Politicans as bloodsuckers

From it’s inception as a nation the United States has been a government of white male supremest. As the only power brokers in town, they determined what religion was to be practiced. Ultimately they decided upon Christianity. A particular brand of Christianity known as evangelical fundamentalism based on puritan notions from England. Today we still know that religion as evangelical fundamentalism. It’s still based on puritan notions, but we refer to it as the religious right.Then they forged an economic system called capitalism. Evangelical fundamentalism or the religious right, and capitalism have created so much havoc for the nation. That one wonders why those twin evils have not been declared illegitimate. By all people, who do not fall within the boundaries being rich white males or of the religious right extremism persuasion. Which of course is most of America. Those twin evils need to be systematical abolished, by whatever non-violent measures the majority of people through out the nation elect to exercise. Since both ideologies have been used as weapons of control and oppression. In order to perpetuate itself the government needs both of these evils. It uses Christianity as a means of mind control, and capitalism as means of economic oppression.

We humans are unique in that we have the ability for long term recollection. It’s called consciousness. The government is well aware of this phenomenon. They understand that it is not a persons consciousness that determines their existence. It’s just the opposite. The government understands that social programing determines one consciousness which then controls their existence. The nations government is made up of professional politicians who seek power and wealth for themselves. They do this at the expense of most Americans for the benefit of a very few. The word politic comes from the Latin. Poli meaning “many” and tic meaning “bloodsucking.” Bloodsucking is accomplished through attachment. So in order to maintain power, and wealth they need the influence of Christianity, and in particular the religious right, to keep the masses attached to the political will off professional politicians.

Christianity prepares the nations population to accept the illogical notion that the hand of God mysteriously intervenes in the market place creating an abundance of wealth. This capitalistic doctrine teaches that the closer one is to God the greater will be ones prosperity. That is what is meant by the expression “free markets.”

Such notions do not work for the people of Tampa Bay or the nation. The Los Angeles Times recently reported that Florida cities are very effective at creating employment opportunities. The economic performance of those company created jobs was just as spectacular. So good nationally that five Florida cities rank one through five. Then Florida cities held twelve of the top thirty slots. To the capitalist, what is most important about this finding, is the economic wealth generated for them from the hard toil of labor by those workers. They will not allow workers to share in their success. Even though economic success would not be possible with out the effective labors of the work force in Florida and nationally.

Recently The St. Petersburg Times reported that the Florida is enjoying record lows in regard to employment. Jobs are so available that employers are having difficulty filling those jobs with workers this writer suspects. Despite this trend in employment opportunities. Poverty levels in Florida remain high. This is because wages in Florida are low compared to national averages, according to the Times.

In this writer’s last posting fault was put at the doors of Florida’s politicians for being self serving by not allocating enough money for education. Here is another finding reported by the Times. Florida’s university system rewards fewer degrees than other states. None of Florida’s universities has an engineering program in the nations top forty nine schools. Furthermore, no Florida university ranks in the top one hundred and four liberal art schools.

What does all this mean for the people of Tampa Bay and the rest of the state? It means hardships and continued misery for most people of this state. Change is not just necessary it’s mandatory for our future. In future postings this writer will be addressing issues for change in order to eliminate the hardship and misery experienced by far to many.

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A government that deserves no respect

When this writer was much younger, he held a number of politicians in high regard. Now that this writer is much older, he holds all politicians in very low regard. This is so because this writer has watched and studied their legislative histories. Much to this writer’s horror it was discovered that legislators legislate for themselves in order to gain power and wealth. They have no regard or respect for the people. In fact they get upset, and resist the will of the people. Why the people tolerate such disrespect goes beyond this writers comprehension. Sure would like to hear from people through out our Tampa Bay community and the nation as to why this is the case. Is it a feeling of helplessness or what?

For example, the voters spoke loudly and clearly that we want smaller class sizes for the children of Florida. The state legislature and the governor do not think that’s a good idea. The governor wants to give voters a chance to reverse themselves. We do not need selfish politicians like Jeb Bush to give us a chance to reverse our vote. After all, it was the citizens who spoke and ordered the state to provide the resources for smaller class size. If voters wanted to reverse themselves, we the voters would do just that. For a change, the governor and legislature need to get busy and execute the peoples business as ordered.

