of that region have a different perspective on the subject matter. Never the less, the United States, refuses to show these nations any respect for their traditions concerning government, economics, and religion. Which has made the United States, far to many enemies.

Furthermore, the real reason for the United States presence in that area of the world is to take control of the rich oil fields of the Middle East. The United States differs from the rest of the world in two particular respects. The United States is the greatest consumer of oil. It is also the greatest debtor nation in the history of the world. In order to sustain itself. It must secure for itself the worlds oil reserves. Should the nation fail in this endeavor, its economy will collapse. In order to avoid such a catastrophe the United States must find ways to make war on other nations who can supply them with oil. This war machine has has caused the nation to become bankrupt. Forced to max out all its credit, then it must find additional ways to market the nation into greater debt.

People who are discovered with their hands in the “cookie jar” when those hands have been forbidden to be placed there. Sometimes they develop a bitter resolve. Knowing that they are going to suffer consequences, they become determined to destroy others around them. The United States has been found with its hands in the “cookie jar” of other sovereign nations. Always seeking to satisfy it own appetite as it pilfered the national resources of nation after nation. It is just to late for the United States to surrender to the consequences. So no matter what the cost to world stability. The United States has resolved to destroy the world community, if necessary, in order to satisfy it global hunger for oil and other resources that it needs.

It is not like the old days when Great Britain was the dominant world power. Always having its hands in the “cookie jar” of world affairs as it pilfered the worlds resources for its own benefit. Bragging that the sun never sat on its empire. Signaling its vast control of nations and world affairs. Great Britain, surely suffered the consequences as it was expelled from nation after nation. The explosion took longer and the weapons were not as sophisticated as those of today.

Today the the explosion the United States is not as certain because it has the largest and most sophisticated weaponry ever known to humanity. However, the opponents, while not having as many or as sophisticated weaponry system. Are never the less, a very formidable opponent. With the capability of beating the United States. However it will never occur because the United States will send the world up in flames before it is expelled from nation after nation.

Some how the people of Tampa Bay, and the nation, must resolve to find solutions at home that will reign in this horrific cast of terrorists in the White House and the Congress.

With absolute certainty, it is easier said than done, but it must be done. What is at stake, is our future, and the future of the world community. WE must refocus the national agenda, so that it reflects a different international agenda.

What powers the United States is money. This current administration just recently bragged about its huge windfall in tax revenues. So great was this windfall that this administration announced that it would be able significantly reduce the national debt and increase military spending. However the Congress was admonished to reduce spending on the public welfare so even more money could be spent on war.

The Houston Chronicle, reported that the wholesale price of a gallon of gasoline is $2.30. Which does not include taxes or retail markups. Because most Americans are hurting financially because so much of their money is being emptied into the gas tank. Somethings should not be for profit and gasoline is one of them. Instead of spending money on war, the government must divert that tax money back into America making gasoline affordable. It just nonsense that says it can not be done. That nonsense is capitalism. And capitalism is nonsense because it does not empower the the people economically. So the first thing We the people must do is change the nations economic system.

Desperate people will do desperate things. It just a matter of public desperation, How desperate are we as a people to secure for ourselves economic justice? It just a start in slowing down the great American war machine.

The next posting will take up a more difficult and controversial discussion. Something this writer has thinking about for along time.

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Things Are As They Appear; After All

In this writers last posting a reality check was suggested because things are not always what they appear. Well it turns out that the opposite occurs also because some things really are as they appear.

A few day ago America celebrated its most important holiday; Independence Day. A day bursting with fire crackers, neighborhood, and family picnics. A great time for merry making. What Americans celebrate is far different from what their government celebrates.

For the United States government, it is a celebration of the surrender of freedom and liberty at home. To the absolute shame of Americans for allowing it to occur. It does not stop at our doorstep, but is perpetuated around the world. American troops dying in Iraq has nothing to do with exporting freedom, liberty,and democracy. And again, Americans are shamed because collectively, we refuse to end the slaughter of Americans in a land in which they do not belong, But the war has everything to do with capturing Iraqi oil fields, and other corporate interests. And nothing to do with liberty, freedom, and democracy.

So in the end, things really are as they appear.

