Senator Coburn and his America

In the United States Senate sets a republican senator from Oklahoma. His name is Tom Coburn. This man is on a mission. His mission is to Christianize America. He is a member of a extremists religious denomination where he serves as Deccan. He has associations with organizations who share his vision. One of those organizations is a group called the Promise Keepers. It’s an all male group. Meaning women can not join. People like Coburn believe women should have careers only as wives and mothers. Which of course makes him a threat to women, who may have an agenda outside of the home. They may as well want to be wives and mothers. It’s a decision in modern America that women make. They do so while very young; as school girls. Which is what school age boys have always done. For Coburn, and his kind, women could work outside the home only with their husbands permission. Employment would have to meet with his approval. Such an ideology would roll the nation back to dreadful times in America history.

The Promise Keepers just finished the twentieth conference for men and boys. During those 20 conferences they claim to have had 177,000 in attendance. They heard such themes as, Awakened Lives to Divine Purpose, Hearing God’s Voice, and Discovering Your Unique Design. The Divine purpose is to bring the nation to accept the religious right extremists doctrines. They are taught to accept those doctrines as divine because they have a biblical foundation, according to the Promise Keepers; and Sen. Coburn. They hear God’s voice through the Bible. During these conferences they were encouraged to reject evolutionary theories for the origin of the species. Speakers employed humor where the audience was told that if they saw a beached whale they were not to return it to the ocean because it’s trying to evolve. Keep in mind that Sen. Coburn is a member of the Promise Keepers. He shares their mission, and has brought it into the United States Senate. Please do accept what this writer writes about Sen. Coburn. Rather study the legislation he sponsors. Pay attention to the questions he will ask Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito. Follow the speeches he gives. To give the reader some perspective for Coburn’s thinking here what he has said. I favor the death penalty for abortionists and other people who take life. He thinks that the gay community has infiltrated the centers of power through out country. They represent a threat to our freedom. He asserts that the gay community has great political power. To Sen. Coburn the gay community is behind the abortion movement and multiple sexual partners. All this to the Senator makes the gay community a threat to the family. With Sen. Coburn, and people like him, any notion that that does have a biblical foundation is a threat to the family and the whole of society.

Among other things, this writer thinks Sen. Colburn suffers from a severe case of homophobia. Senator Thomas Allen Colburn most likely could benefit from some long term psychiatric treatment. He is a danger to the Senate and the American people. He has already said abortionists should receive the death penalty. The power to enact such laws is not currently possible for the extremists religious right in this country. For now, they know that they do not have the people in the congress to write such legislation. Nor do they have the required justices on the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold such laws, today. Having Samuel Alito on the high court is important to the religious right. They are hoping that he would support such a law. Should such legislation someday be placed on the Supreme Court docket. For them, it’s a gamble worth taking.

On Meet the Press with Tim Russert today. Clips were reviewed of John Roberts confirmation hearings. Sen. Coburn, said he trusted Roberts because he could see from Roberts body language that he was a truthful person. Russert asked him if he thought as a physician he could tell whether a person was telling the truth. Sen. Coburn did not take the bait. The senator just replied that anyone could be trained to see truthfulness in body language. In this writers opinion Sen. Colburn was suggesting that the Holy Spirit was telling him that Roberts was a acceptable candidate for the Supreme Court. Sen. Coburn knew that saying he was led to accept Roberts because of the Holy Spirit would not play on national television, yet. If the trend towards religious fundamentalism continues to gain members in the senate, the American public will hear such language on national television from such senators.

This writer decided to write a little about Sen. Colburn not only because he is a member of the Senate. More importantly because he is a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He will be one vote for sending Judge Alito to the full senate for confirmation. America needs to know the kind of danger that lies at there door step. Now is the time to act and reverse this religious attack on fundamental American liberties.

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