What’s wrong with this picture?

General Motors announced that it will eliminate another thirty thousand jobs. Those eliminated jobs represent 25% of its work force. The employment cut in the workforce is not temporary because of a weak economy. At least 12 plants were cars were built will be turned into parking lots or maybe parks. Some will be left to urban blight to house illicit activities. Representing another step in reducing the American work force to third world status.

Capitalists auto analysts for the industry warn that the job cuts are not enough. Remaining workers must accept reductions in wages and other benefits. Overtime pay must be eliminated! Vacation and sick leave must go! Workers must be prepared to work more hours per day and week. The expectation for the normal work week will increase to 50-60 hours a week. They say the standard of living Americans are use to will not be compromised. By working more hours, they will make up the difference in reduction in salary. In the mix of all this the workforce must be more productive. Leading this charge for worker concessions are company investors like Kirk Kerorian who is a BILLIONAIRE and owns 10% of General Motors.

The United States is home to 8 million millionaires with a combined wealth of $11 trillion in combined assets. That’s a growth of 1/5 over the number of millionaires in the country last year.

Wages for workers fail to keep pace with inflation. Yet, workers will be expected to work longer hours for less money. And to be more productive, as the workforce slips closer to third world status. Of course these, workers will be expected to pay more in tax’s because this current government has reduced the tax burden for millionaires and billionaires. Actually, some argue that individuals earning less than $15,000, a year, should not pay any taxes. Today job seekers can knock on the doors of the nations finest companies seeking employment. If offered a job, they can expect part time work. They will earn less than $7 an hour and work up to 32 hours week without any of the traditional benefits like vacation and sick leave. When the company doors are closed in observation of a national holiday. The part time workforce will get no holiday pay.

In America life just got worse. More on this trend with next posting.