Hello Chief Justice Roberts

A formality is taking place in the U.S. Senate. It’s the debate over the nomination of John G. Roberts, Jr., to be the next Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. There is no mystery to that debate. It’s a foregone conclusion by most people that the vote for Roberts will be overwhelming. Roberts will have the vote of all 50 male Republican Senators. Will he get the five republican senators who are women? Hopefully, not more than 12 Democrats will vote for Roberts.

He will not get the vote of any of the nine democratic women in the senate. It will be interesting to discover how the five republican women in the senate will vote. They have the same history as do the democratic senators. The United States as a so called democracy has a long history of denying democratic rights to its citizens. This denial of democratic rights to women dates back to the inception of the country and continues through this very hour.

Perhaps their struggle for equality in America is to well remembered. History for women is still current. They remember a time not so long ago that when they married they had to surrender the right to their own property to their husbands. A time in court, when they were not entitled to legal representation. Could not go to law school or become a doctor. Professionally they were limited to being teachers or nurses.

Even after the passage of the 19th. Amendment in 1920 giving them the right to to vote. Women were still second class citizens. They did not have any of the rights and privileges that men enjoyed. Like equality in athletics or control over their reproductive lives. This struggle for equality did not end with the right to vote. It was just getting started! In many respects the battle is still on going. Then comes a guy named Roberts who is threat to rollback all the advances women have gained over the decades. Roberts was a guy who was not comfortable having girls in his class when he was a boy. Married to a women, who is active in the movement to eliminate a women’s right to control of her reproductive life.

One would suspect that the democratic women in the senate feel that their male colleagues have abandoned their struggle to maintain their hard fought gains. The democratic women of the senate are concerned about the June 10, 1963, Equal Pay Act. That act made it illegal for employers to pay women less then they paid men in the performance of the same job category. The democratic women of the Senate are concerned about Title V11 of the 1964, Civil Rights Act, which made it illegal to discriminate in employment on the grounds gender or ethnicity. Both the 1963 and 1964 laws have been a real thorn in the side of corporate America. As late as 1970, the Court struck down a corporate maneuver for paying women less for doing the same job by changing the job title. That is how corporate America responded to the 1963 Equal Pay Act. It took an additional seven years for women to secure equal pay for the performance of the same job. The sad thing is these same suits are still in our courts. One suspects the five republican women in the senate do not share the same concerns about these issues as do their democratic women colleagues. With corporate America arguing that such legal claims inhibit their ability to be competitive. They complain that huge jury awards takes money away from their ability to invest in equipment and product upgrades. They also argue that the federal government and the federal courts should turn over their jurisdiction to the state legislatures. That of course is the position Judge Roberts holds. Is it any wonder why corporate America invested so much money in his successful nomination and confirmation.

Corporate America will always be a threat to democratic rights. That has been their history. It’s the main reason they support Roberts.

In March of 1972, the congress passed the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and sent it to the states for ratification. This important legislation was first drafted in 1923 by a women named Alice Paul.The Amendment read, “Equality under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any state on account of sex.” The amendment failed in 1982, because it failed to get the minimum of necessary states for ratification. For this writer that was a huge defeat which looms even bigger today. With the ERA amendment as a part of the constitution. It would be much more difficult, if not impossible, for the Roberts court to roll back the progress women had made.

This writer remembers a time when a married women were denied credit unless their husbands co-signed for them. That practice continued to prevail until 1973. When the Equal Credit Opportunity Act became law.

Will the five Republican senators remember this history and vote against Roberts? It’s mainly the history of state rights advocates and corporate America. Their vote will tell us a lot about the Republican women in the senate.

This writer is available to speak on the U.S. failures of its women citizens. Short speech and then workshops would work well on how to protect not only the rights of women, but the rights of all Americans.

Save Frances Newton’s life

Sometime before mid-night, Frances Newton, who has spent 18 years on death row is scheduled to be murdered by the state of Texas. She was convicted for killing her husband and two children.

She did not get a fair trial! The Fifth Amendment to our Constitution states …. “that a person can not be deprived of life…. without due process of law…” The Sixth Amendment asserts… that the defendant has the “right to compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defense.”

