The Donald Rumsfeld doctrine

After inflaming the national and international community, the Rev. Pat Robertson has apologized for calling for a Mafia style hit. Upon the democratic elected president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. He is a major force in the right wing religious fundamentalism. He is more of a politician than clergyman. Robertson uses Christianity to advance his political agenda. Which is very different from Christian fundamentalism. Robertson, and his ilks are way to the right of Christian fundamentalism. They do not have a political agenda. But the Robertsons of America, have a political agenda. They are the nations religious extremists. Who advocate violence and are very dangerous.

In contrast Christian fundamentalism is rather harmless. Some of their more famous leaders have been evangelists like D.L. Moody, Billy Sunday, and Billy Graham. These men conducted large evangelistic crusades calling people to repentance from sin, and acceptance of Christ as Lord and Saviour. For example, Billy Sunday in one of crusades said the following. “Whiskey and beer are all right in their place, but their place is in hell.” He would often use statistics to prove his point. Moody and Graham did the same. They had and have great appeal. The 90 year old Graham in his recent New York City Crusade drew thousands of people who listened to the same themes. These crusaders would work in conjunction with local churches.The main function was to channel new converts into local the local church. They did not call for or advocate violence. Not even during the time the first or second world wars.

It has often been said that if the shoe fits put it on. The shoe in this model is speech. In this country speech is protected by our constitution the ultimate law of the land. However, John Jay the nations first chief justice said, the law is what the court says it is. With that being the case the shoe should fit every foot. The legal standard should be the same for everyone.

A century, or so after Jay’s pronouncement the Supreme Court ruled that people could not shout fire in a movie theatre if there was not a fire. Federal prosecutor, Gordon Kromberg, in a district court in Alexandria, Va., used that doctrine to help convict a Muslim cleric and scholar. He said,”when Tony Soprano says go and whack some guy that’s nor protected speech.” The Muslim cleric and scholar crime was the exercise of free speech. The prosecution said he encouraged young Muslims to leave the United States and engage themselves in Islamic causes. In America you can not use speech to advocate causes adverse to American interest. That same legal standard is being applied against another Muslim scholar Dr. Sami Al-Arian in Tampa, Florida.

According to The Patriot Act, it is illegal to provide services in support of acts of violence through the exercise of speech.

The shoe according to the government fits the feet of two Muslim men. Then why does not that same shoe fit the Rev. Marion ” Pat ” Robertson. He openly advocated a terrorists act against a democratic elected head of state. If the Rumsfeld doctrine applies to Robertson it should equally apply to Muslim cleric, Dr. Ali Al-Timimi and Dr, Sami Al-Arian. The Rumsfeld doctrine says that “private citizens say all kinds of things all the time.” Maybe Mr Secretary of War thinks it is okay to call for murder on national television as a matter of free speech if your religion is christian. If the Secretary does not hold to that theory than he should encourage the Common Wealth of Virginia to indict the Rev. Dr. Marion ” Pat ” Robertson. The legal standard in America has to be the same for all Americans. Seems to this writer that the shoe fits Mr. Robertson. He should walk with that shoe right into a Virginia federal court. Dr. Ali Al-Timimi received a life sentence July 14, 2005. In contrast to Robertson, he did call for any one to be murdered.

The American public needs to understand the vast differences between religious fundamentalism and Christian fundamentalism. Religious fundamentalism under the likes of Pat Robertson is the practice of religious extremism. It’s political in nature. It has and will continue to limit freedom. It’s far more complex and dangerous than the few thoughts expressed in this posting. They have declared war on Muslims and women. It did not happen over night. They have been working toward the elimination of American culture for several decades. All of us are in danger not just Muslims and women. They will be another step closer to their goal when Judge John Roberts takes his seat on the Supreme Court in October. This writer is available to teach workshops on the differences between the two. This writer can also be engaged as a speaker at one of your events for discussion on the topic. Lunch or dinner discussions on the topic work well. Early morning coffee time will work. As will as the exchange of emails.

The Iranians defeat Bush

Once again the nations government in Washington is creating a great divide between the citizenry of America. Every time the president opens his mouth attempting to justify his war the divide will widen. Which will occur four times this week as the president speaks to selected spectators. He will no doubt refer to all of us who have opposed the war from the beginning, and the thousands who climbed aboard as “the disillusioned.” His purpose is to rally support for the war. To convince his opponents that the anti war movement is not good for the moral of the troops or the nation. Right wing extremists and even some moderates will pick up on this and suggest that anti war protest makes our patriotism suspect. Some will claim that the entire anti war movement is a treasonous operation. It’s a standard tactic. We have heard such clap trap rhetoric during the Vietnam era. The aim is to create fear through out the nation. Stay the course of the war in order to save the nation. Another way to put it is to stay with the devil you know rather than the devil you do not know.

