A guy dubbed Scalito

In the United States, many strive with a sense of pride that we are a nation of religious, ethnic, and cultural differences. With many others, this writer values our free devotion for tolerance. Tolerance not because its coerced by religion or state. Sheer tolerance for the aesthetic beauty that is gained through association with other people.

In this land of ours all of that is under siege. Under siege by religious extremists of both the catholic and protestant churches. A movement that has a history here and around the world for the suppression of religion, ethnic, and cultural differences (note yesterdays posting) to their own. They own the congress and the executive branch of government. They acknowledge that they just need one more Scalia / Thomas on the Supreme Court, and then they will own the Supreme Court. Now, in praise of the President, the religious extremists of the catholic and protestant churches have announced that they have their nominee. A guy dubbed “Scalito” because his judicial views parallel those of Justice Scailia. It’s not just Roe that is under siege. It’s every case that comes before the highest court that falls outside of their christian perimeters.

Here are a few lines these religious extremists have released. Bush needs to step up and combat the pervasive culture of death that has gripped the nation. Of course, those extremists are not talking about the six American soldiers who lost their lives in Iraq today. Because of the criminal terrorists war being conducted by this American administration.They are talking about life that does not yet exist. They like to quote Jeremiah 1:5, as a biblical source of authority for their stance. I knew you before you came forth from the womb of your mother. However, Christians who believe in reincarnation use that same authority to support their stance that we are reborn many times. Most Americans believe that Christians have the right to accept as sacred either one of those interpretations. However, most Americans believe that they do not have the right to legislate from the bench of the Supreme Court religious doctrine that will place the nation under christian religious extremism.They refer to senators and others who support a women’s right to control her reproductive life as water carriers and stalking horses for the abortion industry.

We must to preserve the constitutional mandate for the absolute separation of church and state. People of religion in America should be free to practice their religion. If religious extremists favor one interpretation of God for themselves, and their followers that is wonderful in America. But by American constitutional law, they do not have the legal or moral authority to do so for the rest of America. The rest of America happens to be the majority of Americans. Some of whom do not recognize the existence of any God. That too is wonderful because it is also what makes America wonderful.

This is a battle that religious extremists must experience defeat! The democratic party is powerless on its own to derail the goal of the christian religious extremists. Politicians love power, and their power comes from corporate money. They will be careful not offend corporate America. Not that corporate America cares about Roe or the religious rights attempt to Christianize the nation. What corporate America cares about is the defeat of any cases before the court that might effect capitalism in an adverse manner. Which is as you know from yesterdays posting, is the third leg of the conglomerate of Americanism. That has in the past has been so successful around the world. Which also is the needle in the hay stack that will not allow Democrats to do anything put make some loud noise when it comes nominee Alito’s senate confirmation hearing. So the people outside of congress must step up and really pressure the democrats to defeat the nomination of Samuel A. Alito. Not only is liberty at risk which encompasses far more than Roe. But also, the aesthetic beauty of differences from the christian religious extremists perspective.

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The White House: The worlds master of terrorism

The Prez with his weekly radio address today seems to think progress is being made in Iraq because the Iraqi Election Commission certified the passage of the Iraqi constitution.

He said that despite the continued resistance of Iraqis. With the help of coalition forces from through out the region determined to expel U.S. terrorists forces with their terrorists counterparts from Iraq.

Let us not forget that the United States has been exporting terrorism through out the world for a very long time. Remember that at one time the government of Saddam Hussein was a good friend an ally of the American government. The Prez bragged that just 30 months after the fall of the totalitarian government of Saddam the people of Iraq will now be able to elect their own leaders. He went on to assert that the new Iraqi government will be an all inclusive political process. However, he failed to mention that the women of Iraq were better off under the the government of Saddam Hussein. Seems that should be expected from American exported democracy because that was also the experience of American women here in America.