Her fifth and sixth amendments were violated.

Her court appointed lawyer was a bum. He no longer is allowed to defend people charged with capital crimes.

Her new lawyers have discovered evidence which should result in a new trial. The parents of her husband wanted to testify in her behalf. Her court appointed lawyer never called then as witnesses. Nor did he do any investigative work for Frances. He never offered a defense in her behalf. The role of the police department has also been called into question.

All people who want justice for Frances must act NOW. Go to WWW.freefrances.org and send prepared emails to a number of people who can stop this state sponsored murder.

The Innocence Project has petitioned The United States Supreme Court.

Get this, the Texas Appeals Court will not stop the state sponsored murder of Frances. Not because they do not think the new evidence is persuasive. They denied the stay of the state sponsored murder because the defense missed a deadline.

Where is Tom DeLay, the Texas politician, and all those other politicians who were outraged over the removal of a feeding tube from a dead white woman? What about the religious right? They thought, if the state kept feeding a dead white woman long enough. God would bring her back to life. They now have a chance to save a real live person. They are silent. Wonder if it could be because she is a black woman? The republican party, christian fundamentalists, and their judges got the cart before the horse on life and death issues.

A Texas newspaper said this, “race, ethnicity, income and geography are all factors in the imposition of the death sentences,” Austin American Statesman.

Five time presidential candidate in the early 20th. century, Eugene V. Debs said, “while there is a lower class, I am in it, while there is a criminal element, I am of it, and while there is a soul in prison, I am not free.”

This writer is available to speak on the implications of the death penalty for a free society.

God in politics equals evil

Hurricane Katrina lashed historic punishment upon the United States. All because the American government supported an evil upon the state of Israel. This was done by supporting the pullout of Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip. This was God’s retribution, according to Rabbi Ovadia Yosef. Apparently, the Rabbi thinks God’s retribution is based on ethnicity. Most know that is not a notion confined just to Judaism. It’s a notion that is universal. For religionist it applies to nations as well as individuals.

In Philadelphia, Mississippi, a preacher, and former Klan leader was returned to prison. He was convicted for crimes against three civil rights workers. Due to alleged poor health he was released on bond while he appealed his conviction. He was returned to prison because he deceived the court concerning his health. This particular Klan leader, Edgar Ray Killen thought people of color had fewer civil rights than his white neighbors. As a religious leader, he seemed to think God favored certain people above other people. That also is a religious notion favored by religionist universally.

This is all about the danger of religion. When religious leaders make statements, or take a particular stance on issues. They effect great numbers of people around the world. Even when, the religious leader is from another nation like the Rabbi. The harms religion perpetuates lasts for hundreds and even thousands of years.

Recently, the world listen to a religious leader in the United States call for the assassination of a president in a democratically elected country. He advocated a terrorists act. He should be arrested and indicted. It will not occur because he is a white christian clergyman. If a Muslim cleric had advocated, the assassination of a person democratically elected from a European country. That cleric would have been arrested within hours of the statement.

The citizens of this country must demand that their constitution remain a document not subject to degradation because of religion. This nation is protected by the First Amendment which calls for a separation of church and state. Organized religion in America has been the cause of prejudice and violence. What protection the doctrine of separation of church and state offered was frequently depended on color and gender.

The “Declaration of Independence” has been a document of empty of the promises for many. It had been declared in 1776 that “all men were created equal.” We know that statement was a lie! People of color became the legal property of white America. Women were the property of their husbands! Legally they were not even accountable for criminal behavior. The advancement of such inequality was based on church going America.The nation had to fight a civil war in order for people of color to begin that 1776 promised journey.

Even today black America is still seeking justice for the denial of equality. Lets take the case of Emmett Till. He was 14 years of age when he was tortured to death because he had whistled at a white woman. Two white men were arrested and went trial. The trial lasted five days. The all white jury took about an hour to deliver a not guilty verdict. That trial stunk with another empty promise. The jury was empty of any black jurors! Sure helps to have a jury of your peers who hold the same racial hate as did the defendants. The unwritten law of the land in those good old days said, white folk could do to black folk as they pleased. No white jury would convict white people of crimes against black Americans. Much blood was shed to change that unwritten law. Even today that battle rages.

