Hopeless in America; unless

About 50% of the American workforce is without employer provided health insurance. Corporations complain that they can not remain competitive because of the high costs of employer provided medical and pension plans. They assert that getting rid of those obligations will help cure their lack of competitiveness. (note yesterdays postings for other reasons) They argue that it’s the responsibility of the workforce to go out into the market place and purchase health insurance and retirement plans. In order for the workforce to be able to afford health insurance and retirement plans. Corporate America is going to have to increase the wages for working America. The reason 50% of the workforce is without health insurance is because they can not afford to buy health insurance.

This writer is available to lecture to any size group concerning the multiple problems facing working America. This writer will come and talk on a topic of specific interest to you. The number of people in attendance is not important. What is important is group interest and how to work for change.

Major social polarization is occurring throughout the country as millions of workers struggle to make ends meet. While this is taking place the number of families with assets of at least $20 million grew by 3,000 just last year. The old adage, “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer,” represents a way of life for the most of America. In America how can you become rich if you have to pay taxes? The answer is you can not. That is why corporate America hires lobbyists to write favorable legislation to reduce their tax burden. Those 3,000 families who saw their wealth increase by $ 20 million will have to pay 15% less in taxes. While a families making $15,000 or less, will not be graced with such good fortune. The government considers families making $15,000 or less to be poor. Families who are considered poor by the governments own standards should not have to pay any federal taxes.

The United States government has no shortage of money. The republicans in the congress and the executive branch complain that Americans pay to much in taxes. So, why not free the poor from paying any federal income taxes? Why this government has so much money it can fight a war in Iraq that has cost the nation over $ 222,695,190,850 and soaring by the second. The war has cost the people of Florida $11,756,288,105 and soaring by the second. While the citizens of Hillsborough, have paid $769,709,875, and soaring by the second. What to discover what that money could purchase in pre-school, kid’s health, college, public housing. Or, to fund some international problems like aides and world immunization. Check out the National Priorities Projects web site. They can be found at www.nationalpriorities.org.

Really, there is not any reason for not eliminating the federal tax obligation for all workers making $15,000. or less. The next step up from millionaire status is the step to billionaire. The world population houses 691 billionaires. That represents an increase in the billionaire family by 100 in about a year. It gets better folks these unfortunate people have a combined wealth of 2 1/4 trillion dollars. They have had to suffer with a meager increase of wealth of $300 billion over the same time period. These 691 billionaires were forced to exists on 3 1/5 billion on average.

Out of this world family of billionaires 272 live in the United States. However, as a result of hard working Americans, the worlds most productive workers. This family of billionaires increased by 69 in the United States for a total of 341. Thirteen members of this billionaire club are American citizens. It seems that New York City is their favorite place of residency. New York City mayor is one of those billionaires worth $5 billion. The person just ahead of him is billionaire natural gas tycoon Daniel Ducan with $5.1 billion. So, what do think folks, should people have to pay more for natural gas for heating and cooking? Seems with that kind of wealth, the industry giant should help people by reducing the cost this fuel.

In contrast to the rich and poor comes a report by the American Society of Civil Engineers which reports that America’s drinking water, waste water treatment plants, and power plants are sub standard. They report that public schools, public transportation are in the same sorry state. Along with America’s highways and bridges. They report that nearly $2 trillion will be needed just to bring the nation’s infrastructure up to minimum standards. Watch out working America! The tax man will be knocking on your door asking for money.