Also, it must be remembered that the terrorists forces in Iraq under American leadership are fighting to prevent former ally in Afghanistan, Osma Bin Ladden. From establishing a foothold in Iraq to attack moderate Muslim nations in the region, according to the Prez. If according to the White House he should succeed, he will use Iraq as a base to attack the United States. Of course, that is exactly what the world fears from the United States. It’s the fear that the Iraqi government will be puppet regime serving American interests. Not only in Iraq but throughout the region. With the establishment of American military bases and with abundance of Iraqi oil it will be easier to attack other nations. Not to mention an abundant oil supply for American oil companies.

You can bet that the Exxon’s of America love this war for they see even greater profits despite the loss of American and Iraqi lives. You see, democracy in Iraq, is a facade which creates an illusion of freedom. The real goal is to establish the predatory economic system called capitalism. Americans should be able to identify with that because while they have make choices between gasoline or food and other necessities. The Exxon’s of America record record profits.

Today the Prez boldly announced that more Americans will have to die so that government can accomplish it goal in Iraq. Americans should say a resounding no to more deceit and loss of life.

Death and dying in Iraq will continue unless Americans come up with a bold plan to end the war. Americans should consider boycotting the mid term elections. With all the trouble in the Dubya White house, democrats are drooling as they contemplate replacing republicans in the congress. Voters should deny the democrats that opportunity because they are complicit with the White House and the republicans in congress with aggression against the Iraqi people. WE as Americans must remember that the democrat of today are one and the same as their republican colleagues.

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Death with Dignity

John Locke in his Second Treatise of Government said, “where the law ends, tyranny begins.” We humans seem incapable of escaping tyrannical behavior unless governed by the law. So with our natural predisposition for arbitrary dominance, we surrender to the rule of law. Walk into any law library. You will soon discover how desperate society is to be controlled. Only the law can provide fairness throughout society.The problem for many is how to influence the law to ones personal advantage. To that end is the purpose of this posting.

For a practical example, this writer well discuss Gonzales, Atty. Gen. v Oregon. This case was chosen because it has some implications for the entire country. Secondly, it illustrates the danger of religious influence in government. Equally important is how non lawyers or ordinary people can influence the law.

Some years ago the people of Oreg an placed on the ballot for voters to decide whether they wanted the law to allow for doctor assisted euthanasia. On two separate occasions the voters said yes. For approximately eight years Oregon had a law known as “Death with Dignity Act.”

Then in November 2001, Attorney General Ashcroft issued a directive that said if doctors participated in doctor patient assisted suicide they could be criminally prosecuted.

Both the federal district court and the court of appeals upheld the Oregon law. Now the case will be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.

John Ashcroft, the former attorney general is the prime example of what occurs when religion and government mix. This is the government official who conducted prayer meetings in his office. He is a christian fundamentalists with an extreme right wing political religious agenda. Who as a lawyer should have known that it was legally wrong to bring his religion into the government work place because it violated the highest law of the land. The constitutional requirement for the separation of church and state. Religionists right extremists like Ashcroft are dangerous because they think that their religious beliefs supersede civil law. They then act upon their right religious extremism as if it’s the governing law of the land. It was upon such convictions that Ashcroft wrote his directive halting Oregon’s Death With Dignity Act. That is this writers opinion having observed the behavior of people like Ashcroft who hold extreme religious convictions.

People who are not lawyers can impact the courts by filing an Amicus brief which is known as a friend of the court brief. What people need to do is learn how to write such a brief. It requires following a format as established by the court which is learnable. However, it’s not any more complicated than writing university papers which require a certain standard writing formula. There is nothing stopping people from writing letters directly to judges stating their personal opinion as to why a court should rule a certain way on a issue of concern.

The nation remembers Terry Schiavo and how the religious right interfered with the desires of her husband. Death and dying should me a matter between family and their doctor. Religious superstition must be excluded from the process. That is what the Oregon, Supreme Court case is really about. It’s about a dangerous religious movement attempt to control dying from their religious perspective. We saw that same scenario play out unsuccessfully with Terry Schiavo. Let us hope the same scenario plays out in the Supreme Court.