This writer is going to suggest that we go with the devil we do not know. Staying with the devil we know is going to cause irreparable harm to the Nation and Middle East. The tragedy of this is that ” W ” and his administration have accomplished the very thing they were hoping to avoid. They have played into the hands of the Iranians who already have a puppet government in Iraq. Islamic religious fundamentalism will take root and grow in Iraq. It will spread through out the Middle East. Secular Islamic states like Turkey will be at risk. We once had a devil in Iraq that we knew in Saddam Hussein. Iraq was a secular Islamic state. The balance of power in the Middle East was predictable during his regime. That is all gone now! The world will have to wait and see what materializes through the manifestation of this emerging new devil.

In the future this writer will explain how the government played right into the hands of the Iranians. Their puppet regime in Iraq. Along with some opinions as to how to ease the pain the nation and the world will experience.

To end this blood shed in Iraq people need to rally around and support the Senator from Nebraska. Other senators should be encouraged to join him in his call to end the war. Only the congress can reign in the Army chief of staff and the president both who want to continue the war. Below are some of the Senators remarks along with the plans of the president and his chief of staff.

Senator Chuck Hagel, R-Neb., influential member of the Senate Foreign Relation Committee, and leading proponent for war against Iraq. A Senator who wanted to send three times as many troops to Iraq when the war started in March 2003. Has now concluded that by any measurable standard the U.S. can not win that war. In fact, the U.S. presence in Iraq has destabilized the Middle East, said Hagel. He went on to say that the longer we stay the greater the problem will become. The Senator is correct.

Hagel now thinks that a U.S. military presence is not the solution. In the meantime, Army Chief of Staff, Gen. Peter Schoomaker thinks a U.S. presence is the solution. He is making plans for a U.S. presence in Iraq to continue for years into the future.

” W ” asserts that the U.S. must continue to confront evil men abroad, or we will have to confront them some day in our cities and streets. He claims that the safety and security of every American is at stake in this war. He is correct but for reasons he must not understand.

The puppet regime in Iraq is an interesting development. This writer is available to explain and expand on this fascinating subject. Just click on tab ‘ contact us.’

Cindy Sheehan and the o’reilly’s.

As we know, the circle keeps rolling around. And so it is in Crawford, Texas because ‘ W ‘ must take a break from riding around in his pick up truck at his ranch. He needs to hit the highways of the nation in an attempt to justify his war in Iraq.

The New York Post Reports, the protesters at “Camp Casey” can claim some victory…. Victory indeed! We all need to tip our hats to Cindy Sheehan. She has stood her ground as the bill o’reilly types (those right wingers who just love death and dying) have assaulted her saying her protest at Camp Casey makes her “patriotism suspect.” She responded by saying they are an obscenity to mankind.

So ” W’s ” got to keep that circle rolling. That is why he is taking a break from his vacation. That upsets the post. They claim the pres would rather be keeping the focus on “indicators of progress in Iraq.” I was going to ask the New York Post to explain the progress in Iraq. Then I remembered, the Post is part of that group that loves death and dying. Cindy has him pegged. Cindy wants to talk to the pres because he keeps changing his reasons for being over there.

Just read the post and listen to the o’reilly’s of the world. ” W ” will generate his reasons for being in Iraq during his five day tour. What is the pres to do? Polls are showing America is not happy with his handling of the war. The public is very skeptical according to the Post. Then he has to contend with Camp Casey. What a shame to have a bad man’s vacation ruined. Then the prez has to listen to former, Senator Max Cleland of Georgia. Who said the present course in Iraq is a disaster. More spilled blood can be expected.

Maybe the American press will ask the pres these question. Did you go to war with Iraq because you wanted to create a pro American regime there? Who would allow for the Establishment of military bases? Would you then use those bases to attack other nations in the region? You know prez, defiant nations like Syria or maybe Iran? Hey prez, do think Iran saw the hand writing on the wall, and decided to restart their nuke program? Mr. prez with Iraq having the worlds second largest oil field. Were you thinking Iraqi oil would help control soaring fuel prices in the United States?

