With Alito the Court is complete

With the previous posting concerning Johnson v Bush, a case that sought restoration of civil rights, for convicted felons who have fulfilled all obligations to society. As stated, the case ended when the U.S. Supreme Court refused to accept the case. The court did not state its reasoning for not accepting the case. Therefore, the public must be given to conjecture as to why the court refused to accept the case.

For this writer, the conjucture is simple. This court has been moving to the right of center for a few decades. Justices who are right of the center interpret the facts of a case based on what they call original intent of the nations founding fathers. For example, because the U.S. Constitution does not address the loss of civil rights for convicted felons. The Supreme Court can not decide the case. They see it as a responsibility of state legislatures to address restoration of civil rights for convicted felons.

The doctrine of original intent and state rights has not served the nation in the past. Such doctrines of jurisprudence allow legislatures to enact laws that resulted in the Johnson v Bush in the first place.The loss of civil rights in Florida for convicted felons was made part of the Florida Constitution over 130 years in the past. Right after the end of the civil war. Along with many other laws better known as Jim Crow Laws. States like Florida left to their own devices have a history of disenfranchising certain people in this state. Those who have suffered most under the Florida legislature have been African Americans and women. Of course Jews and many others have their own horror stories to tell. To qualify for disfranchisement in Florida; you just had to be a minority. That tragedy of the states past has not been completely eradicated. The state is on the verge of being locked in the past for decades to come. Dominated and controlled by the evils of original intent and state rights. When Samuel Alito, is confirmed and joins the Supreme Court. The several decades of struggles to move the court to the right of center will have been accomplished. That will halt and reverse the jurisprudence of an expansive constitution.

An effort was made by, State Senator Frederica Wilson, D-Miami, who proposed a constitutional amendment to the Florida Constitution. The bill never made it out of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The committee chair is Sen. Daniel Webster, R-Winter Gaeden. Senators who support such an amendment to the Florida Constitution plan on introducing the legislation again. As suggested in the last posting, it would be helpful if people contacted our legislators offering support for such a amendment to our constitution. A good place to start would be to contact Sen. Wilson and encourage her to reintroduce her legislation. Hopefully, people will also contact Sen Webster, and express disapproval for his holding of the legislation captive in committee.

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