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Lessons from Rosa Parks

As far back as this writer can remember, a love for ideas and books dominated my life. Always had ideas about how society should work. Read books that confirmed by belief system or challenged such beliefs. Seeking modification to strengthen my beliefs.

This writer remembers the struggles of Rosa Parks as a high school student. Wanting to discuss her fight for equality in American life in the class room. Being told by teachers not to bring the Rosa Parks law breaking behavior up for debate. There were no African Americans attending any of the schools this writer attended. For that matter, there were no African Americans living in my neighborhood. That always seemed very wrong. It did not take long for this writer to learn that such segregation was the purposeful intent of the communities religious and civil authorities. Being a pursuer ideas and books it was concluded that the religious and civil authorities were just plan wrong. Equality of all people was the highest and most morally universal law of the Gods. To that end this writer has dedicated his life.

As noted Rosa Parks, the mother of the civil rights movement early struggles did not go unnoticed.This writer learned some valuable lessons from Rosa Parks that will be shared with this postings.

In order to be successful as a community activists one needs to be a person of courage. And generally, a person can expect to pay a price for being an activists. For Rosa, she refused to give up her seat to a white male passenger as required by law. The bus driver called the police. The police came and arrested her. She was jailed and later was released on bond. Rosa went on trial and was convicted of breaking the segregation laws.

In addition to having a sense of courage Rosa behavior was always one of non violence. Those two factors are most important. Without courage and non violence behavior social activism will not succeed.

Rosa appealed her conviction in which she directly challenged the segregation laws as being unconstitutional. Her case came before the Supreme Court. Her conviction was overturned along with the nations segregation laws. The third factor to being a successful activists is knowing how to use the ” system ” to your advantage.

The fourth factor to successful activism is to expect retaliation. Activists need to be schooled on how to cope and deal with retaliation. Rosa lost her job at a local department store. Her husband quit his job because his employer said that no discussion was to take place concerning Rosa Parks. She and her husband finally moved because of telephone threats. They feared fire bombings and other acts of violence that the religious and civil authorities condoned.

Another factor of importance is worker solidarity. During Rosa fight for equality succeeded because the black Americans who owned taxi companies in her community agreed to stop at all bus stops in order help people get to their destination. The bus boycott lasted for over a year. A women’s group printed and distributed thousands of handbills supporting the boycott and Rosa Parks. Worker and community solidarity is so vital to bringing about social change in the community or the work place. Solidarity works!

The sixth factor for successful activism is determination This short writing is meant to honor Rosa Parks. She shines with determination. Rosa Parks managed to get her high school degree in 1933 when only 7 % of black Americans were completing high school. She attempted to register to vote on two different occasions and failed. She returned a third time and successfully became a registered voter. The seventh factor of successful activism is the power of registered voters.

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Bush’s Saturday radio address

The Prez went before the nation this morning to announce that a “momentous time in the history of the middle east” was taking place. The Iraqi people were going to the polls to vote on a democratic constitution. Here we have another prezidential distortion. How could a constitution be democratic, when it leaves women with less liberty than what they enjoyed under Saddam Hussein?

The Prez goes on to say that Iraq will decide its future at the ballot box and not through a “violent insurgency.”Again the Prez, offers the world another distortion. First, the United States must be considered the agents of a violent insurgency. As commander and chief, he has forced American military personnel to invade a sovereign nation. Which led to the murder of innocent women, children, and men through America’s superior military might. He has terrorized the Iraqi people through the mass destruction of their homes, schools, hospitals, and parks. Finally, he has destroyed Iraqi museums that housed ancient artifacts that established Iraq as the cradle of civilization. Very valuable archaeological discoveries lost to the world because of a liar and power crazed person, george w. bush. The nation should hold “w” accountable for those crimes of war. And insist, that he stand trial for those crimes.

