The tale of the flying ladder and $4 billion

It’s to bad the government does not practice what it demands from the people, personal responsibility. Across the state 25 claims wait for state settlement In each case a judge or jury has awarded the victim a some of money.However, if the judgment exceeds two hundred thousand dollars the Florida legislature must approve the award. Sometime ago this writer wrote about a 17 year old girl from Ft.Lauderdale who was trying to get her settlement approved by the legislature. For those of you interested type Minouche Noel, in the find tab and you can read that posting. She is one of the 25 still waiting for legislative resolution. The state just can not openly refuse to pay these claims. Because state agencies have admitted to fault, and courts have issued judgements. Instead they choose to remain silent and take no action.

Here is another case waiting resolution by the sunshine state. A women was driving on I-75. She lost her live in a freak accident. A ladder was hurled into the air from a state vehicle. The driver attempted to avoid the impact of the flying ladder and crashed into the car driven by Sherri Aversa. She died, and a state agency admitted to fault. This agency agreed to pay a judgement to the victim’s husband. That was seven years ago! The state refuses to do the responsible thing and pay the judgement. Those creeps are so brazen that they refuse even to discuss the claim. It’s a very small claim ($700,000.) for a young women who lead a very productive life. It’s so despicable that the people of Tampa Bay and the entire state should throw this bunch of goons out of the state capital. Which includes Jeb the white house puppet who recently went to Iraq to justify the death young American men and women. Who also remains silent on these judgements.

What we really in Tallahassee and though out the nation is a bunch of elitists career politicians. They talk and demand personal responsibility for everyone but themselves.These politicans are self centered. Corrupted by power and greed.They are leading this nation down the sure path of distruction. The personal cares and needs of hard working Americans remain neglected. Just like the just compensation each and everyone of those 25 victims deserves.

It’s not that state does not have the money because Florida enjoys a $4 billion budget surplus. How about contacting your legislator and demand the full payment of these claims While your at it why not demand some immediate relief at the gas pump.

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It’s a new world with China on top

This congress is worried that the Chinese will become the world’s new economic super power. Knocking the United States of the top rung of the ladder. Congress is complaining that China is selling to much of its manufactured products to the rest of the world. Thus generating wealth beyond the imagination of congress. Being the mathematicians that they are at the science of balanced budgets this is causing red bells to ring through out the capital city where brainless rules from the White House. Old and tired Dubya has been in search of his mentor the V.P. for advise, but he can not be found because its hunkered down in some bunker in Wyoming. Just in case Iran decides to beat China at a first strike at nuking the United States.

Even of more concern to Congress is that China is a state driven economy, and not a capitalistic driven economy like the United States. The question that troubles the Congress is whether a state driven economy can generate more wealth than our capitalistic economy? The answer is yes! To complicate the problem for our Congress is that China is climbing over the U.S. as an economic power without a huge budget deficient. Also worrying Congress is that this new world reality would make it easier for foreign investors to call in the huge debt owned to them by U.S. The U.S. can not pay it bills without borrowed money. Congress raised the national debt ceiling in March of this year to $9 trillion. That makes the United States a real bad credit risk compared to China. Hi! neighbor, please be more kind to your weaker neighbor across the ocean. Than we have been to our neighbors over the last 110 years.

To further complicated matters some think that China’s per capita income will soon equal that of the richest country in the world; the United States. Translated it means that if the average American income is $15,000 annually. It will be the same for the Chinese people. Imagine, all that from a state driven economy. What do you think? Could it be that we might see new economic theories thought at the university? At least it has bases grounded in fact. As compared to illogical notions like creationism that congress thinks should be tought at all levels of education. Or like the stupid notion tought in political and economic classes, that the hand of God steers the American economy.

China at it current rapid growth will need 99 million barrels of oil per day to propel its rapid economic growth. The world today consumes about 84 million barrels every day. That spells trouble for the rest of the world at the gas pump. So all of you good people through out Tampa Bay dig deep into your cash reserves because before a blink of an eye the pump will read $4 for regular; and climbing. The same applies for the rest of the nation and the entire world. Future wars will be over oil and water. The United States will target Brazil and Venezuela with its rich oil fields in our neighborhood. So dress up young Americans Sam needs you in uniform to fight those wars for oil. It’ll be easy to attack Venezuela because its one of those state driven economies Sam hates from the capital city. The war cry will be about establishing democracy and capitalism to Venezuela.Brazil is being closely watched because the electorate are expected to propel into office a candidate who favors a state driven economy. Meaning more concern for the emperor in D.C. and his Congress.