The Emmett Till case is getting attention today because the film maker Keith Beauchamp is making a documentary film about the 14 year old black youth. He has discovered evidence that has caused the justice department to re open the case. The justice department thinks his evidence suggests several people involved in the crime are still alive. This writer will follow this case with additional postings.

This subject is being addressed by this writer because the Rehnquist court worked hard to weaken the separation of church and state. In his wake stands John Roberts. A 50 year old poster child of the religious right. With him as chief justice the wall of church state separation will crumble. Returning the nation to its dark past.

Now is the time to call your senator. Demand that the senate reject Roberts. He is not good for the separation of church and state. This is the key issue concerning his confirmation hearings. Religion has always over shadowed many aspects of life in America. What the country needs is a higher and thicker wall for church state separation. Often religion is based on fear and prejudice. The government uses fear and prejudice of religion to control it’s citizens. The religion that has the most influence with the government gets to have its doctrines legislated into law.

This writer is available to speak, or do workshops on the subject of church state separation.

Florida shines with inhumanity

On a December day young woman seventeen years of age was in her bedroom in the early afternoon changing her clothes. She was greeted by a man with a knife. He raped her vaginally and anally. The young woman was subjected to knife cuts all over her body.

She told the police that her assailant was six feet tall and weighed two hundred pounds. She said he was going bald. Also he was very muscular and tossed her around with considerable ease.

A few days later while shopping with her sister. She saw a man that resembled her assailant. According to the victim, one problem existed, he was a lot shorter. Walter Dedge was arrested! After seeing some pictures presented by the police, she recanted. She identified Walter’s brother Wilton.

Wilton Dedge, was arrested. He was a young man twenty one years of age. He stood 5′ 5″ and weighed 120 pounds and had a full head of hair. He was not considered to be very muscular. Wilton fell far short of the 6′ 200 pound assailant she described to the police. Of course, the discrepancy in height and weight must be excused. The victim under that kind of duress must be afforded a lot of leeway.

However, the police being very experienced with witness identification should have been a little suspicious. After all, she already misidentified one person she accused. There is a lot of height difference between 5′ 5″ and 6′. and in weight of 120 and 200 pounds. She described her assailant as balding, and the man she finally identified had a full head of hair. Without any signs of balding. It was determined that he was not very muscular but rather slender.

The police and the state decided that they had their evil culprit. They went to trail and presented the following evidence. The victims identification of the defendant, and two pubic hairs found on the victim’s bed, and a dog. The state’s hair expert testified that that one of the pubic hairs might have belonged to the victim. The other belonged to a male, and the defendant could not be eliminated as the owner of the other pubic hair. The dog’s handler said his dog determined that the paper towel that the assailant used to dry his hands at the victim’s home and the defendant’s scent were a match. The paper towel was several months old by the time the dog made its determination.

The defendant maintained his innocence. Six witnesses placed him a considerable distance from the crime scene. The Judge gave him thirty years. On appeal his conviction was tossed out.

So was justice served?

This writer is available to speak on the nations criminal justice system. In Florida over 150 people have been exonerated as a result of DNA testing. A several day long misdemeanor trial can cost several thousand dollars. The above trial a felony case cost $10,000. or more. So 150 x $10,000.= a handsome sum of pocket change that could be better spent. Only the people of Florida can make it happen. Learn how!

Hard times for George Bush

Life in the White House these days is tough for the prez. His on the job ratings are at a all time low. Some say its because his war effort war in Iraq is a disaster. The prez says that’s not so! He keeps insisting that the nation and the world needs his leadership. And the country, and the world laughs.

Mr. Prez were where you when the people hit by Katrina needed you? Did you go West to California? And where was your V.P.? Held up in some far away bunker? Seeing a silver lining from Katrina? Profits for corporate America.

More and more people are coming to understand that his tenure in office is a train going backwards to a history the nation thought was gone forever. Of course that should not come as a surprise. That’s the history of the Republican party. For many white people, the party is their path economic and racial superiority. They like that ‘separate but equal’ doctrine. All those Jim Crow laws that treated black people as they should be treated.The idea that women belong in the bedroom having babies. What could be a bigger thorn in the side of a republican than collective bargaining by the work force of America. They think Rehnquist had it right when he said the separation of church and state represented bad history.

