Fundamentalism in any language spells trouble

Evangelical Christianity fundamentalism is not content to influence and control American politics. which than determines how people in the Tampa Bay community life their lives. Which of course, applies to the rest of the country. They also demand to be heard and obeyed in the Muslim world. So it applies around the globe.

From the last posting, a discussion was presented over the possible execution of a Muslim convert to Christianity. This has outraged the Western world. Primarily because of their roots and experiences with very oppressive Christian doctrines. The entire Western world including America has experienced severe Christian brutality at the hands of fundamentalists Christians. And, executions in the name of GOD. So it should come as no surprise that the center or capital of world evangelical Christian fundamentalism is the United States. It then should be suspected that its mission is to Christianize the world. With that being the case it should be expected that this charge would be led by several evangelical Christian fundamentalists organizations or the religious right here in the states. One such organization is the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. They are demanding that Afghanistan adhere to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Which demands freedom of conscience, and belief. The problem is that from their history their motive for intervention must be held suspect. The religious right is all about proselytization. The converting from one religion to another. If you study the history of Christian proselytization, you will discover that to accomplish conversion they were not beyond employing torture. Here is the core problem with fundamentalism. The source for the following is the Global Policy Forum. “The word fundamentalism describes diverse religious currents: Protestant denominations, Jewish groups, Buddhists, Hindu political parties and Islamic governments. They share a tendency to reject modernity and insists on return to a supposedly “pure” version of their religious tradition. Many fundamentalists live peacefully on the fringes of society, but some fundamentalists seek political power and hope to erase the distinctions between religion and the state.” That is the scenario that is playing out on the world stage in Afghanistan at this very moment.

This is a case in controversy from Kabul, Afghanistan, centers around Abdul Rahman. According to fundamentalists Islam clerics, there is no greater offense than apostasy. “Afghanistan does not have any obligation under international laws. The Prophet says when someone changes religion he must be killed,” said Maulavi Habibullah. Sheik Asif Muhsini a Shiite cleric said, “No law can contradict Islam.”

Afghanistan, President Hamid Karzai, to say the least, is caught between a rock and a hard place. President Karzai is the puppet president of George W. Bush. His governments existences is depended upon the United States. All Western governments are calling on Bush not to allow this execution to take place. University intellectuals are demanding that this not occur. Larry Sabato, a political analyst at the University of Virgina said, “The Bush administration simply can not let this happen.” He goes on to say that this execution must be stopped one way or another. Because it would make mockery out of what Bush said, about establishing democracy in Afghanistan.

Another radical extremists ilk plaguing the people of Tampa Bay, and the nation is the Family Research Council. They are not content to corrupt the ideals of American democracy. Now they are extending their corruption to Afghanistan politics. Tony Perkins President of of the organization asked the following. “How can we congratulate ourselves for liberating Afghanistan from the rule of jihadists only to be ruled by radical Islamists who kill Christians?” Another such organization has organized an Internet email campaign demanding that Bush to intervene and save the life of this christian convert who refuses to deny Christ. Following suit are American Jewish and Muslim groups. Which is a huge mistake! Perhaps this writer will explain this comment later. This would be an interesting lecture topic. If interested, contact this writer clergyman through the navigation tab.

The Muslim world takes a different perspective. The Western uproar over Afghanistan’s internal affairs has fueled the notion that it is under attack by the West. Is there any doubt about the Muslim’s world perspective on this matter? And, is there any doubt that Islamic fundamentalism will make the shoe fit the attackers foot? And is it possible that world is on the verge a religious cataclysm?

This could lead to world wide religious war. Muslim’s are not going to tolerate this kind of disrespect of their religion and tradition. Especially by the Christian community here in the states or anywhere else in the West.

The hope for the world with this controversy in Afghanistan lies in diplomacy. Afghan officials have hinted that Abdul Rahman will not be executed due to mental illness. Perhaps there is something in Islamic law that allows for mercy if one is found mentally ill. The deeper question is rather fundamentalists Islam clerics will accept such a finding.

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Islam verses Christianity

Who determines the penalty for violating a law that calls for the death penalty? Should it be the state who has the legal authority, and responsibility to execute the full force of the law? Most proponents of jurisprudence would argue the state must execute the law. Individuals found guilty in a court of proper jurisdiction must experience the full force of the law.

