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In God’s name

December 27th, 2005

Intelligent design is a Christian hoax used as a disquise to Christianize the nation.

God can not bless America

December 26th, 2005

The only hope for the United States is a destiny free of the influences of God’s money.

Bad boys like Tom Delay

December 21st, 2005

Greed of capitalism lassie faire economics produces repression of the people in the evil form of Bush

A right by birth

December 20th, 2005

the power of the people in a constitutioal government under George Bush is vanishing.

A nations only hope

December 17th, 2005

A call for Congress to impeach Bush then prosecuted as a war criminal by the United Nations.

A tribute to resistance

December 16th, 2005

To end tyranny at home and around the world means to end the imperial reign of George Bush.

The tale of the 7 continued

December 13th, 2005

Nebuchadnezzar, Bush, with his moral authority to reek havoc without mercy at home and abroad.

A tale of seven men

December 11th, 2005

All the Gods agree, I think, to hate is evil to love is good, but what about the God of George Bush?

Trash the Act, Prez

December 10th, 2005

Bad boy Bush wants the Congrees to renew the Patriot Act

An American Illusion

December 6th, 2005

Launch a war; practice ghosts flights of extraordinary rendition spells war crimes for Bush, Cheney.