The foreign press reports that many in the Muslim world believe the above to be your reasons for going to war. So you see, prez it’s time to own up and get out because we all got you pegged. Hate to say this presz but you and your cohorts in the congress or is it co-defendants are not making America more secure, it’s the converse.

This writer is available to speak to groups on the dark days facing the nation if the war does not end.

Of equal importance is the defeat of John Roberts during his confirmation hearings. His confirmation must not be allowed to leave the Senate Judiciary Committee. Available to address the multitude of reasons.

With Roberts liberty is at risk

While this writer does not have a crystal ball, a prediction is clearly visible. The confirmation of Roberts as a Supreme Court Justice. The following will provide some of the rational.

For the first time in over a century the National Association of Manufacturers has made its endorsement of Roberts know to members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and other Senators. The National Association of Manufacturers is one the largest industrial organizations in the country.

Most likely, the work force, the people who make the products for the NMA. Which makes the organization, such a powerful voice in the Senate. They would not support the endorsement if given all the relevant material concerning Roberts. He will smother workers rights while advancing the cause of big business. Every Senator is cognizant of that as fact. One would expect that to be the position of most Republican Senators. It is their agenda to ring as much sweat out of the American work force as possible. Provide as few benefits and as little pay as possible. Make the few as rich as possible while abusing the many by denying benefits and fair wages, and collective bargaining.

What could be more undemocratic than states with ‘ right to work laws.’ It is a Republican gem! For Southern Democrats too! Hey, do we have a people’s party? That is not meant as a joke. This writer is going to post a writing on the peoples party! It will not be about any of those isms.

Why would any Democratic Senator go along with such a scheme? The answer is blowing in the wind. The Senators have their nostrils full with the scent of money. Senatorial power, or maybe presidential power from the big bucks the NAM can provide. It’s more important than protecting workers from big business.

Here is glimpse of what you can expect from Justice Roberts. As a lawyer, he argued a case before the Supreme Court, Toyota -v- Williams (2002). A lower court had held that the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) required employers to accommodate workers hurt while employed. This worker was injured by years of repetitive motion (carpal tunnel syndrome). Roberts won that case before the nations highest court. He argued that the worker was not entitled to relief because her injury did not impair her over all ability to live her life. Earning a living to Roberts and the Supreme Court does not require the ability to live. Makes one wonder about the sanctity of life with such cases? Such a case tells the public what side of the railroad tracks Roberts favors.

I ask, is this the man you want to sit for life as a Supreme Court Justice?

A little about, Ella Williams, who worked for a Toyota plant in Kentucky.This what she did all day. She used special tools that were hand held. She had to use constant hand, wrist, forearm motion. Eventually those body parts just broke down causing her severe pain.

Toyota placed her on job that required her to make visual inspections of painted cars. Later they required her to check the paint by using an oil soaked sponge in her hands at shoulder height for long periods of time. This aggravated her old injuries and resulted in additional injuries. She was eventually fired. She sued Toyota.

The federal district court dismissed her suit. The appellate court reinstated the case. They reinstated the case on the bases of the facts meeting ADA requirements for disability claims. The ruling was based on the legal standard that her injury impaired a major life function; like manual labor.

The Supreme Court returned the case to the appellate court with instructions. Apply a higher standard for disability claims Apparently, Roberts and the Supreme Court did not think that manual labor to be a major life function.

That one case alone disqualifies Roberts from confirmation to the Supreme Court. Without taking into consideration Roberts amicus briefs, and record as a appeals judge. His record is clear. He is against labor, civil rights, affirmative action, reproductive choice, protection from police brutality, environmental laws. Each and every of the above issues are at risk of further damage if Roberts is confirmed.

Do not want to be completely negative. Hec, he was for stealing the election in 2000. Giving the executive branch more power. Limiting the power of Congress. Returning to the states the power to roll back civil rights laws. They really love him in the South. And, saying international law does not matter. He’s sure to make America a better and safer place to live.

Here is what you can expect from the Senate Judiciary Committee. There will be no meaningful debate. You can expect some smoke and mirrors. Little smoke from the Senate. Some mirror stuff from Democratic special interest groups and the media. The only hope for a Roberts defeat is an angry America.

Do you think Ella Williams would vote for Roberts confirmation?

You do not have to be a manual worker to sue under ADA. You could be like millions of professional people injured at work. Now the standard to sue is much higher. With Roberts on the court. The ADA may become history.

This writer is available to speak and expand the subject matter of this posting to any size group.