U.S. Supreme Court rules against public interest

In a case decided,Tuesday, May 30, 2006, Garcetti v Caballos, two prosecutors squared of in the hallowed halls of the peoples highest court. Prosecutor Richard Ceballos was asked to investigate misconduct by the police as to whether the police misrepresented the facts on a search warrant. He concluded that such misconduct had indeed occurred. He advised the District Attorney for the City of Los Angeles not proceed with the criminal prosecution. His recommendation was ignored, and he was removed from the prosecution team. Eventually, prosecutor Ceballos testified for the defense.

Prosecutor Richard Ceballos experienced the harsh hammer of his employer. Which forced him, to seek relief through the federal courts. There he encountered differing rulings. Consequently, his case reached the nations highest court which ruled against him and the public interest. The public needs to know when their servants misbehave while conducting public business at public expense.Honorable employees should not be punished for serving the public interest by exposing misdeeds. The public has a right to know that such public servants will be protected by the courts. Which this current court, under John Roberts is incapable of doing. What will the nations people do about such an inept court?

Unfortunately, for the people of Tampa Bay and the nation. The peoples court in the nations capital has lost its perspective of people directed jurisprudence. With huge legislative bodies and powerful executives the people have little chance to prevail with their grievances without the intervention of the courts. The United States Supreme Court has abandoned its obligation to,We the People, there primary obligation.

This is how attorney, Bonnie Robin-Vegeer, for Public Citizens Litigation group summed up the court’s decision.This ruling means… public health and safety will be compromised if public employees who perceive corruption feel chilled when exposing such behavior. The people who are best able to expose such misconduct will have no recourse from retaliation without the Court’s constitutional protections. The consequences for the public will be grave, said lawyer Vegeer.

This ruling is clearly against the interest of the public. Senator Nelson of Florida voted to confirm both John Roberts and Samuel Alito who joined the court’s majority against the people. This writer mentions Nelson because he is up for reelection in November. Hopefully the people of Florida will defeat him for helping to perpetuate such an injustice.

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The Da Vinci Code

This writer is enjoying the controversy circling the globe over the showing of the movie, The DA Vinci Code. After all, it is only a work of fiction. But like many works of fiction it is possible to weave truth with fictional story telling to heighten the plot. Seems that Dan Brown has successfully accomplished that task. Some Christians have responded by suggesting that Christians should not allow the movie to be shown in local theaters. The justification for such behavior is that they think limits must exist. As to how low, one can stoop in offending the religious sentiments of Christians. But of course, if there is truth blended into a fictional story. It could greatly weaken the Christian church. Weaken but not destroy the church because enough people cling to superstition to continue its hoax.

Just to touch on a couple of topics that should infuriate Christians before focusing on the The DA Vinci Code, by Brown. Consider the saga of Enron which ended in convictions of CEO’s Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling. In the after dust of the guilty pronouncements, Ken Lay gathered his family and friends around himself. Then in the peoples house of justice prayed. One of the assaults upon the book, and the movie is that it is sacrilegious, according to many Christians. What could be more sacrilegious than a convicted felon offering up a prayer of praise and protection. If anything Lay should have offered a prayer of repentance for his sins against humanity. Unfortunately, that charade goes unnoticed by far to many Christians thus showing the irrelevancy of Christianity. ( Do you know that offering prayers to Christ amounts to idle chatter by the petitioner.) Or consider the current occupant in the peoples house in the nations capital. Who openly pronounces himself to be a Christian, but is responsible for the many deaths on both sides of the fence as the Iraqi conflict rages. Who refuse to acknowledge the validity of our constitutional system or international law. Christian churches should be united in the demand for his impeachment, and his trial as a war criminal. Failure of the Church to act repeats the irrelevancy of Christianity. The power of the Church is found in defence of the people. Not in the support this American government which uses Christianity to herd Christians like brainless sheep afraid of their own shadow. Furthermore, for those Christian purest who are offended by The DA Vinci Code. Neither the Gnostic writings nor the writings found in the King James version of Christianity supports a bedroom relationship between the modern church and government. As a matter of fact, Christ was at constant opposition to the government. And if Christians think hard enough, they’ll recall Christ did not find favor with his religious community. So relax and attempt to sort out the truth from the fiction in The DA Vinci Code.

