Thanks to ACORN and the Voters

You heard it said,” if it ain’t broke, do not fix it.” It is broken, and it is beyond being fixed. You ask, what is broken beyond being fixed? Our government! All levels of governments across this nation. The what and why could be put this this way. What is good for the goose ( local governments ) is good for the gander ( federal government.) The why because what is sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander. They go hand in hand one corrupts the other leaving ” we the people” without a representative government.

As this writer understands our system of government, ” We the People ” send representatives to act in our behalf to all levels of government. They are suppose to legislate on our behalf. Laws should be flowing out of legislatures across the country representing the intent of ” we the people.” What is the intent of ” we the people ” you ask? This writer will answer that question by exposing some sham legislation by the Florida legislature that does not serve the interest of ” We the People ” in Florida. For example, here is a ‘ biggie ‘ college students, your tuition will go up five percent. In that the legislature cut the tax burden for some ( any educated guesses for whom ) by $ 225 million dollars. Your tuition should have been reduced! And, the state has a surplus of a couple billion dollars. Therefore, no logical reason exists for not reducing tuition. This writer will take the argument a step further. A college education should be free. College is big business. Look at the money lending institutions would fail to earn because you would not have to borrow their money. At the very hint of such legislation; lobbyists would flood the capital promising all kinds of perks for legislators to oppose such a bill. That is not what I call representative government. This writer calls it government by and for self serving special interest groups. And government by and for self serving legislators.

It does not end there because if you as a student enjoy learning it could cost you money. A penalty will be accessed to you after you have exceeded eight courses beyond your degree requirements. The Florida’s university system can not accommodate all the students seeking admissions to the university. That is the reason for the academic fine! It’s estimated that approximately 8-10 thousand students will seek admission to our university system for the school year 2005 – 2006. Maybe half will be turned away because there is no room for them. The university system budged for more than $ 78 million and received from the legislature a little less than $ 43 million.

This is the same legislature that cut tax’s by $ 2 1/4 million dollars and has a 2 billion surplus. It’s the same legislature that ranks last 0n the amount of money they spend per student. The university system has been taking a beating from the legislature for a decade or two. If you want a well funded university system you as a citizen must act and react. You can not expect help from the state or federal government.

The federal government is to busy making needless war around the world. Along with fat tax cuts for the wealthy and corporate America.

Do not worry though because the small wage earner will make up the difference.

Can not go to college because of lack of class room space. Hey! you can join ” W ” war and really do something non productive.

After all, a college education could be dangerous for the nation. You might become congress person and legislate for the people.

Here are a couple of bills that ” We the People ” accomplished at the absolute horror of the Governor and the State House. they had to appropriate money to reduce class size. Want students to learn spend money on reduced class size, and increase teachers salaries. And, do away with school vouchers. Another reason to do away with school vouchers is that the state of Florida does not require teachers in private schools to be certified. Teachers can not teach in public schools without being certified. So what is sauce for the goose should sauce for the gander. Reduced class size occurred as a result of a “CITIZEN INITIATIVE. ” The Governor and the State House is determined not to allow to such initiatives to succeed in the future. WE the People must be more determined not allow them to succeed.

Because of a ” CITIZEN INITIATIVE, ” the minimum wage has been raised to to walloping $6.15 in Florida. The Business community spent millions of dollars attempting to defeat this “CITIZEN INITIATIVE “and failed! So folks we can be proud of ourselves for legislation that serves ” WE the People” despite government and special interest groups. A special thanks goes to the good folks who put the initiative together and collected the necessary signatures. The Association of Community Organizations For Reform Now better known as ACORN. And of course, the voters who overwhelmingly voted for both initiatives.

Proves two things, first ” We the People ” can work to make legislation work for our best interest. The ballot box is is where the power rest. No need to waste energy by staging protests or acts of public disturbances. Take advantage of the rule of law.

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