That may, or may not be the case for two cases of centering around religion. The first case is already on the world stage. It involves a case in Kabul, Afghanistan. A Muslim who converted to Christianity sixteen years ago. The other case involves women from Selmer,Tennessee. She shot and killed her evangelical Christian fundamentalists minister husband. She then took their children and fled to Alabama. What makes these cases interesting is the penalty of guilt requires death in both cases. Both cases involve Christian defendants. The religious right is already involved in the Afghanistan case. While they have not announced there involvement in the Tennessee case, the announcement will come. The ladder will get a lot of press because of the parties involved. It most likely will not get a lot of media attention around the world but it will get some which of course the former will.

This is of particular interest because the religious right is moving the nation into submission to evangelical Christian fundamentalism doctrine. They have an office holder in the White House who considers himself to be one of them since his conversion to Christianity in the 1980’s. This movement has great influence upon George W. Bush. They are very much his policy advisers. More than half of the congress also is associated with the religious right and values their counsel. Those who are not individually identified with the religious right identify with their social conservative agenda. Here I’m referring to the Supreme Court and congress people like Sen. Lieberman, D-CT. That leaves the majority of us without any advocacy in the courts or congress! The people of Tampa Bay, and the nation will experience the influence of the religious right upon their lives. Perhaps in ways not anticipated by many. Not only is that the case for Americans. It will also be the experience of the government in Afghanistan. The religious right will flex it muscle in the Afghanistan case. This is not a showdown between two sovereign states. It’s a showdown between two religions, Islam and Christianity. It will have regional and international implications. How severe, only the God of Abraham knows?

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The reason for the execution of Tim Fox

As people in our Tampa Bay community, and across the nation learned of the execution of Tim Fox. Many expressed confusion as to why he was executed. He was associated with a Toronto and Chicago based organization known as the Christian Peacemaker Teams. Tim and three other colleagues were kidnapped in Iraq November 26, 2005. The announced purpose of Christian Peacemakers in Iraq was to show solidarity with Iraqi people in opposing the American led invasion. They demanded the release of Iraqi prisoners who were never charged with a crime. So why would an organization in Iraq, the Swords of Righteousness, execute this man? When it appeared they shared similar purposes. The answer can only come from the people responsible for the kidnapping and execution of Tim Fox.

Not being able to determine purpose one must turn to supposition. This writers supposition is that the Iraqi people collectively object to foreigners coming to there rescue. Especially when their assistance was not requested. Generally such interference, no matter how noble is recognized as Western arrogance. A behavioral trait of Westerners long despised but ignored by the west. This is only acerbated today as the West moves East gobbling up the world for Western economic, political, social, and religious purposes

While the goals, and efforts of the Christian Peacemaker Teams deserve much respect; they are misguided. Consequently, the kidnapping of this team and the death of Tim Fox was unnecessary. This tragedy will not deter them. Most likely there presence in Iraq will remain. In so doing they will remain targets for kidnappings and execution. When a spokes person for the Christian Peacemakers says that the root cause of the kidnapping of the team resulted from the invasion and occupation led by the United States. The organization failed to understand the root reason for the kidnapping and execution of one of its members. They most likely were seen as infidels to the religious beliefs of their captors and worthy of death. There was and never will be any solidarity between fundamentalism Islam and evangelical Christianity. Anyone who goes to Iraq, in the name of a Christian God, automatically has a date with death. No matter how noble or virtuous their cause and efforts. The world community must see the Christian Peacemakers for what they really represent. They are first and foremost messengers for Jesus Christ. To put the notion in terms of world understanding. They are missionaries. The ultimate goal is to convert Muslim’s to Christianity! All the good work they might to in helping the Iraqi people is secondary to the converting Muslim’s to Christianity. People should not be fooled by statement of such organizations as being non sectarian. That maybe very true, but they are also very sectarian in their ultimate goal. Which is to establish Christian churches, throughout Iraq.