Then comes along Jr’s mom who thinks that the people who lost jobs, homes, and all their property because of Katrina are doing “very well.” Mother Bush said there are some scary things going on in Texas. She is concerned that after the water recedes they may want to remain in Texas. According to Mother Bush, all those displaced people are just plain overwhelmed by all the hospitality. Lucky for them because they were “underprivileged”and ” everything is working very well for them, according to Barbara Bush. Sure seems like a whole lot of republican racial and economic superiority.

Old mama Bush sure became a fly in the ointment for Junior. Just seems like the prez keeps having one public relations hiccough after another to deal with. Shame on Mother Bush for telling the truth about the party and the family. She just has not learned that you got to keep your dirty laundry in the closet. Karl Rove is going to have to have a serious talk with her. He’ll help her spin the republican party’s dirty laundry so that it’s lily white.

Oops, another fly just fell in the ointment! Can you imagine that rapper Kanye West had the nerve to expose the prez on national television. Concerning Katrina, and aid he said, “the way America is set up to help the poor, the black people, the less-well off – as slow as possible.” ” You know it’s been five days waiting for federal help.” West is fed up with the media because as he put it, you see a black family, “they’re looting.” You see a white family,”they’re looking for food.” Concerning “W” he said, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” Now “w” must find away to get that fly out of the ointment. Help Karl, please. You got me illegally throned in the White House. Help me escape the truth of my presidency

This writer is available to speak on a wide variety of secular and religious topics.

Roberts as Chief Justice

History teaches that fairness in America is hard to obtain. This is especially true if you are a person of color. That is a very broad statement which is meant to say that America is about the lack of fairness. Some may bristle at that statement. So, if that statement causes your calm demeanor to boil. Show me an instance when America was fair without enormous struggle and sacrifice concerning economic and social justice. This writer will provide you with a strong rebuttal.

Learning that “w” had elevated John Roberts to replace Rehnquist as chief justice caused this writer to explode with outrage. Completely destroying this writers usual calm demeanor. If Roberts becomes the next Chief Justice fairness in America will become much more difficult to obtain.

For starters, John Roberts has called Rehnquist a friend. Someone he very much admired. A man who has offered the nominee 25 years of friendship. A person Roberts acknowledged as a friendly and wise adviser. This writer would not allow a person like Rehnquist befriend his dog. For fear that the dog would learn discriminatory behavior. One can only imagine that Rehnquist and Roberts fed off each others very draconian ideals.

When Rehnquist was nominated by, Richard Nixon to join the Supreme Court. A battle was waged by the opposition over Rehnquists involvement in denying minorities the right to vote in Arizona.

Rehnquist favored the “separate but equal doctrine” which supported racial segregation. From which the Southern states continued the enactment of their many draconion laws that made democracy a joke in the South.

His history as a racists jurists continued right up and through this past Supreme Court term.

Twenty years ago a black man was convicted of killing a white employee at a Texas Holiday Inn. Mr. Thomas Miller-El appealed his death sentence. In his appeal he argued the Texas prosecutors used their peremptory challenges to deny blacks a seat on the jury. In criminal trials both the defense and the state can issue challenges to perspective jurors. One such challenge is a challenge for cause. When that challenge is used, the lawyer must state a reason for the challenge.The other is a peremptory challenge. With that challenge, the lawyers do not have to state a reason for excusing a perspective juror.

The Supreme Court ruled in 1986 that the equal protection clause prohibits using peremptory challenges to exclude jurors based on race.

Justice David Souter, writing for the six justice majority said no other explanation exists other than the reality that Texas state prosecutors used race as the reason for their use of peremptory challenges to exclude blacks from the jury. Twelve black jurors came before the state as potential jurors. The state struck eleven of these people of color using their peremptory challenge.

In the Thomas Miller-El case justices Rehnquists, Scaila, and Thomas dissented.

It is no secret that Rehnquist was often frustrated over death row appeals. He thought such appeals clogged the federal courts and denied the victims justice. He did not waver from this stance despite the wrongful convictions of people exonerated as a result of DNA testing.