All voters hear is how important children are to professional politicians. Which of course is just political spin; meaning just talk with no results. Now these politicians are faulting teachers for the poor test results of Florida children. Academically Florida children rank near the bottom of the ladder nationally. The governor now wants to tie teacher pay to how well children do on the statewide F-cat test. The problem is with the politicians and not the teachers. Politicians speaking for themselves will tell the public that money buys the best of everything. Except when it comes to the needs of children and the educators who labor to educate the states children. Florida educators rank near the bottom of the pay scale nationally. Forget the Southern states when comparing the pay scales. Instead compare Florida pay scale for teachers with the pay scale of Northern states. And take a look at how much money Florida allocates to education compared to the more successful Northern states.

Then tell those politicians to shut up and get about the peoples business or pay the consequences. This writer favors making them pay the consequences. By that this writer means, we the people need to create a government that serves the needs of the people, and not self serving professional goons. That’s the only way the Tampa Bay community, and the state will ever have a meaningful educational system to meet the needs of our children.

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The smart war

We know that war is a struggle between opposing ideologies. Some of those wars are very physical and bloody like the war in Iraq. But not all wars are of that nature, such wars are fought intellectually. Employing deception was the weapon of destruction. One master of this warfare is evangelical christian fundamentalism or the religious right. The result of such wars produce a different kind of casualty than what we are seeing in Iraq. That is not to say that they are not physical and bloody. The physical force is just exercised through deception. The bleeding is not noticeable. Both types of wars end in death. The intended result is the ushering in a different set of ideologies.

Here in the United States we are engaged in such a war with the religious right. They would have people believe that their religion is patterned according to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many have heard it said that if a lie is repeated often enough it will be accepted as truth. That is how the art of deception is fine tuned and made to be truth. Few are as successful with this type of warfare than the religious right. This movement should be considered very dangerous.

People who want liberty and freedom to remain as corner stones of American ideology. Need to organize and oppose this movement while opportunity still exists. Such an assertion is not only true for the Tampa Bay community but for the nation as a whole. Make no mistake that the notions of liberty and freedom that most the nation accepts is very different from the concepts of liberty and freedom opined by the religious right. Learn more about this onslaught by engaging this clergyman as a guest speaker or writer.

For the most part the war with the religious right is being lost. Every now and then they lose a battle. Like what recently occurred in Wisconsin. Democratic Representative Terese Berceau has introduced a bill that would make it illegal to teach intelligent design as science in the public school system. Leading the charge in opposition to such a bill comes from outside the state. It comes from the state of Colorado. In the person hood of James Dobson head of the empire of deception he calls, Focus on the Family. So why is the devil crying foul? Because Rep. Berceau bill is the first such bill introduced in the nation. Dobson and others see Berceau’s bill as an ” unprecedented political move to protect evolution.”A leading proponent of intelligent design is offering a $1,ooo award. The money would be awarded to the first teacher in Wisconsin. Who would challenge the policy by teaching intelligent design as science. ( source Madison WI., Capital Times and Baptist Press)

According to the Capital Times the religious right has it all wrong. The bill only calls for the exploration of what is science and how science should be defined.

The Bible says God created the heavens and the earth in six days. The creation account covers thirty one verses in Genesis. Chapter two states God rested on the seventh day. God sanctified the seventh day meaning it is a holy day. Different from all other days. A day that should be observed by not working. A prohibition the religious does not honor? Anyone know why? Chapter two also provides a reiteration of the creation account. The problem with the religious right and the creation account is that they insist that God’s day can not be measured in twenty four hour increments. They argue this because they know the Biblical account of creation can not be supported scientifically. Therefore, if the Biblical account of a day can be stretched to be more than twenty four hour period than their account of creation can be harmonized with science. When it suits their purpose, the Bible is to be read and accepted as written. When it does not suit their purpose than they read an interpretation into the scriptures that serves the intended purpose. In this case their creation account.

What is happening in Wisconsin has the religious right upset. They will bring in their big guns from all over the nation to make sure Rep. Berceau bill does not become law. The question is, will those of us who understand the danger created by the religious right rally enough support for Berceau so that her bill becomes law?

