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The Ass in the White House

An Ass once found a Lion’s skin which the hunters left out in the sun to dry. He put it on and went towards his native village. All fled at his appearance, both men and women. He was a proud Ass that day. In his delight he lifted up his voice and uttered the loud harsh cry of the donkey. Then everyone knew him. His owner came up and gave him a sound beating with a club for the fright he had caused.

And shortly afterwards a fox cane up a to him and said, “I knew you by your voice.

So it can be said, fine clothes may disguise, but silly words disclose a fool. Source: Fables of Aesop

And from the White House earlier today came a fine clothed man who ushered silly words lacking creditable substance, thus, accepting disclosure as a fool.

It was reported by Dubya that the American people are enjoying a strong economy. One that is delivering prosperity to working Americans. Dubya cited several reasons for his glowing report. First, the low rate of taxation upon American workers. Next, rising wages resulting from greater productivity of American workers. Lastly the creation of 5.3 million jobs since August 2003. That is more than all the twenty five nations of the European Union combined, reported the occupant of the oval office.

From Dubya’s, perspective things are getting even better. The economy is headed into summer on the fast track, reported Dubya. Saying one of the best ways to keep the momentum going is restrict spending in Washington, D.C. He asserted that Congress took an important step by passing his emergency spending bill. This according to the President Bush will allow him sufficient money to reek military havoc around the world. He put it this way, “The bill includes necessary funds for high priorities, such as equipping our military.” Need more be said?

Yes, because seeing reality from a donkey’s perspective is very different from the experiences of the American worker and consumer. Or, for that matter, the world community. If, we are to take seriously what we read in Dubya’s state controlled media

Congress needs to with hold funding for George W Bush’s criminal war. That should be the first step the Congress takes. Next, he should be removed from office, Then he should be turned over to the court of proper jurisdiction and prosecuted as a war criminal.

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She’s from New York, and she is not H.C.

It has been said that people complain about the weather, but all that complaining will not change the weather. So, just sit back and make the best out of what the weather offers. For within one of those rain filled clouds is a silver lining. We know that without the rain, we would not have the beauty of the rainbow. And when it arrives, this rainbow will not allow us to sit back. But rather, it will propel us into action which may have been the design of Sara Jean Rohe.

So it is with politicians, people complain about them, but all that complaining does not change the political landscape. So the public for the most part, just sits back. Forced to endure the nasty storms. Unleashed against them through lies and deceit. Which is manifested through unfair, and sometimes ridicules legislation against the public interest.

Plenty of dark stormy looking clouds cover the horizon. Is it possible one or more of those threatening clouds has within it a silver lining? One as beautiful as natures rainbow? Could be! Yes, a most beautiful rainbow emerged from all those stormy rain clouds. This particular rainbow was in the form of a graduating senior from New School in New York City. Her name, Jean Sara Rohe, who had the opportunity to share her thoughts as part of the graduation ceremony. She had worked hard preparing herself for her five minute talk. But at the last minute, she set aside her notes. She decided to address the keynote speaker. Why? Maybe she understands the dark side of the Senator from Arizona. Most likely, she would say it differently and she did But no matter how it’s said, the argument would have a similar premise and conclusion.

The man of universal destruction, Senator John McCain, R-Az. Mr McCain, the wanna be President dating back to the election cycle of 2000. The war lord from a lost cause in Vietnam which cost the loss of many lives, both American and Vietnamese. With the people of Vietnam still suffering from American war crimes which resulted from years of unfounded military aggression and repeated napalm attacks. Seems that the Senator has not learned from his Vietnam experiences.

Today, he is engaged in another war. This war is with the Iraqi people. And again, both Americans, and Iraqis are forced to surrender their lives. Because of unfounded American aggression, and other deadly air born agents. Seems the Senator loves war and its chemical fallout. Caused him to throw his political muscle in support of his Nemesis in favor of war. Who also never saw a life he didn’t enjoy taking. And with such complicity, the Senator adds to his war crimes. Because he might as well be in Iraq pulling the trigger of every weapon that kills an Iraqi. He has the power, as a Senator to lead an opposition effort to end this war from within the chambers of the Senate. Never entered his mind, one suspects.

The Senator says he believes in God. And why not, his God believes in war. Seems his God never saw a life he didn’t enjoy taking, also. But he will learn to fear the Goddess Nemesis of Greek mythology. For she is, the Goddess retribution, justice, and vengeance. She will not be denied Her day in Court.

So, along comes a young goddess in the person hood of Jean Sara Rohe. She measured some justice in a scolding of the Senator by asserting. We are living in a time of violence, war and injustice… Senator, preemptive war is dangerous and wrong, that George Bush’s agenda in Iraq is not worth the many lives lost. And I know that despite all the havoc that my country has wrought overseas in my name, Osama bin Laden still has not been found nor have the weapons of mass destruction… Fear is the greatest impediment to the achievement of peace… We can speak truth to power. We can allow our humanity always to come before nationality… I speak through my nervousness, out of need to honor those voices that came before me, and I hope we graduates can all strive to do the same.

And at the end of the day, a magnificent rainbow was seen by most, except for the Senator and his Chief of Staff. His comments can be found at

Ms.Rohe’s entire speech can be read by going to

Wisdom from decades in the past. Give peace a chance, The Beatles.