Dubya, claims to have intercepted a letter from an Al Qaeda’s leader, Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, sent to his chief deputy in Iraq. In that letter it is claimed that the Muslim world faces “the greatest battle of our day.” That is the tragedy of our day. The world is faced with perhaps the greatest battle of our day. The nation and the world owes that battle to the stupidity of, george w. bush. The Prez says the Muslim community has several goals in stages. Drive the United States out of Iraq. Establish an Islamic authority in Iraq. Spread this fundamental Islam to more moderate Islamic nations in the region. Dubya asserts that the letter states that Iraq is to become a “terrorists haven” and “staging ground against other nations, including the United States. Once again, if of that occurs the nation and the world can put the blame on george w. bush. Another reason why he should stand criminally charged and face trial in a court of law. Prez “w” should well understand the goals of the Muslim world in Iraq. After all the U.S. has trained foreign nationals on our soil in Georgia to carry out the governments agenda all over the world. World governments have been overthrown in order to establish puppet regimes. And, that is why the United States invaded Iraq. To establish a puppet regime that would allow the United States to steal the Iraqi natural resources like oil. To establish military bases in Iraq. So it would be easier for the United States to attack neighboring Muslim nations. It seems that “w” and clan failed to understand that there would be strong opposition to such grandiose American schemes from neighboring countries like Iran and Syria. The United States could indeed make the situation a lot more difficult by not considering the Russian factor in the region. Especially with its ties to Iran.

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Bennett the Failure

America the beautiful, and the home of the brave is still populated with to many people who think that color is the cause of crime. Remember that republican who use to set in Washington, D.C., as the educational secretary and the national drug czar? William Bennett said he has the perfect solution for reducing crime. He said, “you could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down.” Talk about opening your mouth and sticking your foot in. That’s an experience common to Bennett and his ilk. And just as common for them is to offer a failed rational. Immediately after his racists statement he replied that it would be, “an impossible, and ridiculous, and morally reprehensible thing to do.” Sorry, Billy boy, but once the cat is out of the bag. It’s difficult to catch the cat and return it to the bag. So what is a guy suppose to do under such circumstances? Offer an apology, well that would be the right thing to do. However, an apology would not erase the harm and hurt his racists statement caused. Do not be quick to dry those tears for Bennett the failure. Because, he did not offer an apology. Instead he defended his bias statement by issuing a statement that said, “critics were unfairly taking his comment out of context.” He went on to say it was “a thought experiment about public policy.” It’s difficult to find anything funny about Bennett’s comment. With one exception; his comment about his racism as a thought experiment about public policy.

It seems to this writer that the religious right is becoming more bold with their true agenda as they take over the country. Bill Bennett, is associated with a right wing radio network known as the Salem Christian Radio Network or CRN. They are heard weekly on about 115 stations. It’s estimated that they have an audience of over 1 1/4 million listeners during that time span. They are heard on five stations here in Florida. Bennett and his racial slur originated as a result from a caller in Ft. Lauderdale to host radio station WKAT 1360-AM, Miami, Florida.

Readers could call or right the station to protest the carrying of such programs. WKAT can be reached by phone at 305 503 1340 or by writing the station at 3191 S.W. 22nd. St., Coral Gables, Fl. 33145. Another listing for WkAT is 305 949 9528, 13499 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL. 33181.

Bennett has two sponsors: Pro Flowers.com. They can be reached at 800 776 3569. They brag about having over 4 million satisfied customers.

The other sponsor is Crosley, 18653 Ventura Blvd., Suite 391, Taezana, Ca. 91356. By phone: 800 310 0268. email retroradio@sbcglobal.net. They are in the sound media business

Inform sponsors that you will boycott their products. And that you will also encourage friends to boycott such racists sponsorship of programs like Bill Bennett’s, Morning in America.

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