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Opportunity to understand senate rules on “cloture” and “filibuster”

Some readers of these postings place little confidence in what the Bible asserts. Which is a position, this clergyman writer shares with those readers. But there are nuggets of truths to be found between those pages which are applicable today. As most know, we have a new associate justice on the United States Supreme Court. He sits there only because of the influence of money and power. Money in the Bible is portrayed as a means of betrayal and deception. Judas Iscariot had been thinking about how he might turn over Jesus to the religious authorities. They were not happy with Jesus because he had found fault with their religious teachings. They were committed to finding a way to silence Jesus. To the delight of the chief priest along comes Judas. The chief priest called the 71 members of the Sanhedrin together. So that they could hear for themselves that someone from the revolutionary’s inner circle was willing to turn Jesus over to them. All it took was money to make it a done deal. Jesus himself said that it was impossible to serve two masters. He went on to say people will learn to love one master over the other. In this instance he was talking about fairness and justice verses money and power.

Recently we saw that scenario play out in the United States Senate with the confirmation of Alito. All of us who opposed Alito’s confirmation knew that his nomination could only be defeated if the Democrats banded together to prohibit a vote to end the floor debate on his nomination. There are 44 Democrats and and one independent Senator in the nations Senate. In order for the Republicans to end the floor debate on Alito they needed 60 votes. If the 44 Democrats and the independent senator voted together they would have prohibited “cloture” by five votes. Thus allowing the minority party to “filibuster” the Alito nomination until it was withdrawn by Bush. The Republicans successfully used that tactic against a Democratic nominee Abe Fortas.

When the Republicans called for a vote of “cloture,” only 24 Democrats, and the one lone independent Senator voted against “cloture.” That guaranteed that Alito would be come the nations next associate justice. With “cloture” Alito’s nomination went before the Senate for a yes or no vote. Then an additional 17 Democrat Senators joined the other 25 Senators who voted against “cloture” a meaningless vote. In the end the Senate vote was 58 for confirmation and 42 against confirmation.

Senator Nelson of Florida voted for “cloture” then on the motion to confirm Alito he voted against Alito. We needed his vote against “cloture” and we did not get it. Hopefully, Florida democrats will remember that he voted against our interest when it mattered most. Which for Senator Nelson is not new. He should not be allowed a second term in the senate. This writer will work for his defeat. Hopefully, many others will join the campaign to defeat Sen. Nelson. In the short term this will cause people of fairness and justice some pain. In the long term if the message is strong enough this dreadful state of affairs within the democratic party can be turned around.

So why did these 17 Democrats vote against Alito in front of the full senate, when they could have prevented “cloture” by voting against cloture? That is a matter left to speculation. As a matter of speculation, this writer suspects that these Senators know that most of the public does not understand the process of “cloture” and the use of the filibuster rule. This made it safe for them to vote for “cloture” but safe to vote against Alito when it did not matter because all the Republicans now needed was 51 vote instead of 60 for “cloture.”

This allows these senators to tell the people who wanted Alito defeated that they did what they could to defeat Alito by voting no for his confirmation. But they will not announce that they could have prevented his confirmation by voting against “cloture” thus creating a filibuster.

Here is the rational for Tampa Bay and the nation for the betrayal of these Senators with their vote for “cloture” and their vote against Alito on the motion to confirm. To many Democrats value money and power over fairness and justice. All those institutions like corporate America who provide the money for those democrats to retain power must bow to the wishes of their corporate bosses. Money has murdered fairness and justice not just in Tampa Bay but through out the nation. And of course, those democratic senators can not any longer offend the demonic influence of Christian fundamentalism or the religious right. Our Democratic senators know what far to many ordinary citizens fail to grasp. The voting power base of the religious right can defeat any Democratic senator anywhere in the country at any time they target that senator.

With Alito on the nations highest court just watch him decide in favor of issues of importance to the corporate world which will have an adverse effect upon ordinary hard working Americans. In addition watch Alito in his ignorance advance the cause of Christian fundamentalism or the religious right against those of us (the majority) who oppose such religious dogma.

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