Recent wisdom, the Mother of all wars, Saddam Hussein

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Justce O’Connor

Most know that O’Connor was the first woman to serve on the nations highest court. This writer opposed her nomination, and confirmation to the peoples highest court in the peoples national capital. As time passed, court observers referred to the court as the O’Connor court because of her decisive vote. True to her tag as the “swing vote.” She propelled the current White House occupant to power, in the peoples house, with her decisive tie breaking swing vote. Her vote may go down in history as the vote that ended America’s experiment with democracy. For, George W. Bush, is marching this country toward imperial dictatorship. Far from the concepts of integrity, and a principled democracy.

Now some are asking, why did Justice Sandra Day O’Connor resign from the Court? Was it because, she was mentally exhausted from the pressure of being the “swing Vote” on so many delicate and highly charged issues? Or, was it because she was privately threatened? Did she retire because she feared for her life? Maybe someone provided her with a copy of the fictional book, Pelican Brief, where two supreme court justices were mysteriously murdered, and she decided to hang up her robes. Rather than risk the fulfillment of a fictional tale.

She must have known that, John G. Roberts, was no admirer of free speech and assembly. He is on record as saying, that he was disgusted with the speech, and assembly practices of those opposed to the Vietnam war; as a college student. He claims that free speech and assembly were the driving factors for his conservative leanings. She surely knew her replacement would work and vote to undo her efforts to maintain the status quo of American jurisprudence.

Suddenly, out of retirement, she appears at Georgetown University to address an audience of lawyers. There she allegedly droped some hints that America was headed for a dictatorship under George W. Bush with the support of his congressional allies in the senate and house. According to O’Connor, this march to a dictatorship is helped along the path by the power and political influence of the nations corporate oligarchy. Allegedly because the press was not invited. With the exception of Nina Totenberg, from National Public Radio. Justice O’Connor has refused to release any published accounts of her speech. It seems that everything about her lecture is speculation. Sure creates a lot of curiosity as to why the secrecy? Seems that is the way a closed society works. Maybe Justice O’Connor prefers a closed society. Perhaps she is only opposed to a closed society based on the religious instincts of Delay and Sen.John Cornyn and Sen Bill Frist. After all her, political mentor Ronald Reagan was no admirer of a free speech and assembly.

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Victory in defeat

Colombia, a country under constant terror by paramilitary gangs, and supported by its newly elected second term president. A country faulted for unchecked terror by Amnesty International. The citizens of Colombia have suffered sudden disappearances never to be seen again, massacres of its people, and indiscriminate detention without formal charges of crimes committed. And above all, this Colombian President is the master governor of state sanctioned oppression. A President who enjoys the full support of the government of George W. Bush. As recent as, May 2006, Amnesty International has demanded that the Colombian government bring a halt to the nations paramilitary activity.

While Colombians are attempting to free themselves from the strangle hold of tyranny Americans in the Tampa Bay community, and through out the nation appear content to see their nation slowly slip into a state of tyranny. Their are some disturbing parallels between life in Colombia and the United States.

Yet such a government wins the praise and support of this current American government. Condoleeza Rice high ranking government official of the Bush administration, and likely 2008 presidential candidate. Quickly congratulated the Colombian president upon his reelection. She referred to Colombia as a state where free, fair, and secure elections occur. A claim denied by Amnesty International and other bodies. Rice went on to say that the American relationship with Colombia and its people is genuine and close. Because both countries agree that “open societies” and “free markets,”serve the best interest of the people. (open societies and free markets will be addressed in another posting.)

In reality, Colombia, serves American corporate greed because of its potential for profit. It also serves as a lunching point for destabilizing other countries in the region like Venezuela and Bolivia both with governments critical of the United States. Destabilizing other countries in the region. may well be the reason Colombia is so rich in American tax dollars. Only two other countries get more money in foreign aid. They are Israel and Egypt.

There are forces determined to end Colombian terror against Colombians, and the destabilization of other countries in the region. For instances, in Colombia the people formed a peaceful coalition, The Alternative Democratic pole.This coalition consisted ordinary employees living from one paycheck to the next. Women, who bear much of the work and responsibility for the survival of their families. Students who want a future without fear of government supported paramilitary. Who reek havoc upon those who exercise free speech ans assembly. These groups were joined by supportive clergy who often provide shelter for Colombians terrorized citizens.

These Colombians chose to support the candidacy of Senator Carlos Gavira. A law professor and former President of the Constitutional Tribunal. A tribunal committed to bringing to justice violators of human rights.

The candidacy of Senator Gavira captured more than 20% of the vote. While the winner, received a little more than 60% of the vote. You have heard it said, “not everything is as it appears.” In the Colombian election cycle the scenario “not everything is as it appears” plays out as follows, Senator Carlos Gavira won! The Senator captured more than two and a half million votes. Which were gained, despite severe terror, and oppression. It also marks the first time that a grass root movement placed second in a national election. Replacing the liberal or conservative parties who usually alternate as holders of the presidency. With one of the two placing second in national elections. A peoples movement prevailed giving them hope for the future. They are energized into believing that they can get sufficient support from the more than 50% of the eligible voters who did not vote. Enabling The Alternative Democratic pole to slowly but surely capture control of the government.

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