America from its inception was never really about liberty, freedom, and democracy. The founding fathers new it was just sounded more exemplary more moral, and not as corrupting to sling such expressions as liberty, freedom, and democracy. Rather than an open admission that this infant nation was to be about wealth for the few at the expense of the many. Which means some things are what they appear to be, it just requires a reality check. And sure enough. it will be discovered that things are not what they appear to be.

The founding fathers worked hard to create this mirage of images reflecting illusions of liberty, freedom, and democracy. The trail of tears is endless in American history. Starting with the illegal taking of land from the indigenous people. To the declaration that human beings were the rightful property of others. That women were second class citizens because they were the property of their husbands. Again we see that things are what they appear to be which is the securing of money at the wrongful expense of others. Making some things not what they appear to be when it is about liberty, freedom, and democracy.

What other explanation could exist for the theft of land and property, or the notion that humans could be owned by others, or that women were the property of their husbands. It was all about economics! After all, how could an empire be built on some land owned by another people, People being owned by others made good economic sense. A free labor pool! And women, to the founding fathers had to be property for the purpose of child bearing and rearing. It all made economic sense.

The United States Constitution is first and for most an economic blueprint. This writer once took a course covering the Constitution as an economic document. One of the text books used was titled, “An Economic Interpretation Of The United States Constitution,” authored by Charles A. Beard. Great book, great course, but unfortunately the book is no longer in print. This writer hunted and hunted for that book years later. And found it among discarded books about to be burned.

To this day, the United States is about profits through out Tampa Bay, the nation, and around the world. The history books are filed with these truths. As are the shelves of the law libraries resulting from successful litigation’s, in behalf of indigenous people, slaves, and women.

And, the Unites States is not finished. Says the Army recruiter, boys and girls listen up! Sign up and end up in Iraq! Army life is tough. Your country is asking you to be prepared to sacrifice your life so a people far away can experience liberty, freedom, and democracy. That’s the America of appearances where things are not as they appear.

Because that Army recruiter should be saying. Boys and girls listen up,,, your country needs you to be prepared to sacrifice your life. So America can have control of the vast Iraqi oil fields. And American corporations can profit in the billions of dollars, from the reconstruction of Iraq. Which will include military bases for the launching of attacks upon other nations in the region, who refuse to bow to American supremacy.

So in the end things really are as they appear. It just takes a good reality check in order to sort through the vast, and sometimes confusing complexities of life. In the end though reality will prevail.

This whole freedom, liberty, and democracy thing is only a good for sell theft (indigenous lands) (mutilation of slaves) and (degradation of women) then. Now it is the theft of economic equality, the denial of opportunity, and women as objects. It is as things appear; about money. And the history books show this history. As do the law libraries, with case histories.

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Weapons for economic inequality

With the past few postings this writer has attempted to establish the forces that work against employees through out the workplace. They have been labeled the “Enemies of the People.”At the top of this pinnacle, is God. From God’s, directive, men were to be “fruitful,” “multiply,” “subdue,” and have “dominion.” This inspiration eventually gave birth to Capitalism. The main tenets of Capitalism are “Production,” “Commerce,” and “Profits.” or P.C.P..

Nothing in American culture, is tolerated, that will either compromise, or jeopardize Capitalism. In a nutshell, God, and Capitalism must be considered the enemies of working people everywhere. Because the objective is make a few very rich and most very poor. It is not the Christ way! With many people in the middle verily surviving financially. Since it has been that way from the inception of the nation more than 200 years ago. It must be recognized that it will never change. Until the American work force collectively, asserts enuf is enuf. Enuf is interpreted this way, “REVOLT!”

It started in this manner, men using their ingenuity. Created what they knew was to become an American hoax. They said, “… We hold these truths self evident, that all men were created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness,” the Preamble to The Declaration of Independence, Which was to be followed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. From which came the First Amendment guarantee of “speech and “assemble.” Which must also be declared to be hoax because these self evident truths are not tolerated. When they interfere with the trio of God’s declared order; tagged the P.C.P.. As must be “speech” and “Assembly,” demonstrated with posting of Alice Weick. Who was fired for exercising her Constitutional guarantees of speech and assembly.

Americans through out our Tampa Bay community, all of Florida, and the nation. Must understand the implications of all this because it denies them what they cherish and need. “Life,” “Liberty,” “and the pursuit of happiness.” which has its foundation in Money. But will never be realized, because our federal, and state governments have no interest in economic equality. For employees within their respective jurisdictions, because they are partnered with corporate America, your employer. Who collectively have the goal of making sure that economic equality is not realized by the American work force.