If the Christian Peacemakers want to end the conflict in Iraq, and free Iraqi prisoners not charged with a crime. They need to redirect their efforts to the door step of George W. Bush. It’s Dubya’s war! Here is what one of the most conservative internet journals had to say about the war in Iraq. They quote Vice President Dick Cheney, “This is President Bush’s war. When he went into the war, he went against the advice of his father and the whole administration. He went against the advice of many of his military commanders. He went in with inadequate force for the transition to peace, and he had no exit strategy, so it’s their war.” (source: Patriot Post US, 06-12 chronicle, 22 March o6) We have an imperial President who will not be bound by reason or by rule of law. He creates his own law and the congress, courts, or the international community can not contain him. Again, if the Christian Peacemakers want to help the Iraqi people. They need to dispatches as many teams as possible to the White House. Most likely they will not do that because in reality they are part of the problem in Iraq!

With there considerable money and ability to put together missionary teams. They could send teams to help Sen. Russ Feingold’s muster the votes necessary for his motion to censure Bush. While Feingold’s motion is to censure Bush for domestic spying on Americans, it’s a start. With that success they could encourage congress to censure Bush on his war. They might be able to take credit for saving the congress.

Here is what an Iraqi women had to say about Dubya’s war, “… I never thought I would say this, but it is worse here for prisoners and their families, and for life in general than under Saddam. Every family has at least one member who has been killed, injured, or imprisoned because of this war. We are tired,” Samila. (source Christian Peacemakers Journal)

Good and noble intentions will not help the Iraqi people. It will only cause grief and pain for good people trying to be helpful. Stopping the Bush war is what is needed. Stop number one, must be the White House. If you guys like to suffer, for Jesus. Do it right, and Bush will have you swished away as an enemy combatant. Why you could end up in Iraq and experience torture or even death. Serious times require serious actions. Are you guys ready to lead us to victory at home. Maybe the Christian Peacemakers can lead the way.

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In America not without a struggle

In America the vast majority of people live under the concept that we live in a democracy. Meaning the nation has a system of government controlled by the people. They think that the people elect representatives to execute the peoples interest. Put concisely, nothing could be further from reality.

First consider the notion of a government by the people. Such a notion has great appeal. Any person wanting to live within a democracy understands it is only possible if we the people set the national agenda. Then elect people to exercise our business. All of us have been told that is how the American form of government works. They have told Americans its what has made America the most successful and powerful nation ever on the face of the globe. During the course of the nations history a minority of people have successfully sold Americans that false concept. In reality its the few very rich and powerful who determine who the people get to elect. Then those one hundred senators and four hundred thirty five members of the house of representatives determine the national agenda without regard to the interest of the majority of Americans.

What we really have in the way of a government in the United States is Imperialism. Which is the acquisition of the economic, and political structure of the nation by a minority of very wealthy and powerful people. Once the imperialistic power structure has targeted a region for destruction it knows no mercy. They will destroy anyone or anything in its path at the slightest hint of disruption of its economic and political order.

If the ordinary person, who has no choice, but to get up, and join millions of others forced by sheer necessity to earn another dollar. Americans who fall within this category should understand that United States government does not represent their interests. Rather our government represents the sole interests of corporate America. Workers are considered a mere commodity necessary for the production of goods and services for corporate conglomerates.

The collective news media keeps informing the public about the success of the nations economy. Recently it was reported that unemployment is down for most of the nation. We have been informed that the Tampa Bay community and the entire state of Florida is experiencing unprecedented employment growths. Its been thirty years since the Florida unemployment growth has been this low. Florida’s corporate conglomerates are churning out large profits. But the workforce, is not sharing in these economic gains. Florida politicians are all smiles because the states treasury is having difficulty containing all the tax revenue.

While all this taking place Parade Magazine reports that for the second year in row eighty percent of the work force loss ground economically. In sheer dollars and cents most American workers have less money to send than they did two years ago. So its understandable that we do not see the American work force jumping with glee because of increased corporate profits. Nor are the people clapping with delight because the state tax revenues shows a surplus of millions.

Here in the Tampa Bay community and through out Florida drivers pay $.48 tax on each gallon of gasoline purchased. Now if the feds in D.C. and our servants in Tallahassee want to help the people share in this wonderful economic growth. They could eliminate this tax all together. Then the American work force could also jump with glee and clap with delight over the discovery of a little more revenue to spend. Hey! the oil conglomerates could make up this deficit with ease. Do not worry about the feds they have billions to spend on war and death for corporate greed. Time they spend some that money on the American work force. After all, its an American civil right! Florida can well afford to help the states work force. by their own admission they more money than they can spend. They say they are saving that money for a rainy day. That rainy day is here for working Floridians.