To some Christians, author Dan Brown has crossed the line. To others, like this writer, revolutionary clergyman, and legal consultant from the Tampa Bay community. Who has patterned his ministry after some great theologians like Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Oscar Romero, and Malcolm X. From the political arena, a devout admirer of Karl Marx, Fidel Castro, and Hugo Chavez. This writer plans to post some writings to honor these men on the anniversary of their births.Because each in their own way, likely would find the truths in Brown’s fictional work that is so up setting to the Christian community.

The DA Vinci Code helps expose Christianity for the hoax that it represents because it weaves truth with fiction. Done with hints from the Gnostic Gospels which bare as much if not more truth than the writings of the King James Bible. For instance, Mary Magdalene as sexual companion and adviser to Jesus. For some reason, such a notion is repulsive to many modern day Christians.In the Gospel of Mary it is reported that Jesus loved her… kissed her on the mouth. Then in time if confusion and fear the students of Christ were afraid to carry out the mission of Christ. It was Mary, who pulled the students together and gave them courage to carry out the mission of Christ.

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Consumer fix for gas at the pump

In Florida, if you want to fill up a 15 gallon gas tank, at $2.90. You will spend $25.80. From that amount of money, $8.40 is the cost of production, and $.75 for distribution. The gas station owner makes $1.35 on that fill up. The Fed’s, state, and county collect $7.20 in taxes. The question is how can the consumer redraw that picture?

Consumers must organize and pressure the Fed’s, state, and county to eliminate all taxes on gasoline. $17.80 is a lot better than $25,80. The oil industry that earns billions in profits, and spends millions justifying their profits. They can easily assume the tax burden. Oh! their screaming will echo of the four corners of the globe. Let them scream because they will make the adjustment. After all, consumers have make all kinds of adjustments just to survive.

The next step is to make the Federal government nationalize the oil industry. That means making it illegal to make a profit on natural resources. It’s a resource owned by everybody.Like the air we breath, and the sunshine we need. And, nobody should profit from a naturally occurring resource. It should be shared, freely. Make no mistake, if the air, and sun could be contained. It would be sold and taxed.

Then with a nationalized oil industry the federal government would be the employer.They would pay these oil executives a fair wage for a days work. What these executives claim workers are worth, who have made them rich, and selfish. Blind to the suffering and hardship of the ordinary worker.

Under this scheme, based upon the first paragraph. You would pay $8.40 + $.75 + $1.35 = $10.40, for 15 gallons of gas, instead of $25,80. Bet that would put a smile on your face through out our Tampa Bay community. Slight adjustments would have to made for other states because figures were used for Florida.

In the beginning of our nation’s history we had the right idea. If you review the Preamble to our Constitution, you will read. “We the people…. In order to form a more perfect union… insure domestic Tranquility… promote the general Welfare… ordain and establish this Constitution of the United States.”When domestic tranquility and the general welfare is disturbed, it becomes the responsibility of the people to make the necessary corrections. It seems rather apparent that our domestic tranquility and general welfare has been up rooted by exurbanite profits, and wages in the hundred of thousands of dollars daily. So, are the people up to the task? Remember the main purpose of government, at home is to provide for domestic tranquility, and our general welfare. Seems that Sam in D.C. has got it all wrong. Sam seems to think that their function is enslave the many and enrich the few.

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In Baghdad with George W. Shrub

There is a buffoon in the White House in the nations capital. Affectionately referred to as shrub. You see, Mr Shrub in many ways fills the description of a shrub. It’s kind of a woody plant lacking height. In our Mr Shrub, we have a human who lacks intelligence as a factor of height. Like the plant form of a shrub. D.C’s shrub has several stems. It’s stems seem to be growths that direct it’s actions. Stems like corporate America, lobbyists, and the religious right. In order to be a bush you have to have a trunk in the plant world. In the human world you got have some sense of decency to be a bush. Which is totally lacking in Dubya, or among its stems.

This trio now has the United States government’s building an embassy in Iraq. It will be the largest in the world. When completed, it will have 21 buildings. Spanning 104 acres right next door to the the Iraqi government complex. This American embassy will be a city unto itself with it own defense force, electricity, and water supply. Americans stationed there will not have to leave the complex because it will have stores selling civilian clothing. Including entertainment and restaurant facilities. Even dealerships for the purchase of American cars built everywhere except in America. Why it will have such state of the art facilities that it will exceed living standards, and conditions experience by many American service people when they lived here in the states.