Some states, have unleashed a devastating blow to economic equality. It started when, Florida, in 1944 became the first state to enact, Right to Work, legislation. The last, and 21st. state to enact such legislation was, Idaho, in 1985.

Where ever, such legislation exist, this is what the people in those states experience. When they successfully find employment. They must sign a form which states as a condition of their employment that no employment agreement is entered into. That they can be fired for no cause, what so ever. Meaning an employee can receive an exemplary evaluation and then “fired.” Employees as a collective body can not negotiate for an employment package that takes steps toward assuring them economic equality. For real practical purposes, the states, that enact, Right to Work, laws must be seen as the enemy of employees seeking economic equality. And the enemies of Christ because his concepts of social and economic justice is in opposition to forced inequality.

In that this writer lives in Florida, the first state to enact such legislation. Here are some of the effects experienced by the people of Tampa, in Hillsborough county. Wages paid to employees are among the lowest in the nation. Benefit packages offered to employees are very poor compared to states that do not have Right to work laws. Remember we are talking about your, “Unalienable Rights,” which are. “Life,” “Liberty”, and “the Pursuit of Happiness.” Which can not occur, without money.

The students in the Tampa public school system and through out Florida are near the bottom of the ladder academically because so little money is spent on education. Which includes teachers, who rank among the lowest paid in the nation. Teachers can not afford to live in the Tampa Bay community. Things are so bad that the school board is thinking about providing affordable housing. One teacher complained to this writer that she took a $15,000 reduction in salary to teach in Florida. Why? Her husband moved his business to Florida because he could pay his employees less money.

Here is something else that people need to understand. Academically, schools are being pushed by corporate America to see that students are prepared for the work force to the extent that they can advance the P.C.P. agenda of capitalism. Meaning a sub standard education that qualifies them for a high school diploma, but not college. Of course there are pockets of exceptions. But generally with standards that are not as rigorous as those of former graduates, and most noteworthy, the standards of states without, Right to Work legislation.

While this part of the discussion focused on Florida, all states with Right to Work legislation have the same impact and results. Such legislation is designed purposely to destroy all aspects of “Life,” “Liberty.” “and the pursuit of Happiness.” Way beyond employment, education, and housing. It impacts employee safety and environmental safe guards; just to name two.

The solution, is for employees to see that they have an unalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, as a civil right. Which equates to economic equality. Then to organize, and secure for themselves this civil right. That has been denied them for over 200 years.

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Truthfulness and its Sour Consequences

Readers may want to visit the last posting in order to appreciate this posting. Because it kind of set the tone for this posting.

Not to along ago a women approached this clergyman. She feared arrest for something she had done. Her question was simple. Should I admit my transgression to the police? Without hesitation a response was provided, No! She seemed shocked. But, but she stuttered. I’d be lying, and I fear God might punish me. Which of course, brought this reaction. What about the act that could lead to your arrest? Do you think God is going to ignore that act without punishing you? Her face filled with tears. This clergyman assured her that in the end, God would hear her confession. Offer her his mercy and forgiveness, and all would be okay between her and God. Fortunately for all of us, Christ is all about mercy and irrespective of the wrong.

So I sat her down. Told her that the American judicial system is not about right and wrong. The guys and gals in black robes would like the public to think its about right and wrong, but it is not. And for that matter, so would the other members of the court; the lawyers. It shortens their duty to the state and the public. Also our American justice is also more about money than fairness or punishment. Which is why it is all about winning and losing, and not right or wrong.

That’s a lot said in those few sentences. It is the subject matter of semester long law school courses. For that matter, it will come up one way or another for the students three years in law school. But some, will never quite grasp the full context of what is really being taught.

The counsel that was provided to this particular women will serve most well. Never admit to any error or wrong doing that might have negative consequences. Because, you can not withdraw your statements. And furthermore, once admission is given, it removes any maneuvering ability for future negotiations. That’s sound advice whether you live in our Tampa Community or elsewhere through out this nation.

Life is complicated. Always put yourself in the best position to win. Whether it is within, or outside the judicial system. Because if you do not, you could be thrown to the Apes. Now you know, why this writer told the tale of the Apes in the last posting.

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