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How the markets will crash in America

What do the people of Iraq have in common with other people of the world community? They reject American intentions to Americanize their nation. As the United States struggles to Americanize Iraq, some think that the result of that effort has brought Iraq to the brink of civil war. The consequences of such a war at this time is unknown. Should such a conflict materialize it will be beyond the Iraqi governments ability to cope with such unrest. That will require greater U.S. involvement in an attempt to avoid such a calamity. It’s questionable if greater U.S. involvement can quench such a quagmire. It well could be the reason why some in the Pentagon are starting to refer to the Iraqi war as the long war.

The citizenry of the world should be alarmed by such a prospect. Should civil war manifests itself in Iraq. It will impact, and involve neighboring states that surround Iraq. That is because these states have something to lose, or gain by the outcome of the Iraqi civil war. Should such a catastrophe occur it is not likely that the rest of the world will escape unharmed. The entire world can expect to experience loss of life and economic disaster. The only question that remains to be answered, is the severity of the harm to the world community, should civil war occur in Iraq.

Should civil war manifest itself in Iraq. Iran a state to the East of Iraq would continue to profit. First, Iran won big with the U.S. invasion of Iraq. From that invasion they got rid of Saddam Hussein their long standing nemesis. In exchange for the removal of Hussein. Iran was able to secure influence in Iraq. Shiites a minority in Iraq under Hussein trained in Iran waiting for an opportunity for revenge. They got when it when Dubya went to war. Now the Shiites are a major influence in the Iraqi government. Civil war would most likely enhance their sectarian influence. It would also enhance Iranian influence not only in Iraq, but throughout the Middle East. The Iranians also know that civil war in Iraq would complicate the United States efforts to deal with Iranian goals of becoming a nuclear power.

To the South of Iran we have Kuwait ruled by Sunnis. But they have a substantial Shiite population along the borders of Southern Iraq. Civil war in Iraq could well encourage an alliance between Shiites in Iraq and Kuwait to attack the Sunni government of Kuwait. One casualty of such an scenario would be the disruption of Kuwaiti oil.

The United States has a naval base in Bahrain. The government there is ruled by a Sunni emir. But, Bahrain has a Shiite majority. They would like to see the American base closed. Civil war in Iraq most likely would encourage Shiites in Bahrain to attack the U.S. naval base. A long standing fear of the United States.

The concerns for the world only mount with Saudi Arabia to the Southeast of Iraq. While Sunni Islam is the state religion, it has concerns should a a civil war occur in Iraq. They have a significant Shiite minority whom they have always considered heretics. Of course, the Saudi government has always made difficult for their Shiite brethren. There concerns with the Shiite population is that they live near Saudi rich oil fields. They question to be answered is whether the Shiites would attack the oil fields.

It’s naive to think that Americans would not be severely impacted from a civil war in Iraq. Shiites clearly understand that United States has favored Sunni Islam. All they could do was train in Iran and wait for revenge. When the opportunity presented itself, they took full advantage of the opportunity by striking back forcefully. If the world community has to deal with a sectarian civil war in the Middle East the Shiites will make the world community pay dearly for there support of Sunni Islam. Think what would happen here in the United States with a minor disruptions in the oil fields of the Middle East. Such disruption could cause a complete economic crash of the markets. It has often been said, they who laugh last, laugh loudest.

On the Eastern border of Iraq is Syria. An ally of Iran mostly because they object to the imperialism of the United States in the region. A nation already accused of allowing Sunni fighters to enter into Iraq through its borders. One could only suspect that greater numbers of Sunni fighters would have greater access to Iraq as a result of a Iraqi civil war. However a growing population Shiites in Syria could complicate matters for the Syrian government.

To the North of Iraq we have Turkey. Turkey has openly expressed its concerns. They worry about how the Kurdish populations of both nations might effect their country should civil war materialize in Iraqi.

Then there are other nations in the region that would be impacted. Nations like Jordan, Egypt, Israel, and Lebanon. Each of these nations have their own fears to worry about should civil war break out in Iraq. Those fears can not be isolated to just those countries. Because, in some way the entire world will be impacted.

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