It must just thrill all you hard working people who come home after a hard days work. Knowing that you were under paid and over taxed. To discover such a massive complex being built in Iraqi at your expense and without your permission. Seems to this writer that the American people keep telling that trio to close shop and come home.

This writer does not have to reiterate the lies, and deceit fostered upon the nation and the world concerning the Iraqi war. As time has marched on the nation, and the world has discover the true intent and purpose of the war. Capture rich Iraqi oil fields, create military bases to strike other nations in the region, like Iran with its rich oil field and other natural resources. So now it’s understandable why that trio of stems needs such a massive embassy. The war machine will operate from that American complex with easy strike capabilities any where in the region.

The attack on Iran has been launched.France and Britain have crafted a resolution. It offers Iran an ultimatum. Teheran must end all nuclear efforts. This draft resolution is based upon chapter 7 of the UN charter. Should the security council support the resolution, and Iranians fail to comply. Then the nation could face compulsory sanctions which would include military force.

It should be obvious that Iran is not a threat to our nation. Nor would they be a threat to the region. Because Pakistan, India, and Israel have nuclear weapons. The three countries are all friendly with the United States. Which should be a concern to all Iranians, and the world community. After all Iran, does not have a history of over throwing an American government. Which can not be said for the United States, remember the U.S. toppled the government of Iran. Installing a puppet regime which was infamous for its oppression and torture of the Iranian people. Then in 1979 the Iranians revolted and ended the reign of Shaw Reza Pahlevi. Since then the U.S has had absolutely no influence in Iran. The two nations do not even have diplomatic relations even after all these years.

The Middle East is very volatile, and with and unstable regime in Washington calling the shots for the world community. With Iran having powerful allies in Russia and China. The world could be seeing the beginning of W.W. Three, and vision of poet Robert Frost materialize. So in the end it does not matter if you live in our Tampa Bay community, or in Teheran, Iraq. Frost holds with those who favor fire for world demise

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What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander

If there is one subject that ignites fury through out the population, it’s the subject of taxation. Yet for some reason the populace is unable or unwilling to turn the table on the tax collectors.This posting should be read in conjunction with yesterdays posting. Because only you, can bring about the necessary change, from unfair government tax shifts.

A new company based in Delray Beach, Florida will launch its business later this year. Day Jet airlines is yet to purchase any airplanes. But they have successfully persuaded legislators to exempt them from any sale tax up to one million dollars for the purchase of a airplanes every year. According to the state, this good for business. Because it generate jobs and consumers will more than make up for the lost revenue from sale tax’s. This tax exemption did not even receive a hearing before the appropriate legislative committee. Even after a state senator requested a hearing. These senators are supposed to be sensitive to the concerns of senators we send to represent us. They got this notion that we put them in office to do as they please. Florida is famous for this sort of thing.

There is little prospect that such practices will stop. Probably because most consumers are just to busy with multiple responsibilities. Like more than on job. The state understands that low wages forces people to work two and three jobs. Florida wages are the lowest in the country. It’s jobless rate is also the lowest. Lots of money is generate for business while employees struggle with very little money. All this Leaves little or no time for efforts to get government to serve the public interest, and not just the business interest through out the state.

You know all that dreaded junk mail that most hate receiving. Well expect tons more. Because the legislature has decided to exempt junk mailers from sale tax’s. Again the theory being people will sort through that junk. Then rush to purchase advertised items. Off setting the lost tax revenues. Good for business not god for the consumer.

There are many ways to bring about desired change. These range from tax relief to reduced cost of gasoline. Including increased wages. No American citizen worker should should be paid less than $20,000. annually. Consumers must remember that we out number the legislature and all other branches of government. This includes all corporate executives.Meaningful change requires two ingredients. The first being desire and the second being “know how.” Desire this writer can not provide, but “know how”well that’s a different elusive bird. Which is learn able, if it comes with desire, or perhaps desperation. Desperation most certainly works best. That’s from experience and the text book.

Few have mastered or understand the power of the boycott. It’s a very useful tool that has many varied applications.Want needs to be accomplished is a shifting of the tax burdens from workers / consumers back to big business and corporate America. Most citizens should not have to pay income taxes. Nor should they have to pay sales tax’s and other burdensome taxes. This should be the burden of the business community and corporate America. Exxon / Mobile and other oil conglomerates need to bear much more of a tax responsibility. There is no reason it should not be that way. It’s just a matter of citizen efforts. The boycott is a good and useful tool.

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