Wonder how Americans will react to this changing world?

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Earn a fair $ for your labor not in America

Few would disagree that an employee should be paid a fair dollar for a days labor. For many Americans, that is just wishful thinking. But it’s not wishful thinking, if you are the former CEO of Exxon Mobil, who earned $150,000 per day. Democracy Now reporter, Amy Goodman, revealed that statistic to her national audience today.

With the cost of regular gas expected to exceed $3.00 a gallon soon. One wonders just what Americans through out Tampa Bay and the nation are prepared to do about soaring gas prices? Remember Exxon Mobil posted $340 billion in revenue in 2005. With $36 billion in profits. This writers best estimate is that most will just complain. From many years of activism this writer has used a phrase from a children’s tale. Our American society is made up of a lot of huff but very little puff.Meaning the blowing of a lot of hot air (huff) but not enough (puff) to change anything down. Hopefully that will change.

There are some things that should not be for profit. One of those items is all forms of energy. From this writers perspective, it’s a civil right. This writer is available to lecture on this concept.Please contact this writer through the navigation tab. Available to write for your publication.

Christ Principle: Neutrality = change

Before Jesus was executed, he was questioned by Pontius Pilate the politician who turned Jesus over to the religious authorities to be murdered. He wanted to know if Jesus was attempting to overthrow his Roman empire. In order to usher in a Jewish government. Jesus replied, and said that was not his intent. Insisting that his purpose was not to encourage the formation of a Jewish government. Jesus then informed Pilate that if his mission was to install a Jewish government his followers would not have allowed the civil government to turn him over to the religious leaders to be executed. He finished by saying that his interest was not about a reign of civil or religious power.

With that being the case, what was his primary interest? His primary purpose was to encourage a fair society. A society in which people would experience economic and political fairness. Yes, at the gas pump, or at work, and with health care! Extending to the end of that Bush led disaster in Iraq!

People are inherently suspicious of people that they suspect have ulterior motives behind their advocacy. Because Jesus did not have any motives such as establishing himself as King of the Jews which was Pilate’s fear. He was able to mobilize and usher into existence a movement intended to transcend economics and politics.

That same power and influence is available today. Many would argue that such change is urgently needed through out the Tampa Bay community and where ever you live. What we need is a starting point. That starting point begins with you and me. Neutrality is essential for success. Meaning the effort must be free from partisan interest.

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Why Rep. Harris will win her senatorial bid.

Jesus Christ was not a person the religious and governing authorities wanted the people to emulate. People familiar with the gospel account of the life of Christ understand why; I think. Christ was a constant antagonists to their practice of religion and civic governance. They conspired against him, and jointly terminated his life. Today there is little resemblance between what Christ advocated and what most Christians practice; including the clergy. Perhaps, if people picked up the cross of Christ as advocated by Jesus. The nation would not be such a sorry state of affairs. Of course to do so would separate them from the religious and civic authorities so many admire. Even a hurried reading of the shortest Gospel of Mark should convince most that followers of Christ should find themselves as natural enemies of organized religion and the nations governing authorities. Organized religion and the nations governing authorities are about control and power. While, Christians should be about the business of freeing the people from that control and power. Because its oppressive, and motivated by greed. Religion and government were not compatible during the time of Christ, nor are they compatible today.

Yet today hundred thousands of people seem hypnotized by the clergy who endorse candidates for public office because of their Christian faith. Today’s religious and political candidates are all most indistinguishable. Jointly this community of religious and political candidates through out Tampa Bay, the state of Florida is leading the annual pilgrimage. Observing the life of Christ which climaxes with his criminal execution and subsequent resurrection. Of course, this same scenario is playing through out the nation. The end result though for these political candidates is to win a seat in the Senate or win reelection to the Senate.

For Florida, this writer is talking about the candicacy of Rep. Katherine Harris and Sen. Bill Nelson. While, the republican party does not give Rep. Harris much of a chance of beating Sen. Nelson. This writer suspects she will beat Sen. Nelson. The reason is that Rep. Harris is an evangelical Christian fundamentalists with close ties to the movemnet. In Florida this a powerful movement. The power and influence of this movement has removed Florida from being a swing state in national elections. Political candidates with there backing in Florida can win any election.

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