The Rehnquist career can best be summed up as career that lacked sensitivity to human need. His decisions were about limiting personal rights and freedoms.

In Roe v. Wade, Rehnquists was one of two justices to dissent. Years later Rehnquist authored an opinion denying victims of rape and domestic violence the right to sue in federal courts. The law known as the “Violence Against Women Act”was enacted in 1994.

Rehnquists seemed very unhappy about the very foundations of democracy. He found that Thomas Jeffersons notion that the First Amendment stood as a “wall of separation” between church and state. In Rehnquists own words this notion represented a “misguided metaphor based on bad history.” He went on to rule that Texas could display the Ten Commandments on state property.

Rehnquist as a justice had a history so disgraceful to American democracy that he should have been impeached by the congress.

And now, ” W ” wants to thrusts upon the nation John Roberts as Chief Justice. A man who admired Rehnquists legal philosophy. A person who considered Rehnquist his mentor. That in itself should disqualify Roberts from such high office. But it will not because the senate is in the check book of corporate America. And corporate America, is not interested in democracy. The senate will not in great enough numbers cross corporate America. Sad to say, but America can expect to see Roberts confirmed as chief justice.

This writer is available to lecture or to conduct workshops on ‘what’ and ‘how’ to reverse this dreadful trend in America.

Labor Day

This first Monday in September 2005 is suppose to be a day when the nations workers pays tribute to each other for a job well done. A tribute to the men and women of who have labored under horrendous conditions to feed and clothe their families. It suppose to represent the labor movement as a “showcase” what workers can accomplish when organized.

It is a day when the American work force shows it respect to the founders of the labor movement Those giants who suffered physical beatings at the hands of hired thugs. Because they attempted to organize their fellow workers, so that they could collectively bargain with their employers for higher wages and other benefits.The following union songs sums up their struggle.

‘Talking Union”

Suppose they’re working you so hard it’s just outrageous,
And they are paying you all starvation wages.
You go to the boss, and the boss will yell
“Before I raise your pay I’ll see you in hell.”
He’s puffing on his seegar, feeling mighty slick
Cause he thinks he’s got your union licked.
Well he looks out the window, and what does he see
But a thousand pickets, and they all agree
He’s a bastard, unfair, slave driver
Bet he beats his wife.

Now, boys, you’ve come to the hardest time
The boss will try to bust your picket line
He’ll call out the po-lice and National Guard;
They’ll tell you it’s a crime to have a union card!
They’ll raid your meetings.., they’ll hit you on the head-
They’s call every one of you a Goddamn Red-
Unpatriotic … agitators…
Send ’em back where they came from.

“Union Maid”

There once was a union maid;
She was nor afraid Of goons and ginks
And company finks And the deputy sheriff’s that made the raid.
She went to the union hall
When they called,
And when the company boys came ’round
She stood her ground.
Source: Patricia K. Zacharias/Detroit News

Workers Of America, today many work without earning a livable wage. Some are forced to work more than one job in order to make ends meet.

Workers work for employers where seniority is not honored for promotions, vacations, or shift scheduling. If your work place was unionized, your employer would be forced to honor seniority in every aspect of you employment.

Many workers today slaved away at their jobs without being paid holiday pay which means double your pay rate.

For those workers, who are paid overtime. Their overtime pay kicks in after they have worked more than forty hours. If their work place is unionized, they would be paid 1 1/2 their regular rate of pay after each eight hour day.

Florida is a ‘ right to work state ‘ as such it is anti worker by the very wording of the statute. Workers are only a means to making the few very rich. While the workforce remains very poor.

Workers are burden by a very unfair tax system that favors people at the very top of the economic ladder.

War is work! In America only the poor go to war! Say no to war by not enlisting and encourage others not to enlist.

In Florida and Washington we have the most anti worker administrations in history. Workers rights are being swallowed up by greed. Gasoline prices are at record highs. As are profits, from gasoline production.

So on this labor day, we have much to mourn because the gains by sweat and blood by our foremothers and forefathers have been greatly diminished. In some cases they have disappeared altogether.

How much do you know about the labor movement? What about the set backs in workers rights? This writer is available to lecture or to do workshops on both subjects.