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From Russia

April 28th, 2006

Whether Russian or American the equation in the same.

The tale of the flying ladder and $4 billion

April 23rd, 2006

For Tampa Bay, and the State of Florida the solution is with the people.

It’s a new world with China on top

April 22nd, 2006

Who needs the United States? Not China, or world investors who finance your Anerican debt.

Earn a fair $ for your labor not in America

April 17th, 2006

Little relief for working America but Exxon Mobile CEO rakes in the big bucks

Christ Principle: Neutrality = change

April 16th, 2006

The time is ripe for economic and political change in Tampa Bay and through out the country

Why Rep. Harris will win her senatorial bid.

April 2nd, 2006

In the time of Christ religion, and state were the adversaries of the people; it’s the same today.