The great Satan rules America

The political and judicial trends in the United States are in serious trouble. The far right religious extremists own the Republican party. So powerful, is their control over the party. It could be referred to as the Republican Church of America. People like Karl Rove, White House adviser seek counsel and approval from the leadership of religious extremists in this country. The White House and the Congress can no longer act independently from the dictates of this group. Soon they will have the last seat on the Supreme Court necessary to complete their judicial sweep of the nation. That seat will be occupied by, Samuel A. Alito. The Republican party sold their soul to the devil, and the nation will pay dearly for the sins of capitulation to the extreme religious right in this country.

The nation can not depend on the Democratic party to rescue the nation from this pending onslaught. The October 31st. posting provided some suggestions as to why.

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